Sponge Gourd 3G/4G Trimming/Pruning For More Production Part2

For knowing about 3g pruning from start to end Go through part 1 of this video In that video I have told how to start pruning of gourd Therefore I request you to go through part 1 of this video already published Link of video 1 is given in description Go below and click link given in discription Before knowing 3g pruning of gourd, I request you to subscribe Subscription link is given below Click on subscription icon for automatic subscription Subscription is totally free therefore subscribe without hesitation And also hit on bell icon that whenever new video is posted, you will be notified and you will get new videos easily As you are noticing by trimming main branch New branches grows out In technique of 3g pruning when main vine is cut off and new growth of second, third and fourth generation sprouts from it It depends upon you, from which generation you want to take harvest For good production, third generation of vine vegetables gives good fruits Therefore it depends upon you, from which generation you want to take harvest, either from third, fourth or fifth It depends totally on you But I suggest you to take harvest from third generation If you wish you can take harvest from fourth generation You have heard and seen that What is this third generation pruning 3g technique is generally applied over vine vegetables But you can try this into other plants like tomatoes, beans and other plants including eggplant You can apply third generation pruning over this plants In general 3g or 4g pruning technique is applied over vine vegetables like gourd, bitter gourd I am trimming small branches to help main branch to grow As you have noticed fruiting is started In close up you may see fruits at every node This is third generation branch and yielding more fruits We have to wait and find how gourd grows For increasing taste of gourd I used to add one spoon of magnesium sulfate after two weeks Addition of Epsom salt enhance flavor of sponge gourd and recipes will be tastier How addition of magnesium sulfate benefits plants? I have made a video earlier on this topic You can check by clicking above link and know how magnesium sulfate benefits in gardening As you have noticed after 3g cutting many sponge gourd have fruited I will show there are fruits at many places One here , other there As you have noticed some fruits are bigger too 3g or 4g pruning benefits vine vegetables and production is more Gourd grown in pots is producing more fruits and flowers You can also use this technique of 3g or 4g pruning on vegetable grown in pots of home and increase production of vegetables As you are viewing large size gourd on screen Similarly many gourd of small and big size is fruited You have to irrigate and fertilize pot on regular intervals for getting more production 3g or 4g pruning definitely increases production you can take ample harvest and use in recipes After 3g pruning many new branches has grown 3g cutting gives good results on pot grown vegetables like vine vegetables gives large quantity of fruits and flower blossoms As you are noticing gourd is fruiting in large numbers with gourds in large amounts 3g cutting is beneficial for container grown vegetables If you grow gourds or any other vine vegetables in container then you can harvest more fruits by 3g pruning As you are noticing on screen this gourd grown in pot has many fruits and flowers How was this video comment below If you have any other information then share by commenting For getting detail information about 3g pruning, go through part one of this video I have given link of part one in description Go there and click on link to view part one Or you can view part one at end of this video How was the information of 3g cutting? This video deserves a like for valuable information Like this video Share this video with your friends Do not forget to subscribe Thanks for staying with this video from start to end I will join you with some other information Till then do gardening at home

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