Hey Youtube Fam! It’s ya girl Lia back
again with another video. And as you can see from the title it is another crochet
hair review and today’s crochet hair is the sensationnel x-pression looped island
curl hair 14 inches. It is in the color 2. Now if you guys aren’t familiar with
my channel you guys should be smash that subscribe button and become part of the
family. But how I do my crochet hair reviews. I come on here with my first day of
thoughts of the crochet hair. Showing you how it looks as soon as you install it
and everything. Then I come on my one week thoughts and I show you how
I’ve been able to maintain it for the week. What I think about it one week in.
And then I come with my final thoughts. Showing you how long of wear I could
get out of the hair. What my maintenance routine was with the hair. Whether I think
it’s beach friendly. Whether I think it’s beginner friendly activewear friendly
and all that. So I really give you a well rounded kind of thoughts on these
hairs.I don’t want to just come on here say it’s great. It’s been one day. I love it so
much. No no no that’s not what Lia LaVon is about. I bring you guys everything
that I want to share with the average buyer out there. Now you guys voted on
this hair so if you’re not following me on instagram you need to be lialavon89.
I let you guys going forward choose all my hairs for me and you guys I think it
was 76 to 20 24% I’ll leave the little stats right here. I think you guys
overwhelmingly wanted this hair. I won’t ramble on too long let’s just head on it
to my first day thoughts of this sensational Island curl hair. So now
let’s go into my first day of thoughts of this sensational island curl hair. Now
I do have the 14 inches. I don’t think it comes in anything other than 14 inches
and it’s pre looped and it is in the color 2. Now I just installed this hair maybe
about three hours ago. I did my makeup and I’m coming on so this is really my
first day wearing the hair. Now I used four packs to install. I installed 4
total packs in my head and I think I bought six. So I actually have two
additional packs left over. The last time I installed a Sensationnel hair it was the
party curl hair and I also used four packs with that as well. So I think these
hairs are really don’t require a lot and that’s so
surprising. I don’t know whether it’s been the fullness of them or what but
I’ve only used four packs with every sensationnel only being 2 hair that I’ve
tried so far. That’s amazing. I don’t like to use a lot of hair and it comes out a
lot cheaper if you’re only paying I believe these cost $5.99 a pack. Now I
bought this at my beauty supply store so I didn’t order it online but if I see it
online I will link it down below. And it was like I said $5.99 a pack so it
came out to be roughly the hair amount of hair I used $24 for a full style.
Loving it. So so far has only been a couple of hours so I don’t have a night
time routine with this hair as of yet but I will bring that to you guys in my
one week thoughts of this hair. I’m just going off of my first couple of hours
reaction of it and I think I really like it. I haven’t cut it at all. So you’re seeing
it and it’s full 14 inch pride and glory. So you seeing in all it’s 4 inches. I have not
cut it to layer it to my face or anything. This is just how the hair has
fallen. I do have a plain straight back braid pattern going. So I could really
part this hair on any side that I want to. I can do middle and all that but I’m
really loving without having to cut and you guys know if you guys follow me. I
don’t I’m not a beautician. So I don’t have the hands to cut into a specific
look that I’m going to our specific style. I usually just install and go from the
install. The one time I did try to cut you guys saw that video it’s the model
model Dominican braid hair. That turned into a bob. I wanted it to be long
and I cut and cut and cut and it went up. So I try not to use scissors too much in
my styles because a lot of the times the hairs do fall in a way that I find looks
good but sometimes you need looks to frame your face and I get that. I know if
I cut a little bit of layers right here it could frame my face but I’m also
scared because I could end up with a hairstyle that comes to here. The one
thing I will say that I’ve noticed in this one two three hours of wearing the
hair out so far it does frizz a little bit. It has gotten a little bit you know
frizzy but that could have just been the way I was separating it when I was
installing it. I did try to keep them together in the pre-loop kind of version.
So yes those are my first day thoughts. Now let’s roll right on over to my first
week thoughts of this hair. Stay tuned. One week later. So now your girl is back for her one-week thoughts on this hair. Now this hair I have to say starting this video off right now this hair has
literally been not my most complimented hair out there but it’s been my most
what hair is that hair out there. And what I mean is a lot of people I’ve come
up to me recently and said what hair is that. I need that hair. Lot of in my other
hairs I get compliments on it but nobody really asks me what hair that is. Can I
buy it anywhere. This week alone in this week alone three people have stepped up
to me and said what hair is that. What braid pattern is that? So yes this hair
is kind of a lot of love in the last week but what are my thoughts.
That’s that’s the key whether I get compliments or not what do I think about
it. And I would have to say this week I’ve had kind of mixed feelings about
this hair. Now it reminded me I have tried one other sensationnell hair and it
literally was a year ago from when I’m recording this. It was November of 2016
and now it’s November 2017 and I’m wearing another sensationnel
hair. So it’s literally been a year and in the party curl video if you guys saw
that video the complaint I think I had with the party curl was the fact that it
was frizzy McGee. And I’m gonna get close-up into the camera to see if the
frizzes can kind of show up. So you have some places where the curl is a lot very
defined very defined. And then you have some places where the curl is this
situation right now going on. Which helps it look a lot more natural but for me I
would have wanted the curls to be defined throughout for a longer period
of time than a week. I like I hair to get a little bit frizzy a little bit more
you know the curls kind of separate cuz it does give it a more natural look but
I like that look to come maybe about you know two three weeks in with the hair.
Not this early on. I could see the separation happening within three to
four days of wearing this hair which isn’t bad. It definitely is what helps
people give me compliments. To them it looks a very natural. To me it’s just a
personal preference. I like the curls to be a little bit tighter. That’s why I
like the water wave a lot more. A lot of people have complaints about freetress
water wave but for me the curl held that little spiral for a long period of
time and then after a while it gradually frizzed up a little bit. The
back has held up surprisingly well. Usually the back on me is where the the
the worst comes in play. But the back has stayed pretty
defined throughout. Its kind of this front area that’s kind of you know
taken a turn. How have I been sleeping at night with the hair you may ask. And
what I’ve been doing is pineappling. When I say pineapple I go like this at night
put a scrunchie around put my bonnet on. I sleep with a bonnet every single day. I
have been a bonnet kid since you know me and my mom when I can remember as early
as like six years old we going to sleep at night we saying our prayers we
getting out our prayer rocks and we putting our scarves on. So I’m always a
bonnet person. I never. If I fall asleep without a bonnet on it’s like what are
you doing. So yes those are kind of my quick one-week thoughts. I won’t harp too
long on it. I like to wait till my final thoughts to give whether I think it’s
water approved and all of that. But I do want you guys to see kind of how it looks one
week in and this is still it. I haven’t cut any of the hair. So this is
still what 14 inches looks like. What I have cut is little fringe balls you know
how phrase balls come at the end of your hairs I’ve cut those but I haven’t
actually cut the actual hair itself so yes those are my one-week thoughts I
definitely will see you soon and my final thoughts let’s see how much where
I can get out of this hair thank you thank you so now I am back
with my final thoughts of the sensational island curl hair now it has
been four weeks and I think for me four weeks has been good enough good enough
with this hair and I’ll tell you why and explain to you guys in a minute so I’m
gonna start this off by saying there are two types of people in this world there
are people who enjoy twist outs day one and day two and then there are people
who really enjoy their twist outs from day three onwards now lil Oban and what
do you guys need on a little secret Lila Vaughn first of her name has always
been a fan of more so the first the second day oh it’s whist though a flat
twist I’ll braid out all that and then as it gets more bigger and more frillier
and all that I’m not that much of a fan of it so that’s just me and I may be
weird there’s probably split between the middle some people love them first the
second day some people love three days on where
twist outs now having said that I think this hair is a go I love for people who
love the 3 day on one twist out kind of a look that bigger your hair grows as
the days go on it’s that kind of you know unruly kind
of look going on about it kind of has that little friends but only as to how
it looks and how you love it I think this hair is perfect for that
now if you’re like me and you’re first the second day I liked it when if you
look at the stock card it’s a lot more defined kind of than it is right now or
if you look at how I look during the first day in the first week it was a
little bit more definition up on me it’s definitely definitely frizz McGee but
you guys have been Instagram DM and me and wanting to know what hair this was
because you guys on camera it looks so beautiful and there are people out there
who are going to adore this hair but for me I like a little bit more definition
and as you can see the definition from it is really gone also you guys are
probably wondering swimming friendly activewear feelingly how do I give it
for me personally I don’t think I would take this hair swimming at all why I say
that is because you guys know in my videos I typically say don’t take your
hair out swimming that first day you get it like crochet is it something you got
to get your hair freshly done for vacation no no no no no with my deep
twist hair you guys know I went on vacation three weeks with a deep person
and my hair still looked flawless before I went on that trip with my bobby
boss now wave I think I was two weeks in having the bobby boss now way she saw
that video before I went to the beach with that hair so I always say crochet
here is it something that you gotta be like can you get me in on Saturday girl
going to the beach on Sunday no no no you can get your hair done weeks in
advance I actually love it and prefer more when I get my hair done weeks in
advance of a trip and then I take my crochet out and then it looks bomb and
then I can take it out right after if I get very chlorine in a lot of water now
having said that that week too I think with his hair it was getting to that
unruly frizz portion I would not have dipped my head in water and felt
confident it this isn’t a hair where I find maybe took it swimming maybe week
one I would feel a lot more confident in it day one maybe I would think it would
still kind of have this in it but as the week’s go on and the frizz starts
getting more and more you know tangos mattes and all that are starting to come
through I just feel less and less confident with
it going to the water so that’s what my you know theory on this hair is I’m not
going to dip my head in water with this hair just because I have to wear it for
a couple more days until I can get my birthday here and it
is my birthday coming up soon so um yeah like I said though I I wouldn’t give
this my stamp of approval just because of you know what’s going on with this I
would just hate to dip my head in water and then come out and then have to
tackle this situation right now but overall I would give this a it’s in
between it’s not my most loved hair it’s not my most hated here I think there’s
so many processes here pros wise I would say it’s amazingly easy to install
sensational party curl was my first ever install if you guys saw that a year ago
first ever here are installed and I was like this is so easy and it was no
different with this hair so easy not that many packs required like I said
four packs were used to achieve this full of a look and it has groaning like
I said it’s gotten bigger over time but it’s definitely a look it has me very
much so full full look with four packs four
packs $5.99 a pack inexpensive not expensive at all so I would definitely
give this a definite pro if you are a beginner trying out a hair I would
definitely say for an easy install try out sensational definitely try out
sensational another pro it’s a little maintenance if you want it to be like I
said it for the last two weeks I haven’t done anything didn’t do anything and
this is how it looks now this has been doing anything looks good to you
then I would say definitely low main it’s low maintenance for people who like
that kind of big kind of like natural kind of look it’s high maintenance for
people who like a more kind of structured curl I’m more you’re so used
to you guys know I love my presto curls my gogo curls my bohemian girl I like
more spirally kind of definition the e type curls so that’s why what it’s
always weird for me wearing kind of more tighter curl hair you got to love it on
me but I’m always like are they sure do they Oh am i right now if you guys just
want to take your scarf off and go out the door and this looks amazing to you
because it doesn’t look bad it’s just different for me then I’d say definitely
low maintenance for some of you guys out there another regret of mine with this
hair I wish I had cut it in kind of a style you guys always asked me in my
videos why don’t you cut any of your hair is kind of in a style I tell you
guys I know your stylist but I think some definition in this area
specifically if I had some layers going I would have really loved how it framed
my face a little bit more right now it’s just I don’t know
it does it frame it too well maybe next time after iron stalling here I’ll find
somebody who can actually cut hair and do that for me but we’ll see we’ll see
what I’ll do um but yes those are my thoughts let me
know down below what are your thoughts on this hair the next sensational here I
will try is the Jamaican balanced hair so get ready for that I’m super excited
on trying that hair you guys I love this video give it a big thumbs up if you
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