| Paper Inspiration #394: Zoma Cannabis Packaging

Hi everybody, I’m Sabine Lenz, the founder
of PaperSpecs, with your weekly dose of paper inspiration. The legalization of
recreational marijuana use in California brought with it marketing challenges
unprecedented in American history. Simply put: How the purveyors of cannabis, with
its long history as an illicit substance, would package these new products would
go a long way towards the public’s view of cannabis products as a whole. The
smart, attractive packaging that San Francisco studio Pavement Design created for luxury cannabis brands Zoma employs a unique blend of embossing, foil,
luscious papers and letterpress printing to emphasize the sensual, mystical
elements of the pre-rolled cigarettes, vapor cartridges, and cannabis flowers
inside. I say “smart” because Pavement developed a distinctive box lacking any writing save for the “Zoma” rendered in gold foil
between two filigree flourishes that can be used for all of the company’s
products. Finely crafted by our friends at Studio On Fire from Neenah’s sumptuous Classic Crest Epic Black paper, the boxes are blind embossed with an almost
meditative botanical illustration that ends in a face, neatly tying the natural
ingredients inside to Mother Earth herself. As a certified organic cannabis
line, the intention was for the identity to illuminate the connection of the
cannabis plant to the earth and healing. Pavement’s foresight extended to the
labeling of the boxes as well. Letterpress printed Black and Red on
Neenah Classic Crest Natural White, the labels, bordered by eye-catching
perforations reminiscent of postage stamps, are affixed to the boxes as
needed. It’s a system that makes it extremely easy to be flexible with
existing SKUs, to create packaging for new products, or update the cannabis strain
name and other relevant details for existing ones. They simply letterpress
print new labels as needed rather than having to print a whole new box. The
labels also subtly suggest a handmade quality to the organic products they
promote – a personal touch that differentiates them in an increasingly crowded marketplace. This is not the first time we’ve seen labels
being used in this very clever, dual-purpose way to enhance the design
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