Planned Pooling Made Easy with Moss Stitch *New Red Heart Yarn* [Left Handed]

7 thoughts on “Planned Pooling Made Easy with Moss Stitch *New Red Heart Yarn* [Left Handed]

  • Thank you Marley I've just been suffering through with right handed tutorials and now the lefty is being noticed

  • You don't say in any of your pooling videos what to do with the extra chains that were not used.

  • Hola puedes hacer un video en español o de los 2 videos qye tienes de esta misma tecnica puedes cambiar la configuración. Del video en cambiar idiomas al español ?? Porfavor !! Desde ya gracias saludos desde chile!

  • I love the concept of this technique. I am , however, not having success with the Red Heart Pooling yarn in Berry colourway. I have what appears to be 6 colours in the sequence.

  • Hi Marly, I love this idea but am getting frustrated. I can't seem to make the end turns work out. I'm getting 3 sc in each color, I back up 1 sc so I only have 2 sc of the last color on the row, ch 1, turn, ch1, but when I turn the corner, even after the end chain, I still have yarn of the last color left, and cannot get to the 1st color yet. Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong?

  • Ok Marly, I watched this video several times and your top 10 hints as well. You finally convinced me to try this so I bought 5 skeins of pooling yarn in Haute to make a scarf. After spending all afternoon in failed attempts the lightbulb finally came on and I figured it out! I wanted my scarf wider so I am doing two repeats of the color pattern. I ended my chain with 3 red (for the first sc). This gives me a red diamond down the middle of the scarf and it is looking really good. I’m excited to keep going and see the pattern form! Thank you so much for your detailed explanations. So, so helpful!

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