OUAT 04×22 x23 Hook and Emma Reunion❤Bed Scene w/subs

Where is he? Where’s Hook? Uh, h-he was there — right before we got dragged away. Everyone reappeared where they were before this whole mess started No. Yeah, sorry about the mess. I really needed to find that book, and I’m usually a bit tidier. Killian. How many times do I have to tell you, love? I’m a survivor. Look, I didn’t mean to cause any panic. I awoke moments before your parents and came up here, looking for your boy. He’s fine. Henry’s fine. I’m just… glad you are, too. What is it? When I… watched you die… I was afraid I was never gonna get a chance to tell you something. Tell me what? That… I… …want to thank you for sacrificing yourself. Henry and I wouldn’t have succeeded without you. Of course, love. It’s all in a day’s work for a hero.

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