Plastic ornament bulbs paint pens and extras tutorial

I’m gonna just be playing around with
these plastic ornaments I got at the dollar store actually this one it’s one of
the better one I notice that the ones from the dollar store have blemishes and
the ones that I paid a little bit more for don’t and save them more expensive
especially like when this is off-centered it kind of makes everything
weird like I made its face it seems like it’s crooked but it’s not so these
plastic bulbs I’ve been looking at a bunch of things online and what I found
most appealing I really want to put flowers in them but I don’t know how I
think that’s not gonna be survivable or livable so maybe that would be like a
good present or gift but they’d have to remove it so what I’m thinking was is
putting up some sand here so I’m gonna put some sand in here now I just got the sand of yard sale I
don’t know where they bought it we live it’s like it’s not it’s like a muddy
beach so the sand isn’t pristine like this but I get so much grease so many
times four times I buy it he’s like I can just take you to go get it
well those are the time there isn’t a difference the sand add just a little
more the concern oh you know what actually I’m not gonna put any more in
my concern is that it’s gonna get too heavy and then these are just cheap so I
don’t want it to pull off so I have some shells over here they give you
like a billion of these shells I’m just gonna throw them in there I should have
grabbed I have a skewer and then move them around if like lots of cool shells
people gave me but I have a ton of the same one and my friends and I have like
an inside joke about unicorns and then I’m gonna write some quote on that about
the beach or the ocean and one more of those in there about the beach of the
ocean then I think what I’m gonna do after that oopsie pens and very easily wasn’t wrong
about it being real cheap okay is not it that’s not staying on there very well I think the sound is already too heavy for
that anyway I’ll fix that still will write a quote on there I also got some
ribbon but this ribbons a little thick it looks like and so I thought like as a
gift you would be able to wrap it on there I don’t have that to do it so
that’s gonna be our cute little beach one now we’re gonna make it a little bit
smaller even and I’m just got these bells at the dollar store same with this I’m sure with the other
ones or other brands that give you spend a little more money it would hold a
little more just putting that in there so I’m gonna write on this one and lucky
for me my son I’m put this out of the thing expecting my son to knock stuff
down and he did oh and when you’re writing on these you want to make sure
that the seam the best you can some of them are just crooked and you can’t do a
whole lot about that so we’re gonna write actually thinks you like that
believe I’m gonna do this I’m gonna put that believe on there you could also do that quote like every
time the bell rings an angel gets its wings
something to play off these I was looking for stars but they didn’t have
any Like a confetti they’re not confetti
glitter almost everything I have I think I got out of my yard sale finds which
has been the best we just set it up for me and it was really empty and just from
going to a couple yard sells it exploded I feel so silly buying so many ornaments
that I couldn’t make myself but I didn’t know I had this talent so I’m gonna say
this talent I mean any that requires sketching drawing and then just little
dots around and I do the same around each I’m gonna go all the way around it
for the camera we’re just gonna leave it like that this is my Grinch when I did
earlier I did a whole video on it so watch that these and they have like
other ideas like Charlie Brown and I’d really like to have the glass ones but
just wouldn’t be they’ll be too difficult to move around so here we go
another idea so I saw this it’s like that brass I don’t know how it’s gonna
go in there but we’re gonna see I am one of those people that just just do it
that’s ask questions later that I’m gonna grab a I have a skewer
stick I usually have one right by me just keep just keep feeding it through well we’re learning this together but it
seems to be going well that’s so many ideas when I was laying down to go to
bed last night because I knew I was gonna go get more of these bulbs because
I usually waste a lot of stuff I get it and then I don’t use it or I give it to
somebody else which I don’t consider wasting but it isn’t a wise investment so I’m gonna say you could probably just
fill the rest in with this but I don’t like it that it doesn’t have very much
in there yet so I’m just keep going with that sarcasm it’ll say something else it
lost my train of thought that’s why crafts are so good for me
everybody there’s one thought it’s easy enough I’m
on to the next and I pull some of that out now this Easter basket stuff I don’t
even buy for Easter because it’s so messy but any thing in the spirit of
sharing all right now I’m recording remember we’re almost there no I’m recording with ornaments right now as much as I can don’t have to make the
best effective way I would say is to probably just cut this off once you get
tired of it yeah doesn’t rip forget that do you have scissors dude I’m sure I’ve
done little by the time he gets back no reason my kids are they’re gone for
hours not loving this part but it’s only
because I’m trying to rush through it this is another one I didn’t write a
quote you can also do a little bit of stuff
that looks like the snowman in their melted oh that was close I knocked over
the sand but the lid was off but it wasn’t it’s not full enough that any of
the spilt I’m gonna post pictures on my facebook page make sure you subscribe
and then you follow me on there if don’t follow me I don’t think you see my post
unless you go and look for them so let’s just pretend that all of this is not
here which you can’t really see I guess so much see your dad actually checked
off some tips together so I’m thinking that it could just say I’m dreaming of a
white Christmas or something no actually this next one so I’m not gonna do
anything extra with that one right now I’m gonna finish that off later I have
these but I have to have a much bigger he’s in here
maybe you know I’m I have to do them one at a time or smaller they don’t bend
very well I got these at a yard sale there’s so much stuff I have I didn’t
think I got it in the bin but it was $5 $10 for a $5 I don’t know but it’s a lot
of stuff no see this one I would put somewhere
like forever I just love that I really love holidays like beach I wonder you
know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna take out some of this and put some of these
and I’ll do that later or maybe I’ll just do a second one we’ll figure it out
you guys will see it online you’ll end up seeing what I do all right I’m gonna add some silver can you guys believe how expensive
glitter is insanity please subscribe especially if you find this value and
just remember I just started so they’re gonna get so much better look at the
problem the glitter sticks a lot of it that’s normally not a problem there we
go actually a little now okay there’s like a thing on line that says use mop
and Glo too much glittery so I’m gonna write on this I’m gonna do it in white I guess since
so nice oh I already told you guys I think that they dropped everything was
just yellow look that’s a waste of a really big
ornament so what I would do is switch this into here which is what I’ll end up
doing and then I’m gonna write on this one my son thought it was helpful to color coordinate these 2 and now it’s just he mixed my good pens with my bad pens how I had them
separated you know like you mess it up order I have it then I have to use some
of these pens um I just used these for the first time yesterday on acorn and I
did a shell okay well rip out through all of the pins and found one that works
watch your kids touch it I’m getting my look on here on and see a
beach after spending a long time trying to
find a pen that works I found one so I’m gonna put on this one let it snow and I’m going to take out some of this
stuff and put a couple of these I might not even have to take this out I might
just have to tuck it down in there you can see that filming light on a clear
ornament is not very ideal and this is a little thick when it dries
you can use anything to flick it for like the tip of this or a pencil but
like not the sharp part of the pencil but okay so this is gonna need to be
done over at least once and just set it over here but I wrote on the sand one
good you have to take out some sand to make it hang better
who needs snowflakes when you have seashells hopefully you guys are more
creative than I am I just got that off the internet and the last thing I wanted
to do was just a full one of just up later to see how it looks because we
keep seeing the glitter ones and they’re talking about using some mop stuff and I
couldn’t find it I honestly didn’t go to very many places so I didn’t really
check my hardest but I just looked kind of like a Liquidators and bargain places
a dollar store and this is why tim has glitter all over
him every day it would make us to work he doesn’t have daughters
he just has me just and his sons like to do some creating of their own or a
creative bunch I need to get just little funnels I bet you Martha
Stewart has a line of art funnels she has everything else we’re gonna write what
is what is a gold one I’m gonna just write always calm and always bright oh you could even I guess to speed up
the process figure out what quote you’re gonna do and then kind of assign where
you’re gonna put on the inside you can enjoy your quotes first and then you
don’t to worry about stuff inside it either falling out but on the other hand
it gives you an idea of exactly where you’re gonna be able to see it when it’s
hanging so if you go too far on the bottom you’re not gonna be able to see
it all is calm and bright that’s gonna need
to be done over to do just a star here star there and I’ll go over that again as always
I’ll be posting on Facebook and Pinterest follow me subscribe that is
all for tonight have a good night

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