Stampin’ Up! Magnetic Platform Warning

Hi, everyone. This is Ann Clemmer and Stamper
from And I’m here to talk to you about the new
Magnetic Platform that Stampin’ Up! has released for the Big
Shot to use with your Framelits.
Now it’s a great thing. I mean lookit, here’s a package of Framelits
that’s still in the package and wow! It sticks to it.
But I’m going to show you how really powerful this magnet is.
It’s not just this. First of all, when you get your Magnetic Platform
you’re going to find that when you use these really old,
well-loved cutting plates that they might not work as well
as a brand new pair. And a brand new pair is only $8.95.
So just add that to it; it’s really easy. But, what I really want you to be aware of
is look at this on the side. It says those of you who have pacemakers,
you want to be careful. Now I’m not a health care professional, but
I do know that taking this and putting it over your pacemaker is not
going to be a good thing. You may have to go and get it reset!
The other thing you want to watch out for is your credit cards.
It won’t stick to it, but believe me it could demagnetized your credit card.
And don’t feel bad – this one’s already spent. So credit cards, anything that has magnetic
data, like maybe a jump drive, you know, things like that – you want to keep
them apart from this. I told you it was powerful, right?
Well, you know, if I showed you like this, well, no it’s not.
But here, this is how powerful it is. And it’s not just that. We did this at stamp
club the other night and I couldn’t just pick this up.
I’d probably break a nail, which isn’t the end of the world,
but I do grow my own. So I have to go and get it off like this.
That’s how powerful this is. And that’s what you want because it’s going
to work in between the cutting plates and with your
card stock and everything you want it to hold everything
in place. But as long as you’re careful with it –
don’t put it over your heart if you have a pacemaker,
keep it away from your credit cards and magnetic data –
you’re going to love it! And if you love this little stamping tip,
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That’s a good idea. This is Ann Clemmer and Stamper Dog – who
is licking my foot right now (laughter) – just trying to put a little ink, paper, and fun
into your day. Put a little ink, paper and fun into your
day (laughter)! Stamper, come!
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