Reclaimed Eyeglass DIY: Ornament Exchange

Kristen here OF the Studio Knit Show! As you
can see, today’s video is inspired by The Girls with Glasses.
We are participating in Kin’s Holiday Ornament
Exchange Collaboration. And after watching my video, make sure to check out all the other
videos in the playlist. You can see all the other ornaments that were gifted and find
out how you can make them for yourself. And I received this really cool handmade holiday
card from, oh let’s see, oh it’s Meg Allan Cole, I love her! She is one of my very favorite
DIY channels. I cannot wait to see the ornament that she made. Oh, it’s inspired by my channel
Studio Knit. It is so cute. Look at these. These yarn ornaments are really great to make
for your fellow knitting friends. So, let’s make sure to check out her how to video after
you watch mine! Thanks so much, Meg! I love them! Since my ornament is inspired by The
Girls with Glasses, I’m thinking eyeglasses, mod podge, vintage fashion, and of course
glitter! Brooke and Summer of The Girls with Glasses, they are pros at making thrift store
finds new again. So, I’m starting with these old reading glasses. Just a little twist of
the hinges and off come the arms. With these wire cutters, I’m simply scoring along the
bridges and that separates each lens. It’s so much easier than I thought it would be.
Now, online I found these glamorous, retro Vogue fashion magazine covers. And they totally
remind me of The Girls with Glasses. And, look, they all feature eyeglasses! Perfect!
My lenses measure two by one inch, so I’m going to size and print the images and then
cut them out in the shape of each lens. The Girls with Glasses create lots of magic with
just a little bit of Mod Podge, so let’s brush some on both sides of our Vogue covers for
a little decoupage action onto the back of our eyeglasses. So cool! I’m loving the eyeglass
shape and, you know, we could stop right here. But, this the holidays and The Girls with
Glasses are always rocking the glitter. So, let’s get to sprinkling. Brush on more Mod
Podge, pile on lots of the glittery stuff. Once your ornament has dried, wipe away any
stray glitter on your lenses. Just use a dry brush or even your fingernails works, too.
I’m making this simple ornament hanger with just some fishing line and a bit of hot glue.
And that way they’ll just float on their Christmas tree. So glam! I really hope Brooke and Summer
enjoy their holiday ornaments. And I hope you are inspired to make totally original
and customized holiday ornaments for your friends, too. We have lots of fun here at
Studio Knit, so if you have always wanted to learn how to knit, make sure to hit LIKE
and SUBSCRIBE. This is the place where you are finally going to learn how to not only
KNIT but totally fall in love with it. And please make sure to check out my other Kin
Community friends. I know you will love them, too. Oh, and remember, stay GLASSY!

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