Pastilles fleurs pour couverture tapis crochet / Flowers for blanket or carpet (english subtitles)

Hello everyone! Today I present you these beautiful flowers. You can use them to make carpets,
blankets etc. You will get a very nice result,
and also original. To realize them I used:
– Merino yarn “Lidia Crochet Tricot” (balls of 100 g) – sewing needle and thread
(to attach them together) – 3 mm crochet hook (European size)
– scissors, yarn needle All these materials can be found on our shop You begin by making 5 ch, and you attach at the 1st ch with
1 slip stitch. You make 6 ch, and we’ll make quadruple crochet,
so 3 Yo on the hook, you prick in this small cercle,
Yo and you close 2 by 2. We just made 1 quadruple crochet. 3 Yo, you prick into the small cercle
and you make another quadruple crochet. So we have 3 quadruple crochet. The 6 ch from the beginning=1 quadruple crochet. You have to make in total
18 quadruple crochet. Once you have the 18 quadruple crochet you have to attach
at the 6th ch from the beginning with 1 slip stitch. Now you have to make 2 ch,
(=1 Dc without finishing) and you have to make only decreases. So, we have the 2 ch and 1 Dc without finishing,
1 Yo and you close them at the same time. You have to repeat that until the end of the row. 1 Dc without finishing in the next stitch, 1 Yo, 1 Dc without finishing in the next stitch, and you close them at the same time. (you continue like that) At the end you have to attach on the 1st decrease
with 1 slip stitch. 1 ch, you cut the yarn and you pull. You arrange a little bit the flower. And there you have it, it’s finished. You will get a result that’s very quilted,
so you can make a carpet with them. For a child room that’s great. You can even make
a blanket for the sofa etc. You can also make a trivet with them,
if you use cotton. So, basically you have the choice. If you attach them on something,
you don’t have to hide this yarn, you can just cut it. If you make a blanket, you have to hide this yarn. I’m just showing you, so I will not hide it,
I cut it. If you make them in many colors, you have to
attach them with a sewing thread and needle, neutral color. But, if you make them in 1 color, you can attach them
with the yarn needle, and the same yarn. I advise you to make them in many colors,
I believe that’s better, it’s more fun. So, you prick the yarn needle from inside, and you go out between the quadruple crochet
and the decreases. You take the 2nd flower, and you sew it. You always sew them from the back side. So, you have to sew these 2 edges together. Don’t tighten them too much. At the end you make a small knot. You hide and you cut the yarn. You make as many as you need,
and you attach them together. So, don’t forget, you have to sew
this edge with this edge. I remind you that all my tutorials will be
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