Quick and Easy Ornaments for Under a Dollar | A Country Sampler DIY Video

Hi. Welcome to Country Sampler on Video. I’m stylist Nancy Borsodi. In our October/
November holiday issue we created some fun homespun ornaments to go on the
Christmas tree featured on our cover. These ornaments are great because you
can use leftover wired ribbon scraps and repurpose them into these cute
decorative pieces. They’re so easy to make. All you need is
a piece of 24-inch or longer wired ribbon, an upholstery needle with an 18 inch piece of jute string or twine, a pair of
scissors, a button and a low heat glue gun. Prepare first by threading your needle and having your hot glue gun ready. This will make it easier during the
following steps. To thread your needle, run a single length of jute through the needle without knotting either end. Start
by taking your wired ribbon. Make sure it’s wired ribbon
too because it holds its shape better when you’re done
with the project. Hold the ribbon between your fingers and pleat it accordion style, making sure
your pleats are all the same size all the way to the end. Make certain you’re holding the
ribbon in place as you pleat it so that the pleats stay together
in one bunch. Now we’ll stitch it together. So while
holding the ribbon completely pleated, insert the needle through all the pleated layers about a half inch from the end and make sure it’s centered between all
the pleats. Only sew one edge since this will create the center of the rosette design. Take the needle off the jute and pull both ends through. Don’t
cut off the extra length of jute because this will become your hanger. Fan
out the ribbon to get the shape you want. Make your circle and then run a line of glue on the open ends
of the rosette on both sides. Position the jute strings in the enter of the ends and press firmly together and hold until set, making sure your jute lengths are concealed
securely between the pieces. Flip it over to double check that you
have a solid seam and if you need to add another line
of glue then do so. Once dried draw the two pieces of jute up and then knot at the top to create the
desired length to create your hanger. Finish the ornament off by adhering a
wooden button to the center of your rosette. There you go! Simple and really cute! So look for these holiday ornaments
and other great Christmas decorating tips in the October/November issue of Country
Sampler available at newsstands now or by visiting countrysampler.com, and
we’ll see you next time on Country Sampler on Video! {music}

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