PetSolutions: Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

Today we’re going to talk about clipping dog’s nails and we have a puppy today. Their nails are usually a little shorter and a little sharper but they’re pretty easy to do. There’s many different products out there we’re going to use this one today. There’s also a pedi paw which makes a little humming noise it doesn’t clip the nails as much as well, but it will just make them a little smoother. We also have different nail trimmers that electronic here that have little lights on so they tell you how much you can cut, because you never want to cut too much. Always better to go a little shorter than a little longer on adult dogs that haven’t had their nails done for a long time. Sometimes you will need someone to help hold the animal if you’re because you just they’re a little more wiggly. You want to be able to concentrate on cutting the nails. Little puppies, a lot easier. This has a little guard on it so you can’t go too far and you can push that up there, and then all you have to do is just take a just a little chip, and you know you’re doing it right when the puppy doesn’t cry and there’s no blood and that’s that’s all there is to it. For additional information on the products used in this video, please visit

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