Paper band handicrafts “craft band” – MS factory Co., Ltd.

It is called an M factory. I sell a craft band. Originally it was restrictions to bind the upper part of the bag of the rice of 30 kilos. I make it with length of 50 meters and 10 meters, and the color makes it abundantly 200 colors, too. I sell it at a one-fifth price more cheaply than what shop. It is net shopping basically. A lot of books have a product. There is the book of the 15th book of the release from today, too. This is an anthology and a recipe of the authorized lecturer, too. There are other books for beginners. I can make the basket with such a small thing for two hours from one hour. If there are four hours, I can make even a big basket. Because it is the material which is ecology, those are made by the regenerated paper and paper of milk pack. It is simple, and the tool uses only scissors and the bond, too. As for the thing having a small materials, 150 yen, a big thing are products of 698 yen. I can make one basket with 698 yen. Even 150 yen can make a small basket. Thanking you in advance.

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