Shabby Chic Ornament – Love Charm How To Make DIY Video Tutorial Make It Yourself

Cut out a small square slightly larger than the wooden disc. Place square felt over wooden disc and cut it going around the disc. Do the same thing with the other square felt piece. Mark the spot where you want to put your charm. Use a pencil or something real light I had to flatten this charm a little because it had a curve in it. Stitch charm onto felt. Cut and tie thread into a knot. Spread glue over wooden disc Put your felt circle with the charm on top of the glue. Press and let dry. Spread glue on back of ornament. Then place your bail at bottom center. Press and let dry. This is for the crystal bead that hangs. Fold 6 inch ribbon in half and put bottom of ribbon on the top of the disc. Press and let dry. Place felt circle on top of the glue. Press and hold. Let dry. Glue feathers on side of ornament going all the way around it. Glue pearls in holes on charm. Thread bead with eye pin Bend and curve eye hook in a loop Attach eye hook to the bail and close the loop. Thanks for watching! Click Like and Subscribe!

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