Peruvemba – preserving the traditional crafts | Kerala Handicraft Village

Ever wondered how those rhythmic traditional percussion instruments of Kerala which enthrall music lovers all
over the world are being made Step into the land of Peruvemba a small village in Palakkad district of northern Kerala where you can see artisans engage in the making of musical instruments like Chenda, Maddalam, Idakka, Mridangam and others. The members from the Kadayan community who live and work in Peruvemba are preserving this ancient craft that is their livelihood These artisans with an unbroken
tradition of manufacturing musical instruments are an integral part of
Kerala’s culture A lthough one may find many Chenda makers and some other
villages making of Maddalam, Idakka and Mridangam needs serious crafting and the credit for making them goes to the artisans from Peruvemba alone for over two centuries the artisans of Peruvemba have been engaged in the making and
supplying of these musical instruments Besides the growing demand for musical
instruments the artisans are not ready to use modern machinery for the making Palakkad is the land which has
produced some of the maestros of Carnatic music and percussionist Peruvemba is located around 15 kilometers from Palakkad town and is about 109 kilometers from Cochin International Airport and 116
kilometers from Calicut International Airport.

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