Sewing Pattern & Designs For Travel Accessories : Trimming Edges for Sewing a Shoe Bag

Hi, I’m Candi Cane Canncel with Expert Village.
So in this clip I’m going to show you how to finish off the inside edges of your shoe
bag. So we stitched all the way around, now you just want to go ahead and trim the edges.
And you just want to trim them so they are probably about a quarter of an inch, just
kind of get like a nice; neat trim all the way around. And if your using a fabric like I am, like
a cotton back Satan or if your using any kind of silky woven fabric, the edges have a tendency
to fray so when they fray it’s just more wear and tear on your bag. So what we’re going
to do is just run a simple zigzag stitch going all the way around and this is just going
to keep the fray in check so that it doesn’t start unraveling. Now usually I would use
a surger machine or an over lock machine which finishes off your edges nicely but most people
don’t have that so I’m just going to go ahead and show you how you can achieve a similar
results on a regular machine. So you want to set your machine to a zigzag and do a small
stitch length, about a two and go ahead and line up your fabric on the very edge and your
going to just simply going to be doing a zigzag stitch going all the way around. And you want
to make sure not to get into the body of the bag, only on the seam allowance.

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