Simple trimming for bowl form – Clay Craft Malaysia

Place your trimming tool in your hand like this. Your thumb and your third finger is the driver of the tool, as you can move your tool like this. Whereas your index finger is the one that would be pressing. I already have my bowl centered here so I’m ready to begin. First, I’m going to anchor my bowl. Make sure you press your bowl as you press the anchors in. Position your hand as if you’re doing a pull. Make sure two hands are connected at all times. Press the bowl down with a ltitle bit of pressure with your left hand. I’m going to use the side of my tool to make the cuts first. Move your tool up at a consistent speed. You can already see the foot forming at the top after the first cut. Then we go again. And now smoothing the lines away. Then, we trim the outer foot a little bit to make it more define. I am going to add a glaze line now. The glaze line would tell me where to stop when I glaze. When you trim the inside of the bowl, the tool should be held like a pen. First, we cut inline like this. Make sure you leave enough clay as the foot for the bowl. Start from the line that we have created and move towards the center. How deep should we cut our bowl? The bottom of this line should be just slightly higher than the bottom of this line, here. Now it’s time to smooth out the inside. Place the center of this tool onto the center of the bowl here and move it towards the foot area. Clean off a little bit more here. I usually like the foot of my bowl to be thinner. There should be a small hump, right here. Now add on a glaze line, clean just a little bit more and we’re done.

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