Sponge Gourd 3G 4G Trimming/Pruning For More Production Part1

Sponge gourd you are viewing, in front and on my back, This has been pruned with a special method These gourds are prepared by 3g cutting or pruning There is one more specialty about this gourd They are grown in pots Do you want to know? How to take more harvest of gourds ? By 3g pruning of gourds grown in pots? If you also want to take more harvest from pots Then stay with this video from start to end Video of 3g pruning gourd was longer So I have made it in two parts If you want to know in detail about third generation or fourth generation trimming then go through part one and part two of this video For promoting organic gardening Share this video with all social media Before knowing 3g pruning or cutting of gourd, I request you to subscribe Subscription link is given below Click on subscription icon for automatic subscription It is totally free so subscribe without hesitation And also hit on bell icon So that whenever new video is posted, You will be notified and get new videos easily First I will tell about Trimming or pruning and I will also tell what is 3g or 4g cutting When cutting is done on plants for getting more harvest This process is called trimming or cutting Now I am going to tell what 3g or 4g pruning is 3g means third generation cutting or fourth generation cutting It means when trimming on plant is done for taking harvest from vines of third or fourth generation Then it is called 3g or 4g pruning Let’s know how you can also do 3g or 4g pruning on vegetables grown in pots and increase your vegetable harvest from pots After growing this gourd in pots I have waited for few days then I have started doing 3g pruning That is all I am going to show you in the video Gourd grown in pot is growing well but there is still time for pruning After few days I will show how to Do 3g cutting or 4g cutting Pruning or trimming There is still time to prune After few days I will show how to prune this gourd by third generation technique Pot grown gourd has started flowering As you are viewing on your screen there are bunches of flowers here Bunch is small First male flowers blossoms in it Female flower starts after some time There is still time for trimming I will show you further in this video, How to trim this gourd? For 3g technique pruning of gourd You have to wait till the length of vine reaches one meter and How do pruning I will show in video When new branches shoot out, one is already coming out here and one more here I will pick it out with hand or a pruner I have taken this out I will pick other portion of growtn too There is one fruit I will also take it off Tear off all new branches If you want to lift vine of gourd on trellis, wait till vine of gourd reaches one meter in length Then do 3g pruning And if you want to keep vines on ground Then starting doing 3g pruning when length of vine reaches half meter I will trim tip of vine with hand I have taken off new vines and tip of main vine with hand Now I will wait for new growth and I will show how to trim new growth I have tied few ropes as I want to lift it up on trellis I have tied ropes for lifting vines to allow good fruits. As you are viewing 5 days earlier I had trimmed this part Now you have noticed that new vine is grown This is second generation Now I will trim this too for getting third generation vine for getting good quantity of fruits You can trim third or fourth time Some fruits also started growing I will take that too So that new vine will grow fast I will remove this fruit And I will trim this tip too Now third generation vine or branch will grow from somewhere I will show that further in video how to cut that growth Prune the leaf which comes in contact with soil of pot So that insects and other pest do not affect plant Removing leaves at lower portion is good for plant health Removing leaves coming in contact will avoid insects Plants get disease and insects through soil This will defend plant from insects and growth of plant will be good too I have removed main vine from here and As you have noticed now second generation is started And for good growth of vine I will remove this gourd As you are viewing on your screen This is main branch of gourd grown in pot I have trimmed it earlier Second generation of vine is grown as you are viewing on your screen some gourd has already fruited As seen on your screen Gourds are fruited at each node Four gourds are fruited But we have to trim this too As we want to get maximum gourds Actually I am using third generation pruning technique Therefore I will trim this in few days and also remove fruits too for allowing new vine growth As aim was to get more quantity of gourd grown in pots After one day length of vine is increased and fruits size has also increased This is right time for trimming and removing fruits This is second trimming and after this we will harvest fruits from third generation I have trimmed and also remove fruits For good new growth from some part For new growth I will remove fruits by hand It can be removed very easily So that new vine will grow good If you want trim third generation too And you can harvest more fruits But I will keep this new growth This was second generation trimming This was first branch This is second generation growth Growth from this will be final to take fruits Quantity of fruits will be good in this pot grown gourd I have trimmed upper portion and now I will trim lower portion for helping growth at upper portion I have trimmed few leaves are left for helping plant to prepare its food For getting good fruits after pruning it is necessary to give ample water and organic fertilizer in pot Give both on regular basis Otherwise plant will become weak and you will not get desired result Therefore give water and fertilizer on regular basis For knowing how to make organic fertilizer at home click on link given above By going through that video you will know how to make cheap fertilizer at home For knowing detail of sponge gourd 3g or 4g pruning go through part 2 of this video Link of part 2 is given below in description You can visit that video directly from there or you can click on above link So that you can know detail of 3g or 4g pruning So be there in part 2 of this video Till then grow good in your garden and eat well Thank You

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