[ Pen Making ] Mechanical Pencil / Silver, Pure gold

95g silver + 5g copper melt together for alloying Preheat the corrugated iron at the bottom I used a torch that mixed oxygen and LPG gas Melting temperature is about 1000 ~ 1100 degrees Celsius.
It should not be lacking, nor is it too high a temperature. After applying heat, pickling is necessary.
“Heat + pickling” will be repeated Basic forging is a way to deepen the organization of silver,
This is to prevent cracking of the silver plate. When rolling, never wear gloves
There is a risk of being rolled up together in a roller Thermal annealing is the role of soft relaxation of hardened silver tissue. Fold half and cut equally to achieve exact symmetry When sawing, it is advisable to keep the saw blade as vertical as possible Because the smaller the area where the saw blade and the work contact each other,
the more accurate and safe sawing is possible. The reason for the 1mm margin is to minimize the gap
between the two pieces by filing later at an oblique angle. Burn the paper you sketched first to remove it neatly Don’t look at my face so cool, just focus on the way you work … Hum, Hum, … My favorite “texture tool” And change it in different directions, so calmly and meticulously Rub it with a fine brass brush, and check the surface condition. Give it an angle of about 30-40 degrees and trim it with a file Gently hit the wooden base with slightly concave trimming to give volume Strikes by using anti-convex urethane hammer To roll it up naturally, roll the shape of both ends first Carefully roll the shape so that the symmetry is right If something goes wrong, you may have to start all over again Create a shape by repeating heat loosening and pickling frequently Prepare Borax with Flux Prepare a silver solder containing 80% silver The reason for applying borax is to keep the soldering
surface clean so that the solder flows well Trim it into rough, medium and fine streaks Sanding with coarse sand, medium sand and fine sandpaper For sanding with natural bends, you must soften them by hand. Cutting sawing is more efficient in pulling direction,
cutting sawing is better in pushing direction One-touch flexible shafts are useful. Sandpaper is # 320 We are sawing in pushing direction Smooth out the holes so that the internal accessories
of the mechanical pen can be mounted smoothly. Small piece, which is inconvenient to hold,
fits into handle by inserting auxiliary stick It is better to tear naturally with hands or tweezers than with scissors. While you get a little bit of water, press it by hand to fix it temporarily. 금부(Kumboo) is a method of “fusion” using heat without any mediation. Tap it with a brass brush so that
it can be fused to the deep part of the texture. Potassium sulfide in water and bathing is said to be good for skin However, it is dangerous when ingested and must be handled with care. Soak it for 1 ~ 2 minutes to infiltrate the surface of silver Gold does not dye (color) but glows in pure gold Gently rub it with your hand for coloring Assemble the parts in order It is important to apply a little evenly so that
the amount of glue is not too high The reason for applying the oil is to protect the surface
by forming an oil film on the metal (silver) surface. Thank you for “subscription” and “likes.”

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