Shiva’s Cosmic Dance = Law of Nature? 1300 Year Old Secret Revealed!

Hey guys, I am at the ancient KailasaNathar
temple in Kanchipuram, and today we are going to look at a strange feature, related to geometry
and sacred number system hidden here. Let’s take a look at this carving of Dancing
Shiva. This is a brilliant carving done at least
1300 years ago, and you can see much of this carving has lost its paint. I have retouched this using photoshop, and
now you can see it much better. Here, Shiva is shown with one foot placed
firmly on the ground, and the other leg is bent with his knee resting on the ground,
and the foot facing the sky. Shiva has put one arm on this foot, while
his other arm is lifted above his head. Let us forget his other arms for now. But here is another carving on the other side
of the temple, which is even more eroded. When I saw this I was shocked, because it
shows the exact same dancing Shiva, but Here is the strangest part, this carving is flipped
horizontally, like a mirror image of the 1st carving. In photoshop, I am flipping this original
image now, and you can begin to see the accuracy of how they both match. In the first carving, it is his left foot
on the ground, and in the second carving, it is the right foot on the ground. All the legs and arms are flipped like this,
like looking at yourself in the mirror, not the same, but laterally inverted. But Shiva has so many hands, one of them is
holding a ring, another is holding a weapon, all these details have to be mirrored. First of all, this is not easy to carve, this
is a sculpting marvel which would need machine like precision. Even to show it to you online, I am using
software like photoshop, imagine I had to do it by drawing with my hands, I would have
to be a good artist. Today, to carve something like this, we would
need software and hardware, meaning machine high-tech machines and tools. Second question, and the most important question
is: Why? Why did they have to create this kind of laterally
inverted, mirror image of a carving? What could possibly the purpose for going
through such pains to create it? And the position of these 2 carvings are quite
intriguing as well. They are not randomly placed, one is on the
left side of the temple and the other is on the right side, as though they are trying
to create a symmetry, especially something called bilateral symmetry But let’s go to the level of cells and see
how this was created, right? Biologists will tell us, well there is one
cell and then it multiplies into 2, we are going to see something very similar to this. But this is not mere multiplication right? It is mirrored for natural symmetry. This is very hard to explain. So, this is my right hand, and if I multiply
it, and put another hand right next to it, does it look like natural symmetry? No! It is multiplied by 2, it is even identical,
but it is not symmetrical, it actually looks weird, because it is not natural. In order to make it symmetrical, I have to
laterally invert this hand, l have to make a mirror image, which is what my left hand
is, my left hand is a natural mirror image of my right hand. What you are looking at on screen, is actually
a laterally inverted image placed next to my right hand, this is not my left hand, but
you cannot tell the difference, unless you look at my “alien blood line” showing on my
ring finger. Because this is what Nature is doing to all
of us, it is creating a mirror image along a symmetrical point. This is extraordinary, and scientists are
still debating over why this nature is doing this. But this carving shows that ancient builders
of India, were following the same laws that nature is using. They did not create 2 carvings which look
identical. They created 2 carvings in mirrored fashion
for natural symmetry. And ancient builders seem to have understood
something much more fascinating. If you take a cell, that cell multiplies in
mirrored fashion. So one cell multiplies into 2, 2 into 4, 4
into 8, 8 into 16 and so on. If we study the geometry and symmetry of the
Kailasanathar temple, It has been designed using the same system. Of course this is 1 temple, but it has 2 secret
passages known as the gate of death and the gate of birth, on either side of the center
point. It has 4 towers on the outer walls in the
4 sided rectangle. Has 8 pyramids around the main tower specifically
designed to show 8 avatars Shiva. But it does not stop there, 8 times 2 is 16. Inside the main chamber is a 16 faceted lingam
with perfect angles of 22.5 degrees between each sides. Another classic example of “primitive” technology. 16 multiplied by 2, you get 32. There are 32 bulls or Nandhis placed all around
the temple. Some are on the ground, some are on top of
the wall, and some are just completely gone. 32 times 2 is the number 64, and there are
64 avatars of Shiva carved on these walls. And it is very interesting to see something
here, even though we do have every avatar of Shiva carved at least twice in this temple,
this carving, the one that shows the cosmic dance of Shiva, is the only carving that is
laterally inverted. All other carvings are not mirror images. Why is this? How is this cosmic dance related to nature,
and laws of nature? Was the cosmic dance of Shiva laterally inverted,
to make us understand about bilateral symmetry? And also, how did ancient builders come up
with such remarkable symmetry and geometry? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
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