Pruning Parsley | How to Prune Parsley to Promote Growth

Are you looking for some tips on how to prune your herbs such as parsley and oregano in this video We’re going to show you how to prune your parsley and oregano plants in your garden Hi, this is Jeremy stark here from green thumb gardener here to give you some tips tutorials and reviews for all your gardening needs and Today’s video I’m gonna show you how to prune your parsley plants and your regular plants if you’re like me you may have left your your parsley and oregano plants in the garden from last year and By now before you start planting everything you may have discovered that the bush has just gotten really big so in today’s video I really just wanted to show you some very simple ways on how to care for your your parsley plants and your regular plants or Even any other kind of herbs that you may have that that may have overwintered from the previous season? I will show you I’ll just show you some really simple tips The other thing too is is I’m actually going to show you a video My parsley plant is actually going to seed very soon Probably the next month or so as the weather starts warming up a little bit It is starting to bud right now and I’ll show you those when I’m doing this video But I’m also gonna do in another video on how to save parsley seeds and if when the video is ready, I’ll post it Right in there one of the cards above. But before we get started, if you could please give us a green thumbs up Let us know that I’m making the great videos for you also if you could hit that subscribe button down below and Also hit the bell so you get notified of any new videos that we do have also we do have a website Called gardener thumb com where we post just other helpful hints hints out there If you do if you want to take a look and read any of that now that we got that out of the way Let’s get right into it All right so really the only thing that you really need to be aware of you have to have To do this you have to have some kind of cutting shears It doesn’t really matter which ones you have You know The smaller one’s a little bit easier to use they they have a little better grip. I think than some of the large ones But you know as long as you have some shears You don’t really you don’t think you don’t want to do is you don’t want to actually pull them out because then if you want To keep the plant you’re gonna damage what’s in there already? So what I like to do is just basically just really get in there and you want to look for The stems that are coming up and you just want to cut them as far down Towards where the plant comes in from the bay So on my plant I’m gonna do right down where it comes in through the cinder block part of it So let’s show you I’ll show you exactly how that’s done I If now if I wasn’t if basically if I wasn’t gonna save these four seeds what I would probably do is just cut off just about all the big flower stalks and You know, you can still use the posse leaves but what happens is when the plant actually goes goes through a flowering part all the energy is directed from Not from growing kind of the leaves and everything. It’s more directed into the actual flowers and producing its offspring so what happens is sometimes the the taste of What you’re harvesting might change like for if it’s a fruit or of different vegetable the you know The fruit of vegetable will actually taste different Sometimes it’s a little bit more bitter I’ll be honestly, I don’t remember what if there’s difference in the taste and the pressure but I get a night Let me just try it right now and I’ll let you know so It does have a little bit more of a Kind of a little softer bitterness, but it’s not Overpoweringly bitter so it’s a little bit soft or subtle flavor to it. At least that’s in my opinion of what it tastes So you can actually still I’m actually gonna still harvest these these leaves right here and Actually did another video if you wanted to take a look on how to dry herbs for that you get from your garden So I’ll post a I’ll post a card up here. I think it’s on this side I’ll postcard up there and let you and you know, so you get link to that particular video, but you know you really don’t have to I mean you can leave it just as it is and you can collect all the seeds from it and You can still harvest it, but it just in my case I just cut it down as much as I can because I don’t want it to get into the other garden when I’m having some my other Plants growing on there and I want it to be a little bit under control but also the other thing you could do it another tip for you is You know kind of keep keep at it, you know If you’re in the garden and you notice that it’s starting to get a little bit out of control You can really get in there and just kind of trim it up a little bit as long as there’s some sections of the lead usually a good Use your good reference is to kind of keep a third of the plant That’s still viable and has you know some leaves so that it can continue to grow That’s really pretty safe. If you do that for for processing, it’s a pretty Hardy You know herb so it’s gonna it’s gonna keep coming back. In fact, I might even after this video I might even just kind of cut this up a little bit more But I think I’m gonna wait till maybe after I plant my other vegetables But the same thing also applies I have I have a mint plant down there. And also I have an oregano Plant as well So I’m gonna basically do the same thing for both of those especially the mint one the mint one just really Really comes in pretty strong when if you leave it in there and it just it just really flourishes the same as well goes for the oregano the oregano I’m gonna Yeah, it gets a little bit woody in there with the with the particular of those plants so you basically I go all the way down to where the base of it is and then I cut it from there very Similar to what you do for the parts? Hopefully that helped you so that you’re able to care for your parsley plant, but stay tuned I’ll have the other video when June comes and I’ll show you exactly how to save these seeds from From just from the flower stalks that you do get please. Give us a green thumbs up Let us know that we’re making great videos for you also if you could Please hit the subscribe button and I hit the bell So you get notified of any new videos that we do have and again We do have a website and I’ll post a you know Something in the show notes as far as where you can go if you want to get more information But as always thank you for watching. I’ll see in the next one

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