paper mache hanging sloth ornament

take scrap paper and crumple and roll into two ball shapes until slightly smaller than size desired use masking tape to hold paper together firmly roll and twist several sheets of paper together for the legs position and tape legs add more paper and tape as needed to fill out the form a bit using metal wire, shape into a ring and attach to legs with tape I’m using a three strand wire. if your sloth is going to be larger than mine, for extra strength leave wire on the ends long and attach to full length of legs apply masking tape to cover any exposed wire, to allow the paper mache to stick apply 1-3 layers of paper mache allow to dry fully, then add a couple more layers of paper mache or a layer of paper mache clay depending on the look you wish to achieve allow to dry fully for a couple days apply a base coat of paint and allow to dry before adding more paint

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