SPRING BOBBLE Knit Stitch Pattern

The Spring Stitch! Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and welcome to Studio Knit. Today, we are knitting up this really fun
bobble stitch pattern. It is called the Spring Stitch because we’re
making these little coils. They’re very springy, and super fun and unique
to make. You can do it in one color like I have here
in this pretty Raspberry color, this is what the wrong side looks like, very plain, and
then you turn it over and it is full of all of these really cute bobbles of the spring
stitch. And here I did it in three different colors. You can get really creative. I have a written pattern linked down in the
description below, it’s on my website and you might want to go ahead and Pin this project
to Pinterest, as well, to save for later. I’m going to jump straight in to showing you
how to make these little springs first. And if you think this is going to be a fun
one, and it is, please go ahead and hit LIKE, it really helps me out. For our materials, you can use any size yarn
or needles, I’m using cotton worsted weighted with size 7 knitting needles and of course
scissors and a tapestry needle on hand. Here we go! The instructions are on the left and we begin
the spring inserting the needle as if to knit but we’re not going to knit. And I’m using the White color here to help
differentiate what’s going on on the left and right needles. What we do instead is we pull our needles
apart and sort of hold them in this crisscross sort of L shape X shape however you’d like
to look at it. And we’re actually taking our working yarn,
the white yarn, and we are wrapping it around both needles ten times and we’re doing it
counter-clockwise, so you’ll see I’m going below to the left, around to the front and
counting it ten times to wrap our yarn around. Now, once we’ve done that, we take that working
yarn and we put it onto that back needle as if to knit. Just as if we had done this without wrapping. Okay. Now, I’m going to be showing this three more
times. So, you’ll definitely get a chance to see
exactly what’s going on here. We’re going to hold our working yarn in our
right hand and then we’re going to take that right needle and I really like to hold it
against my left needle until I’m able to catch it and we are going to take everything off
the left needle onto the right. That’s one stitch that we did with those ten
yarn wraps right there in order to make our springy coil. The next step is to unravel that spring coil
all along your yarn tail. So you’ll see it gets pretty long, and you
end with like this little loop on your right side. And then, this is so fun, okay. You take your yarn in your right hand. Just the one yarn strand and we’re going to
cinch the coil by pulling the yarn tail. So, holding onto the yarn, I’m going to pull
onto the yarn tail, again, we’re going to do this again, and you’re going to see that
it starts to cinch up into this perfect little coil. Right there, that’s the yarn that actually
is closing in on itself and we cinch not too tightly. And then that’s the Spring Stitch. My next stitch here is a knit stitch. And we continue on. And you’ll see that the coil is actually on
the right side of our work, which is on the back. We only see the purl side when we’re working
on this, we don’t actually see it in front, that coil actually happens in the back of
what we’re working on. So, let’s do it again without those written
instructions getting in the way. So, instead of just knitting a regular knit
stitch, we first stop and we move our needles so we have a lot of space and hold them sort
of in this X shape right here. And then we are taking that working yarn and
we’re wrapping it around counter clockwise from the back to the front TEN revolutions
TEN times around. Then we’re taking that yarn and we’re going
to wrap it around our back needle, just as if we had if we were just going to regularly
knit and we’re going to knit it through that stitch on the left, which is in green, and
while I’m holding onto my yarn I make sure that I, I wish I could show you what it looks
like on the inside, I’m able to capture it, get right under there, and here’s sort of
how it’s looking on the inside a little bit if that helps. And we take the whole shebang, we take all
of it off of the left needle and then we unwrap that yarn so that it’s nice and long and loose. And then we pull on the yarn with our right
hand and it makes this perfect coil. It’s really fun to do and I will tell you
you definitely are going to make mistakes along the way, so just have fun, have patience
with yourself while you’re doing it. And here we’re just finishing up with our
knit stitch. Again, the coil is on the back there, it’s
so cute, you can see really close up what it looks like right there and if you would
like to do a knit stitch pattern with the Spring Stitch, I’m going to quickly demonstrate
exactly what that stitch pattern is. It is casting on in multiples of 4, so we
have our beloved little slip knot and we cast on four stitches, and then four stitches again,
and four stitches again until you have the number of stitches that you would like to
have on your needle in multiples of four. You’ll see in the pattern we start with three
rows of stockinette, that’s knitting all, purling all, and knitting all and we do that
because our coils sort of loop down and you want to make sure that your knit stitch pattern
has enough space there so that the coils can rest along your knitted piece. And beginning here with the actual stitch
pattern, we are purling one, and then we go straight in to our Spring Stitch. So, we’re going to do it again. We are going to place our needle as if to
knit right there below, and now we take our working yarn on our right hand and we coil
it around counter clockwise ten times. And we’re going around both of those knitting
needles. And then we wrap it around that back needle
and we are going to knit it, we’re going to hold our right needle and really slide it
along the left, holding our yarn with our right hand until it catches and we’re able
to knit it through that one stitch on the left which right here you can see it in pink
and we’re taking everything off and now it’s time to unravel everything and sometimes it
does get a little bit caught, you might want to take your time to make sure that you have
a really nice loose coil and then it’s time to pull into a perfectly shaped little coil. Again, your yarn can catch, so just have a
little bit of patience with it and when you do your finished coil you can have it be a
little bit loose, you don’t want it to be too tight. And then the next stitch is doing one knit
stitch and two purl stitches and you just continue the knitting and the purling and
the spring stitch according to the pattern and here’s what our little coil looks like. Again, it’s on the back of our work and when
we flip it around this is what it looks like. It’s so pretty. Row two is simply knititng all the way down
row two. Now, if you’d like to change yarn color, after
row two, and after row four is what I think the best time to change your yarn color. Of course, get super creative and do whatever
you’d like as far as colors but I think that it looks best if you change it up after row
two and after row four. And that’s what I’m doing here with row three,
I’m going to change my yarn after row two and row three with my white yarn I am going
to be purling three purl stitches. I have a lot of different yarn colors going
on right now. And after you do your three purl stitches,
then you go straight into your spring stitch. And the right hand yarn is going to go counter
clockwise, so around to the front, around and around for ten entire revolutions. And once our yarn has gone around ten times
we are going to take around that back needle and we’re going to knit it. And we are going to then remove everything
off onto the right needle and you know the drill. What are we going to do? We are going to just loosely unravel our yarn
all the way down our yarn tail here on the right and sort of straighten everything out,
make sure that there’s no weird kinks or knots and once we have it looking sprirally, then
it’s time to go ahead and just pull on the yarn tail. And the next stitch is going to be one knit
stitch and we finish up this row with purling two more stitches and just continue along
with the pattern. This is what it’s looking like after row three
of the pattern and then we’re just finishing up here on row four knitting all the way down
the row. And just follow these four stitches until
your piece is the length you desire. I hope you are inspired to knit up this spring
knit stitch pattern. It’s definitely a fun one. Make sure to check out my other knit stitch
patterns. Last week’s Bubble stitch was a big hit, a
really fun one as well. I have lots of patterns linked down in the
description below, make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you next time, guys. Bye!

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