Part 1 Crochet Eyeball Eating Monster Halloween Prop

hi guys welcome back to my channel this
is sharon ojala and today I’m gonna be putting together a little eyeball eating
monster I designed this guy for Halloween he’s a Halloween prop and he’s
got a working zipper and inside you’ll find a delicious
eyeball so this eyeball pattern is also included in the monster pattern so this
tutorial is not a stitch by stitch tutorial so you’ll need to know basic
stitches this tutorial series is going to show you how to put all of his parts
together how to stitch in a zipper it’s actually pretty easy and how to make the
inside hollow and sturdy this is going to be part 1 and in part 1 we’re working
on the head first we’re going to be doing the eyes and sewing those onto the
head fall through the ears and the hair and then in part two as soon as that’s
ready because it’s not available yet it might be ready by the end of the day or
tomorrow I will start working on the rest of the pattern so by the time this
series is done you’ll have the entire monster put together you’ll find his
written pattern on my blog and that can be printed off for free that link is
popping up here on your screen I’ll also be in the description box below there’s
nothing fancy in this pattern it’s all basic stitches and if you need help with
basic stitches I do have a hundred other videos here on YouTube that will walk
you through most everything that’s in this pattern once you get to the pattern
page scroll slowly down because there’s a lot of information there in the
beginning that will help you understand the pattern better and also will show
you how to print it off for free and also will give you the supplies list
let’s go over the supplies list real quick it’s also in the written pattern
like I said for the yarn is Bernat premium and it’s a 7 ounce package when
I started and I ended up making two monsters altogether and this is how much
yarn I had leftover so I use green for the body orange for the alternate color
and yellow for the eyes you of course can use any color combination of your
choice and with that yarn I use this size 3.75 millimeter hook that’s the
size F I also used a blunt end yarn needle for sewing I use some craft felt
you can use any color you want I chose red for the inside and I also gave him a
tongue but pair of scissors of course a small
amount of mesh sheet this is plastic you could find this in your craft stores or
Walmart I use the small amount of stuffing and for his zipper you can
choose a long one if that’s all he can find we’re gonna end up trimming it down
anyway just make sure it’s at least eight inches long so you got enough
there to work with to sew the zipper in I used regular sewing thread and a
larger size needle just make sure that the sewing thread matches the same color
as the body of your monster so I used green so I chose a green colored sewing
thread so I think that’s about it for this part you can go grab that written
pattern and then when you come back we’re going to start with the eyes I’m
going to show you different things that we can do it the eyes and then we’re
going to sew them onto the head and like I said as soon as Part two is ready it
will pop up at the end of this video thanks so much for watching and have fun
you’re going to sew the eyes into place in the next clip and before you do that
you want to decide are you going to be adding in the black felt like I’ve done
those can be glued on after I use hot glue I just take black felt cut a little
circle and then I glue them in place where ever I want them the thing about
hot glue is once it touches yarn you can’t get it off so you got to make sure
that you’re confident when you’re using hot glue you don’t use too much I just
put a little tiny dot on the back and then push it into place you can also use
fabric glue if you didn’t only use that you can use black yarn and you can see
the this is the right side and this is the wrong side the wrong side gets sewn
onto the doll’s head of course so you would bring the yarn in from the wrong
side out to the right side and then you just wrap over however at any times that
you wanted it to be wrapped it all depends on the look that you’re going
for so that was about four times now I could
just not these two yarn tails in the back and then cut them up shorter and
then finally if you wanted to use a safety eye depending on the size that
you have and the type that you have you of course need to stick those on before
you sell the eye into place and then you put the back on and whatever type you
have I have metal ones those just get pushed
into place until they click if you have plastic ones that’s a little bit
different so alright so in the next clip I’m going to show you how I sewed the
yellow part to the doll so let’s sew the eyes in make sure that you’ve got the
head piece and not the body because they’re very similar the body has a
wider part to it and it’s a slightly different shape there’s also sixteen
rows in the body if you’re not sure but if you take a look at them you can see
the body has a little bit of a more of a ball shape and the head is straight up
and down so that the shape here is gonna give us a fatter tummy so just make sure
you set the body aside and we’re working with the head piece so depending on how
you made your Magic Circle when you start it off you might have a tail
sticking out here if you didn’t crochet over it if you do just cut it up a bit
shorter and tuck it behind the eye and the top of the eye gets sewn just below
the seventh row one two three four five six seven so just under there and you
can just put a little bit of space between them and the first time I go in
I’m just gonna bring it just slightly underneath the edge of the eye pull it
through and pull it snug so when you come back through we’re gonna salt
around the inside edge so we’re not going to bring this yarn on this side
here we’re gonna keep the yarn on the inside edge of the eye so I’m gonna go
back here I’m gonna bring the needle read about there and go back in and then when you’re all done Britt is
gonna knot off here so we’ll just wrap the yarn around a little piece of green and then bring it through that loop and
pull and then I’m just gonna bring this underneath in between the green and the
yellow on the inside and then through so I’ll just carry the yarn underneath that
I and now I can cut it free if you wanted to add a nose I didn’t think
either behind needed a nose and some people on Facebook didn’t think they
needed one either but if you wanted to add an O she can certainly do that and
you could play around look she could make a little ball and sew it on there I
was just thinking how can we make this this as simple as possible what I might
do is just take some of that green yarn and I’ll bring it in through the back
and I’ll just wrap just a number of times to give it a little bit of a nose
there you know I’m doing just wrapping back and forth and so I would just not these together and then cut up a bit shorter and then
you just leave them not hanging inside the head just like so and we’re done
with the notes in the next clip I’m gonna be showing you how I closed the
ear up in half so I’m at the end of row four on the last stitch and I’m going to
show you how to close it up in half and then we’ll add the inner ear together so
I’m just working on the ear I’ve just finished a lot of stitch of Row 4 and in
the pattern I tell you to fold the ear in half and then we’re going to single
crochet its roots both sides and that’s all there is to that so you just fold it
in half and I gotta push your hook through both sides through the first
stitch and then through the other side and do a single crochet like you
normally would and that’s it that’s all we do for that now we’re
going to finish off so I just going to cut free leaving a tail for sewing all
right so let’s add the inner ear to the outer ear so before we put the inner ear
into place let’s decide how we’re going to attach it you can use hot glue to
things to keep in mind if you do use hot glue when you push it into place it can
come right through that center circle there and burn you so just be really
careful and also like I’ve said previously once hot glue gets on to yarn
it’s not going to come off so you have to be very very confident that you’re
going to get it in the right spot so what I did with mine was I just put a
little hot glue right around like this not on the edge just in the center and
then I pushed it into place I’m gonna sew this one into place to show you what
that looks like so I’m going to take this finishing yarn tail instead of
weaving it in I’m just going to lay it back here I’m gonna cut it shorter and I’m gonna put it right into the ear and
I’m gonna use this green yarn tail to sew it into place I’m gonna bring the
green yarn till see where it’s hanging there at the end I’m gonna weave it down behind the orange there we go
now I’m going to use it to sew all around the inside edge just like we did
the eye and we’re gonna pull the yarn tail tight enough to make it disappear
the color green disappear inside the orange there go right through
there bring the yarn over just little ways and then back through and pull and
you don’t see it now again making it a short stitch wrapping it over and
through and pull okay and then once you make it all the way around then you just
want to knot this off bring it through that loop and pull now you can leave
this back up to the top of the ear or to the top of this little part we made here
and now it’s ready to be sewn onto the head now we’re going to sell the ears
onto the head and this part is very easy you can leave them pretty floppy like
I’ve done here or you can just add an extra stitch or two and have them
sitting in a certain position it’s up to you how you do it you just get sewn
above this seventh row so again we’re gonna count one two three four five six
seven it’s a rate above there and again I’m very easy I’m just gonna wrap the
yarn around a stitch post pull it through I’ll do that twice you can
consider that done already and you could just knot that off and then we’d carry
the yarn tail inside and just cut it free if you wanted to have some one of a
stable look to it then we can stitch it down so I just bring it through and then
come up underneath here pull the ear down and then bring the yarn through to
the other side of the ear and then into the head and that’s done and of course
you can play around with that a little bit more if you wanted to all you have
to do now is just not at all just wrap around a bit of greens pull it
through and pull tight I don’t know if that knot it off or not so I’m going to
do it one more time there we go and now this pull tight and
I’m going to cut this yarn tail up a bit shorter and leave it hanging inside the
head so that part’s pretty much done for sewing in the pieces before we start
attaching the zipper if you wanted to stick the hair in you can do that now
I’m just gonna thread a strand of yarn you don’t have to use the same color I
am you can get creative with this part and do something totally different for
his hair I’m going to be nodding yarn strands off all around that center
circle so I just pull it through and you don’t need the yarn needle to do this
you can use your hook actually would be a lot faster actually I don’t know what
I was doing there so I just pull it through and I just not these off and
then knot them twice and pull tight and that’s done and I can pull another
strand through this time I’ll use my hook a little bit faster push my hook
through see one side to the other grab onto that yarn and pull it through
pull one strand through and then knot them together twice and pull tight and
once you have all that yarn strands in place and you just cut them up shorter
and you can also split the strands if you just take a look at the yarn it’s
wrapped in a certain direction just unravel it twist it in the opposite
direction then it’s wrapped and then pull the strands apart we’re done with
that part of the head now we can set it aside
all right now we’re working on the arms and I’ve already got my little green
guys done and I’m going to be showing you how to close up the top of the arm
and add the thumb on this one here so I just got to the last row before we
stuffed the arm says take the stuffing and you push it all the way down to the
bottom of the hand and when you are stuffing make sure that you get even
amounts of stuffing in both arms and hands now we’re going to close up the
arm and in the pattern it says to close up the arm bike
single crocheting across the top or a single crochet through both sides and
that’s basically all we’re doing right just gonna push our hook right through
the first stitch and then across the other side through the other stitch and
then we single crochet as normal and now into the next one and across the other
one and there we go we’re done and the arm
is closed up now we’re going to finish off leave a tail for sewing you’re going
to use this tail to sew the arm to the body let’s make a couple of thumbs and
when you’re doing your thumbs you want to make sure that when you sell the
thumb down that they will be facing each other once you get the arms sewn on so
you want to make sure that you have left and right and I’ll explain that as soon
as I get my thumb made here so let’s do it together
we’re gonna pull yarn through the fifth and sixth row one two three four five
and six in between there and grab a surface
stitch just like so and then bring your yarn in lay it over the hook and pull it
through grab onto that shorter yarn tail hang on
to it so just so it doesn’t pull through and get ready to crochet on switch
fingers chain one now we’re gonna make a bobble and we’re gonna do so by using
five double crochet and don’t worry I’m gonna walk you through each one so we’re
gonna yarn over go through that same space we pulled the yarn through pull
the yarn through and now you have three loops on your hook yarn over and pull
through the first two only that was one completed stitch and now we have two
loops on our hook we’re gonna keep doing this until we have six on our hook yarn
over go through pull the yarn through yarn over and pull through the first two
loops only now we have three loops on our hook yarn over pull through yarn over pull through the first two loops
only and now we have four loops on our hook yarn over pull the yarn through
yarn over and pull through the first two loops only and now we have five loops on
our hook then we had to do this one more time
yarn over pull the yarn through yarn over and pull through the first two
loops only and there’s our six lips one two three four five six now we can yarn
over and pull through all six loops and we’re done we just made a bobble now
pull that yarn tail through that loop and pull tight and a bobble will look
like a bowl and depending on which side you’re gonna sew the thumb down to
because remember we want a left and a right you just push from underneath and
make the bowl and now you can take this yarn tail and sew it down if we’re gonna
do it the other way then you push the bowl the other way and then you can sew
it down on this side when you sew it down it’s very easy just pull the yarn
underneath that bobble and come out somewhere where it’s comfortable to come
through and that’s all there is to that now we can just nod off because we’re
using the same color we can nod off right here it’s not it off now I’ll just
pull it through pulling it slightly and cut in same for the starting yarn tail that can just be pulled through if you
wanted to knot it off you could do that as well and our one thumb is done so
when you do the second thumb of course you’d be sewing it down the opposite
direction all right my friends with those arms done we’re gonna set those
aside those don’t get sewn on until after the body has been put together so
we’re gonna head over to part two and over in part two I’m going to show you
how to sell the legs on in the tail and also do this little orange bit here and
we’re going to do all of that together so you can go ahead and hit that box
that’s popping up on your screen and I’ll meet you over in the next video
I’ll see you there

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