Patterns Yarn Crafts – Through the Years with Mary Maxim – Video by Guerilla Media

This is the story of a family owned and operated
3rd generation company. The year is 1935, in Sifton, Manitoba. Times
are tough. Unemployment is high. The innovative and caring mind of Willard
McPhedrain thinks “I can make things better!” Using his railroad connections and whirlwind
promoting skills, he promotes Sifton made products across Canada.
The manufacturing of spinning wheels, hand carding machines, and wool yarns get the community
working again! Pairing the first ever graph style knitting
pattern with bulky weight wool yarn launches Mary Maxim to great success.
The Cowichan style sweaters are all the rage with everyone! Including famous names of the
time. Leading in to the second generation, Larry McPhedrain’s vision brings Mary Maxim
to the United States. Expanding the catalog to include more exclusive
designs and new product lines make Mary Maxim the largest mail order company in North America.
Today, three generations later, Rusty McPhedrain carries on the entrepreneurial spirit of his
forefathers. Past meets present with timeless sweater designs
that still attract famous names and new partnerships. This generation has seen the explosion of
technology, triggering a growing website and social media connection to serve you better.
As we have throughout time, we strive to bring you great products and outstanding customer
service. Join us at &, where
a world of creativity is waiting for you.

7 thoughts on “Patterns Yarn Crafts – Through the Years with Mary Maxim – Video by Guerilla Media

  • Video is fine. Find better production music and change it with the narration points (i.e. vintage, industrial, 60's, etc.). Consider a female VO with chops.

  • Great story.  Love those beautiful designs.  Not much need here in SWFL but very warm and cozy in colder climates.

  • Visited the monument in Sifton Manitoba last summer along with an employee of Mary Maxim of Paris Ontario. 2013. A little place in the prairie with about 200 for population.

  • Thank you @Gary Civins for the viewpoint but the client was very hands on with this project and loves it just the way it is. They chose the music and love the male voice over and we're quite happy with how it all came together but we really do appreciate you taking time to watch it and offer your input!

  • Thanks @Sue Haberkorn – you're right we don't need heavy wool sweaters in SWFL but they sure are fun! And so many people travel from here or to here, hopefully they have something as warm to wear 🙂

  • Do you knit cowichan sweaters? I’d love to see one knitted!?? Especially a wolf pattern!!! I’ve always dreamed of making one for myself and my son& grandson??

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