Outre Bahamas Curl Crochet Hair Review| Lia Lavon

27 thoughts on “Outre Bahamas Curl Crochet Hair Review| Lia Lavon

  • I really like this hair! Personally, I think the hair looks better as it gets older because it looks more natural, frizzy, and less "perfect" – closer to how actual human hair looks.

  • Hi Lia, thank you for the thorough review. I currently have the Model Model Bahamas curl hair in a color 2. It starts at 18" (but also comes in a 14"). I used 2.5 packs and cut it in half and I absolutely love it. I've had it in for 4 weeks and the frizz has been minimal, I cut off the few I've had. I could totally leave it in for at least 2 more weeks, but I'll probably switch it up next week. This time I'll leave it longer so I can pull it up for more versatile styling options. I'd be very interested in your thoughts on this curl in a different brand. Thank you for doing what you do. Keep shining, beautiful!

  • Lol! You said "come against" this clumps each night. Girl, I know you are saved!! That is some church talk for real. I come against frizz right now in the name of Jesus!! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for such a thorough review! Even though you're not a fan, the hair looks great on you. If you decide to give it a second chance, I saw other ladies use the hair and have success with it. They used less packs, trimmed away the tangles and wet and conditioned it every other day. Hopefully this helps should you try it again.

  • I wanted to like this hair soooo much. I used 24" non pre-looped. I had to cut ends and frizzy clumps everyday πŸ™ It was a constant battle to keep it from tangling.

  • Def don't need 9 packs of water wave because it gets big after you separate the strands. I think you should try it again but with only 4 packs. I love it!! It feels light and bouncy.

  • Was it possible to wash your hair underneath while wearing the crochet? If you didnt, do you think it ruin the hair?

  • Hands down, you make the most helpful crochet hair reviews on YouTube. Please do more reviews and don't ever stop being so helpful and thorough!

  • What kind of hair can go with the Bahama curls. I noticed that it only comes in black. I wanted to add a little color. What other brand or match Can I use?

  • You need less hair installed. Concentrate on installing enough to give you volume in the top and separate the knots and trim any frizz every 3 days. This is what I did and I wore that hair for 6 weeks. I got compliments for the entire 6 weeks

  • Dear Lia I'm trying to order Bohemian Curl from the SamsBeauty website but the shipping costs in Italy are scary.
    Shipping Method

    USPS – Express Mail International ($ 85.90) ​​USPS – Priority Mail International ($ 64.10) UPS – Worldwide Expedited ($ 201.64)!!!!!

    Can you suggest other sites where to buy them?

  • This is an old review but I have watch 4 other installs of this hair and YOU are the Most Thorough Reviewer on the internet!! You ROCK!!!!

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