Single Crochet Stitch (SC)

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and outs of crochet and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. So now lets get crocheting with Curtzy. Welcome everybody to lesson number three of Curtzy Crochet Program. In today’s lesson I am gonna teach you how to single crochet. Check out my little Christmas stocking. I know it is great isn’t it. It’s a Bernat Mosaic yarn that is called Calypso and it makes me look like an
artist that I’ve changed the colors but in actual fact all of these colors
change so slowly that it makes this look like a piece of artwork. This is all done one hundred percent of
single crochet so it’s one of those ideas that once I teach you how to single
crochet seriously you’re gonna be able to
start doing some of the patterns that you can find free online. So let’s head on over to the studio and
I’m gonna show you how to hold your yarn once again. I’m gonna show you how
to create a slip knot, we’re going to do some chaining and then I’m gonna show you how to single crochet. Once you understand single crochet I’m
telling you the world of crochet is gonna open up right before your eyes. We’re now gonna begin to learning
single crochet and we’re gonna review the chaining stitch again and how to
position everything. I’m gonna be using Sugar ‘n Cream yarn today and when we look at the directions on the back it says it’s a 5 mm hook or US H/8 and it’s also considered a medium
so when we compared to a lot of the yarns that we’ve been working with even
though it looks different it’s still calling for the same. So let’s position everything into our
hands like we normally do. So let’s begin the slip knot procedure to
start your work and what we wanna do is to do is point again and we wanna
trap this into the bottom three fingers like we did in lesson number two. We wanna wrap it just like so. Grabbing your index finger and your thumb clamp it, back of your hand, front of your hand, back, front so take the back over the front one and
now take the new back one and put it up over your finger and now let’s slip in
your hook just like so. I’m using a 5 mm hook today by Curtzy
Crochet Hooks and we just wanna put it onto our hook just like so. So now let’s begin the chain stitch. It’s
called the chain stitch, I normally just call it changing as we
begin. So let’s now position the yarn into your hands. Okay, so I just automatically do it because
I’ve been crocheting for 23 years. Hand out, pinky open, put over top, close and
circle your hand around and clamping the slip knot with your index finger and
your thumb and now there’s, this is really sloppy here so I just wanna
come up underneath and pull it more snug so that it’s providing tension and I’ve
already close my hand over here to provide this to be like a violin string.
So it’s nice and tense. Let’s position everything into our hand
just like so and we just wanna slip it over top so open the pinkie, put it down
and we want to rotate our hand so that our index finger and our thumb join in
on the slip knot. You’ll see that this is very sloppy
right here so to get that fixed I’m just gonna pull it backward here and so
then I’ve closed my pinky here to provide this to be tension and now I’m
gonna begin to chain. Now in chaining this never counts as one. This is also referred to as this chain
stitch as well. So let’s rotate back and toward you and down underneath. Back, down, back, down, back, down, back, down, around like this and go as many as you
wanna go. I’m gonna try to get at least 20 on
there. For this tutorial and the next several tutorials ahead I do not want
you to throw out this sample. We’re gonna be continuing to build
the sample in the next tutorials ahead. So go as long as you wanna go. So if a
pattern asked you to do 77 chains just for example you’re gonna do 77 and
making sure that the first slip knot did not count as one. So let’s, here’s where we are and we’re
now gonna start to do your single crochet. So let’s get started on that
next. In the chain area of crochet there’s
always three lines and you can actually see the one there. So one there, there and there. So there’s
three lines per stitch. So what I want you to do when you’re actually concentrating
and putting in your single crochet. When you go to stick in your hook you wanna make sure that two of those
strings end up on the top of the hook and one ends up on the bottom. So here’s
where we are. Just see that the stitches coming out of there. I want you to go to this one right here
and I want you to stick in your hook. Okay, so just stick it in, just like so
and what you’re gonna see now is two the strings on the top and one string is
on the bottom and now what I want to do is just wrap like the rowboat like we’ve
been doing on the chaining and grab it and pulling it through the stitch there
and you’ll end up with two on there and now just grabbing the material and .
through two. Let’s try that again. So moving along on the next stitch, okay, do you see it there it’s actually
right here, here’s the string coming up for that stitch which is one, there’s one
underneath and then that one and we wanna stick it right in, just like so. The chain is always more difficult to be
able to stabilize it to be able to teach and show you but it does work. We’ve got two strings on top one is on
the bottom grabbing like a rowboat material through,
you’ll have to on your hook grabbing it and plant through. Let’s try
it again. So the next one is right here so the
string is coming up in the last stitch over there going in you got two on there, one is on
the bottom pulling it through and through two. We are actually single crocheting. So the next one, through, pull through,
pull through two. The next one along the line, in, pull through, pull through two. Next one and pull through. You see that, see how it’s all kind of
lining up together? Pull through, put in, pull through, pull through two. In, pull through, pull through two. In, pull through, pull through two, In, pull through, pull through two In, we’re now coming up to the near to the other side and I wanna
show you how to be able to turn around to be able to single crochet again. So we’re almost done. Most of the problems with crochet, people don’t have straight edges and I’m gonna be
showing you the secrets to getting straight edges. So we actually have one
stitch left. It appears that there’s more than one but this is the configuration
of the slip knot. We talked about that in lesson number
two. So that the slip knot becomes one. Okay, so there you go. That is everything in and what I want you to do is just rotate this material in your hand just like so
and now turn it around so that we begin to work across in this direction. We’re
now gonna start the next line up and this is where a lot of people get
confused. Okay, so in order to start a line up in
single crochet we always chain one. So just roll back rowboat, pull through and
chain. Now, usually in double crochet we never
ever go into this first stitch where the rowboat chaining has just happened. We
always jump over but when it in the single crochet our first stitch is right directly below. You can kind of see the
variegated colors that the blue is the line below. So we wanna just go right
into that stitch, pull through, pull through two. Okay, so next stitch along just gonna go
in and the stitch consists of two lines. So there’ll be two lines just like so,
you see on the hook. We’re just gonna pull through and
it’s just like the first chain that we ended up with one on the bottom and two
on the top doing the exact same as we work our way across. So we don’t wrap anything we’re just
going in, pulling through, pull through. In, pull through, pull through two. In, pull through, pull through two, pull through. So I’m gonna now speed up to regular
time. So you can test your knowledge so you can go back and forth as long as you
want to go. I want to make sure that you keep this
sample that we’re working on because all of the rest of the the work that
we’re gonna do with this is actually gonna be built up on top of this. So
we’re not gonna start from the changing process again when we do half
double crochet, double crochet or triple crochet. And now coming up near to the
end again and we wanna make sure that we’re gonna find the last one. We
actually have two stitches left. Okay, so we got one and two. You see that? So a lot of people end up
going into this little knob thing at the end and then they don’t get a straight
edge but what you have to do is just look for it. Okay, so there you go, you got it right on
the edge. We’re now gonna turn again. So here’s what it looks like so far. Okay,
so do you remember the rule. We’re on the edge in order to start
single crocheting up. We chain one. We normally would jump over to the second
one over when we’re doing double crochet but we’re not, we’re just gonna go
right into the bottom of where this is originating. Go right into the bottom, in
and pull through. So let’s work our way back across. So in, pull through and two. In, pull through and two. In, pull through and two. In, pull through and two. Here’s one of my memory hook, so, in, pull through and two. In pull through and two. I just have to
loosen up some string off camera here. Okay, we want no tension at all coming
from our string at any point. It changes everything when you’re having
to fight with the yarn to put it into your project so you want to is loosely
as possible working into this hand over here. If you
drop a stitch like I just did the wonderful thing about crochet is
just you can just pull it back out, position your hand again and restart. So if you’ve noticed you’ve dropped a
stitch at any point you can do that. And we’re gonna finish up on this edge
here so you can just go, considering you can do this homework off
camera, you can just go back and forth, back and forth and we’re gonna stop
here and move you on to lesson number four as I teach you how two half double
crochet. Thank you for joining me on the Curtzy
Crochet Hook program today. Now what I want you to do is I wanna
keep that sample that you’re making. What we want to do is now build up on it for
the next few tutorials. So in the next tutorial and session number four or lesson number four, I should say, we are gonna do half double crochet. So I
want you to keep what you’re working on because now we’re just gonna build up
and use that same example in order to show you. Then by the time you’re done
the next few tutorials you’re gonna actually have a sample
of work, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and triple crochet will all look like you’ll have it as a whole piece so that you can
examine that for future use in case you want to do something more
creative in the future. Until next time. We’ll see you on lesson number four
where we’re gonna do half double crochet. On behalf of Curtzy Crochet
Hooks I’m your host Mikey.

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