Rabbit Sculpture : Trimming the Bottom of a Rabbit Sculpture

Now that we have more or less the sketch pretty
good I suggest to put him on some kind of platform because this kind of design is difficult.
I am going to use the same kind of rotating plate but with this I will show you what I
mean. With this I am going to start cutting the end of this and making nice designs according
to the form of the model. Without this the shape is different and sloppy. You can see
from my point of view that there are some volumes that have to stick out, like for example
that little elbow there.
They have these kinds of things here but then I have to cut this out, in order to make the
model as exactly right as possible, as the original model and also to clean this up. It has to be designed here and now
it looks much better. Okay now cut here.
Now we are almost ready to start working with the head now.

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