Quick Knit Baby Blanket (CC)

23 thoughts on “Quick Knit Baby Blanket (CC)

  • Kristen, will You be able to convert this to a loom? I so can't knit, with only one working hand, I'm disabled and i can't hold two needles.

  • would you not get the same results making this on a straight needle. whats the advantage of working with circular needleds

  • Would I be able to use number 5 bernat pipsqueak yarn without making a big difference in the size of the baby blanket?

  • Am I the only one who has noticed that Nernst baby blanket is exactly like Bernat blanket. There is no diffreerence in the texture.

  • Thanks so much, I needed a quick easy project and you gave me just that only added some amazing tips that I can use over and over again. Kisses to you 😘😘😘

  • This is the best tutorial I've seen and I love how you just get right to the knitting. Thank you for posting this!!!

  • How would you make this blanket on a loom and what would be the pattern to it?
    Thank you have a wonderful day

  • Hello. I'm a viewer of your channel πŸ™‚ I'm a knitter and I make project bags. May I please mention my Etsy shop "Pepperpatchstore" on your channel? I recently opened the shop and sell project bags that I make. I would be so grateful for your kindness.

  • I have tried the long tail cast on with this yarn and have found that no matter how big of a needle I use to cast on with it keeps pulling into a cup shape – like the cast on stitches are really tight. Have you got any suggestions for remedying this?

  • What is easier or better with the result knitting 🧢 or crocheting?? I crochet but I’ve always wanted to knit. I feel the patterns are better. Idk maybe it’s what I think. Anyone pls share your opinion pls. Thank you!

  • After the 57 stitches what then? This is my first knitting project. I’m doing it with one color. I’m so confused because 57 seem too short for the length of the blanket.

  • Hello. I love this blanket and I'm waiting for my grand daughter to be born so I want to make it. If I got it right, I'd need 600 grams of yarn if I use only colour? Thank you and God bless.

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