Shabby Chic Ornament Made With Embroidery Hoop – How To Make DIY Make It Yourself Video Tutorial

You will need to glue a embroidery hoop onto a transparent sheet of film paper and let it dry. Pour glue into the hoop and spread. Put lace over the glue. Let dry. Smooth out the lace. Trim the lace. Decorate the inside. I gathered this lace as I glued it. Glue on pearls around the rim. Glue on feathers Add flowers and glue on. Glue ribbon to edge of hoop all the way around. Let dry. Thread ribbon through metal piece on top. Glue bow at top of ornament. Add another bow in ornament Glue on bail at bottom of ornament. Fill empty charm with gloss glaze Sprinkle some pretty glitter over it. Let dry.

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