Remodeling a Garage : Remodeling a Garage: Trimming out the Room

We’re back in our room and now we’ve got,
mostly finished, drywall and a coat of primer paint and we chose this orange primer color
because we’re going to come over it with a caramel color. Drywall, mud, tape, sanding
and a coat of primer always over drywall. Drywall is very porous, if you don’t put a
primer coat, you’re going to end up with a yucky room, so always remember the three P’s
of painting. Prepping, priming and painting. Three P’s of painting, always. The white spots,
that you see above, these are little areas where the drywall finishing, just needed a
little touch of something so we re-coat, a little bit, with the mud, they’ll finally
sand, they’ll put another primer coat on. It’s an extra tidiest step but it’ll end,
a much better finished product, so we’ll have a nice smooth coat. Girls, it’s like nail
polish. How we do our base coat, two coats of polish and the finish coat. We take this
time and care, with walls. Now, I want to talk about our trim, which again, we’re under
a budget here so we can’t get into an elaborate trim, plus the house is a fairly simple house,
so we’re just doing a straight, clean board trim here. This is three inch board, off the
shelf at Home Depot just cut nice and neat and all these little holes will get filled
with wood filler, primed and painted and we’re going to paint them white. We’ve also made
kind of a fun call, down here, on the wall, where we’re leaving the brick trim, on the
bottom. This was the foundation of the house. I feel it’ll, end itself, to being that kind
of bonus fun, den room. It’ll also save us some money on trim board and excessive drywall.
You can see it bumps out a little bit? We would have had to frame that out further,
to cover it up and I just like the way it looks. I think it gives it that lofty fun
feel. Now, we have this great concrete floor, that we hope we can just go over with our
rubber flooring but again, lots of slopes and valleys, in this floor. You can choose
to level it out, however a leveler, tends to be very expensive, either way you look
at it. By the bucket, it’s expensive, if you bring a cement truck, it’s expensive, it’s
actually more cost effective for us to go ahead and put a sub-floor. Sub-floor, flooring
that goes under, whatever the flooring is, that you’re installing. This sub-floor is
plywood. Tongue and groove. There’s the groove and the other piece has a tongue, that fits
right in it. When it comes to these little pits, in the floor, then he’ll do a little
bit of filling. He’ll put some furring, maybe some shims underneath it but this is really
going to give us a nice stable foundation, to put our rubber floor on. Lastly, we had
one other revision, just in executing this room, we were going to put up these panel
sliding doors, in front of the washer and dryer, I just think it’s going to be prettier
to put, not something that I always loved, to put curtains up in rooms to hide closets
but in this case, I think, we’ve got hard walls, we’ve got this big closet installation
coming, so I think, we’re going to lean towards doing a large curtain, to cover the washer
and dryer and I think it’ll just really be a soft wall. So rather than it feel like a
curtain, which I do not like, this should be tall enough to feel like one soft wall
and I hope to get a good fabric and bunch it up and just have it really look a little
feminine and soft, so that’ll be the girlie part of the room.

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