Sliding Screen Door Repair : Trimming Mesh Corners on a Sliding Screen Door

Hey everybody, Don Golden back with Expert
Village, we are wrapping this thing up now and I’m very happy to tell you that. I put
the handle back on here; remember those two screws I took out? Well their in right now
we’re going to finish this screw and we’re going to go around and trim this entire extra
mesh so it looks nice and clean. Let me show you how to do that. Got our little utility
blade, this has got not the pointy style but you know either one is going to work, it doesn’t
matter this is just one I could find around the house. Let’s start at the top, make an
incision here, you don’t really have to be so careful when you’re just starting out,
but what you do want to do is get in here tight so that you have a nice clean line and
just put your blade on the metal and run it down. Right like that! Kind of use your finger
here, as a backstop that measures the distance between the screen and where your blade is
going, right here! Just go all the way down. We can clean this right here; I’ll come back
and clean up that edge. That’s as hard as it’s going to get. We’re almost done here, we’re moving down
to the last segment of trim, to be trimmed off and it’s looking good. Get you in that
corner there, and there you have it. Now there may be a few little extra stragglers around
here you might want to clean up with your blade, so just go around and take a look.
Anything that doesn’t look right to you, just go ahead and trim it. You pull it away, and
again this stuff is fairly easy to work with so you don’t have to be perfect. Everything
looks pretty good to me! Our screen is tight, it’s tidy and when we come back, we’re going
to re-install it and the jobs going to be done.

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