Peru and Canada to promote Peruvian handicrafts exports

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism (Mincetur) ♪♪♪♪ Peru and Canada to promote Peruvian handcrafts exports With the objective of promoting the handicraft sector in Peru, the Canadian government, through its Trade Facilitation Office and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, has begun to implement the “Peru-Canada Trade and Branding Initiative” within the framework of the free trade agreement between the two countries. In the first phase of this project, that is the result of a cooperation agreement, Canadian designers will provide support and guidance to a total of 250 artisans from the Cusco, Piura, Puno and Ucayali regions. These artisans will develop
products such as alpaca apparel, cap straw and Amazon textiles, in line with the market trends and preferences, thus generating demand for Peruvian handicrafts in Canada. As a result of this agreement,
sales in the next year are expected to reach about 200 thousand dollars in addition to five commercial agreements with
Canadian retailers. Minister Silva stated that work is already being done in these four regions.
“We are already working in very specific lines within each of these regions in order to develop a baseline, because we analyze results and evaluate targets. This is what we have to do:
Technical assistance in each one of these distinctive developmental processes. We have to be aware of our technological innovation centres to ensure the proper tools are available, the machinery; and if it is pottery then we inspect the furnaces. We have to work together
hand-in-hand, and we have secured the necessary resources to do so. Then, exploratory trips must be
made and after that we are going to have the capability to conclude this first promotion and review the results of the tests performed directly in the market.” Additionally, the Ambassador of Canada in Peru, Patricia Fortier, highlighted the artisans’ work and said that these activities will boost development of the communities participating in this project. “Artisans are more than simply creators of these beautiful products. They are entrepreneurs, storytellers, mentors and leaders. This new project will allow
talented men and women to achieve a high skill level in
the Canadian and international markets, thus
boosting the development of their communities.” Mincetur introduced the “Peru-
Canada Trade and Branding Initiative” in conjunction with the Ambassador of Canada in Peru, Patricia Fortier. Furthermore, artisans who will benefit from this project participated Grimaldina Pumahuanca, from Cusco; Marina Valera, from Ucayali and Juana Solano from Piura, who presented the Canadian ambassador a cap straw hat to the Canadian ambassador as an example of her work. In 2016, artisans who benefit from this project are anticipated to participate in important trade shows such as the New York Now Handmade Trade Show, Peru Moda and the Peru Gift Show. Participating in these events will improve their commercial skills, allowing them to finalize new business in the coming years.

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