Perec Kardigán/ Alize puffy fine cardigan ( loop yarn)

I’ve just received the new alize puffy fine yarn I will make a cardigan from it if everything comes together from two colors this will be the bottom of it this will be the top from this yarn 100 gramm 14 meter 15, 3 yds and the loops are smaller then the original puffy I started the bottom and I thought the front and the backside will be “knit” in one part and the sleeve I make it separately so… front back front on the back this is 3 pattern 🙂 this was the wrong side, I showed sooo on the back there is 3 patterns on the front 3 pattern too this part is the other front side with 3 patterns this part is the “knit’ this is the “purl” this is the yarn I SHOW THE BASIC KNIT, PURL, and CROSS first 🙂 start with the appropriate lenght of yarn and the end of it start simply looping the next row so from the back you pull over a loop next pull over the next loop we continue like this this will be the “knit” pattern if we want “purl” we are not pulling over from the back, pull the yarn to the front and loop it backward so the yarn is in the front and loop backward so this is the “purl” I missed a loop watch out for not to miss a loop 🙂 so you can see 4 knit and 4 purl so simple if we want to turn turn the yarn and work in the opposit direction on the same side (no turn over) I take it apart… this is simple too so besides these knit and purl we use only the crossing pattern this so this is knit, purl, crossing pattern I show it the original thread (row) loops are crossed over and pull over the loops of the next row in this case this loop was on the top so I made this right cross in the the opposite direction evidently will be created if we cross it in the opposite direction (left) so this one and two… this way soo these 4 loops creates this dir. and an oppsite dir. crosses this will be this pattern on one side (of the 4 loops) this and then this way in this project I make a purl (between the crosses) so I make a purl yarn is on the top and loop backward one knit and I turn so the next loop will be not here, in the next loop, but instead here in the previous loop purl on the purl this was a purl put the yarn on the front and loop it from the front to the back so here are one knit, one purl and I continue the pattern I made this in the prev. row I make a 2. row of it which is this from the first loop (these was the 4 loops of it) on the edge I make a knit the inner two are crossed and the 4. loop is knit again then I make a purl these are the 4 loops which creates the crossed pattern 2 crosses in the first row and the second row is knit, cross, knit I show it here here you can see the 2 crosses and k, cross, k above with two purls on the edges the pattern between the purls and with these info you can make the whole cardi or anything else I take this apartand continue the cardi 🙂 so simple to split it down this is from 78 loops which is 97 cm width I started with 3 knit I’m on the edge from back to front knit 1 knit2 knit3 purl one (knit 3 purl 1) and then the pattern cross to the outer side (left) and the 3.4.loops are crossed to the opposite outer side (right) this way so we have the two crosses on the 4 loops these (two X) are those 4 loops left and right crosses purl from front to back and cont. with one more pattern left cross watch out on the hidden loops! (easy not to find every loops whis is crossed on the back side) one dir. another dir. cross so we are here: then yarn forward a purl (backward) yarn back a knit to forward yarn forward a purl backward we are here: purl, knit, purl and the cross pattern again crossing 2 loops outside and a cross to right purl (backward direction) 10 knit yarn iis on the back looping to the front side and continue 🙂 after 10 knit I’m at half with 3 crosses this is it and cont. like mirror I make this row and will cont. with the next row I’m on the end of the row I make the last 3 knits turn so the next loop is in the prev. loop the edge is 3 knit again 1,2,3 a purl… (from front to backward) here is the part which is different as you can see here from the 4 loops which was crossed the two on the edge will be knit and the two in the middle will be crossed these were the two crosses edges will be knit the middle is the cross loop4 is knit first row second row THIS purl on the purl and cross pattern again here are the two crosses in the prev. row knit from the first loop cross from the two in the middle and 4. is knit this is the only difference between the 2 rows purl knit purl and cont. so again… 1.4. knit, 2.3. loop cross here is the WHOLE PATTERN go on first row on the 78 loops second row different from it where are these crossing patterns not cross cross, but knit cross knit this is one skein of yarn remaining yarn will be eough for this row this is the finished cardigan I continued the pattern till the armpit then continued with 3 parts 2 front part and a back this will create a hole for the arms after it is finished, on shoulders saw them together
(we can use the yarn if we cut away the loop from it) and on the top of it make a collar with knit and arms you can see that I turned with the crosses for example here simply turned the cross direction I will show soo you can see here I started with one whole wide part cont. upward cont. in 3 parts this line is the armhole fold the fronts onto the back saw and collar the turning in the cross is simple: from left to right and
from right to left cross this is the 4 loops before it, it’s a purl… until this I made crosses outward this part on the paper now I make the crosses inward so if I go to the left:
the first cross will be the left topper cross and the second will be the right

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  • ENGLISH BELOW. Kérdeztétek, hogyan kell lezárni, ami eddig nem lett megmutatva (most már itt látható: ). Ugyanúgy, mint a kötésnél, az első hurkot ráhúzzuk a másodikra, így az első eltűnik, aztán a másodikat a harmadikra, így a második eltűnik, a harmadikat a negyedikre, stb. Célszerű arrafele haladni, hogy a kilógó fonalvég legyen az utolsó szem és azzal lezárni az utolsó hurkot.
    Az ujját pedig vagy külön elkészíteni és hozzávarrni, vagy az ujjkivágásnál az eleje (és hátulja)darab szélső szemeinek oldalát használni első sor hurokként, merőlegesen arra.

    A few viewers asked me how to close it (see here: ). Well, the same way as with knitting: pulling the first loop over the second so the first disappears; then pulling the 2nd over the 3rd (so 2nd disappears) – and continuing onward. A good way to do it is going towards the dangling end of the yarn. This way the end of the yarn will be the last loop and then use that to close. The sleeve can be made separately and then sewn to the main body. Or using the outside loops on the front and back side of the cutout for the sleeve by stitching to them (perpendicularly) as the first line.

  • Please post the pattern in English! This is such a beautiful cardigan. You may get more views as well if you change the name to include "loop yarn" somewhere in it. I have been looking forever for a pattern like this and only found it through pinterest. Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful job you did.

  • This is a very beautiful cardigan; can English captions be added to the video for a clearer explanation of how to work the pattern?

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