Russian handicrafts: Khokhloma painting

So why did she come here? Because our forests are large and powerful but the lands we have are infertile Our ornamental patterns are essentially floral. inspired by nature Whatever grows. whatever we see. we draw This meadow. these daisies. poppies. roses. tulips We love wild strawberries and garden strawberries. rowan berries. currants Red is the color of celebration black means life cannot go by without sorrow Green. of course. the color of all things living And yellow is the color of the sun Khokhloma is my raison d’etre I set myself up here in 1972. just a little lassie from the village It was amazing to come and work here The profession’s prestige is declining. I think because of the low wages There aren’t many lathe hands about these days Artists don’t become artists. There’s no recruitment anywhere Pavel Toropov is a fifth-level carver and Khokhloma painter I come up with it myself and then immediately pour it out on the page. so to speak Wood’s something else entirely. It’s got more volume and exists in three-dimensional space These are accessories for the ’’Muscov’’ set; this here will be a knife I have been working here for just over a decade My name’s Irina. My job involves applying a layer of flax-seed oil varnish it protects the wood from all sorts of insects After applying the drying oil. I rub aluminum powder on the coating This is sprayed with color lacquer and turns out gold The cup then goes to the artist for painting The industry suffered during the war years. It wasn’t easy There came a point when the enterprise had to switch to making different types of products skis. shovels. spoons. etc. Spoons are very useful. of course Khokhloma artists sometimes added battle scenes to raise the morale of soldiers We paint everything on the knee. to impart womanly warmth It’s the definition of labor intense we put every waking thought into it every good and not so good mood. but we try to convey warmth and a bit of spice No two items are the same; every cup. every spoon is unique Some steal our pictures from the Internet There’s China. which shamelessly uses our pictures on Christmas baubles. for instance Just recently we won a court case against Auchan for using our artwork And we bought a watch made by Epiron with our artwork on it We eventually won in the Arbitration Court of Moscow It ruled that the artwork belongs to us so now we can approach companies who put it on food packaging. bed linen. etc. without permission It’s good that we’re leaving a legacy of pictures Not just products. Products come and go but we’re preserving an intellectual fund of paintings There really is no end to creativity We also have a sacred duty to bequeath this rich legacy of artwork

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