Pruning Saws Top Picks to Make Cutting, Trimming and Sawing, Easy

Hi, I’m Devon from GEMPLER’s Product Support
and today we’re going to show you some featured pruning saws to help make your next pruning
job easier. Before we begin, it’s important to note that
whenever using pruning saws you should be wearing safety glasses and gloves to protect
yourself…Now on to some of our featured products. The first saw we are going to look at is the
Bahco 21-inch Pointed-nose Bow Saw The bow shape of the saw makes for quick cuts
with less effort and the saw’s ergonomic handle and high-quality blade make for a comfortable
cut when working on larger branches or logs. The heavy-duty hand guard helps to protect
users against hand injuries. This saw is constructed of high-quality steel
and high-impact enamel paint that provides strength and durability. The pointed nose is ideal for use in tight
spaces and makes this saw excellent for pruning. Our next featured saw is the EZ Kut WOW Folding
Pruning Saw. This saw has raker slots that help to clean
out wood material as it cuts, helping to save time in the long run. The blade is a taper-ground, hard-chrome Japanese
steel blade that is 10-inches long and cuts on the draw stroke, making for a quick cut
for all types of wood. It also features a nonslip rubber grip that
provides comfort and safety as well as a metal lock that keeps the blade secure in an open
or closed position. The third saw we will look at today is the Silky
Big-boy 360 folding saw. Silky makes their saws with Fine, Medium,
and Large teeth. The reason we’re featuring this particular saw is because
of the fine teeth that make for a very clean cut. The blades are precision-ground and razor-sharp
with four cutting angles along the length of the blade. This produces a fast and smooth cut. This saw is ideal for pruning and trimming
and is great for hardwoods and bamboo. The last saw we will look at is the Wicked
Tough 7-inch Folding Pruning Saw. This saw is featured because of its flexibility,
which makes it unlikely to break if you get the blade stuck. This saw features an extra-strong cast aluminum
handle with nonslip-rubber grip. The saw’s Fail Safe Blade Lock Design has
a hardened-steel lock pin and hardwear, and there are no plastic parts on this saw. Thank you for watching. For more details on these pruning saws click
on the GEMPLER’s top picks logo in this video.

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