On the Road House – Crochet cat bed with t-shirt yarn

Hi guys, Ana here!
Today I wanted to show the On the Road House and what’s going on with it.
As you can see the structure is complete, I’m really happy with it!
It’s inspired in the vintage caravans. I really like it! I’m really pleased with it! As you can see the structure is made, and
the cushion is made as well, let me take it out. So, the cushion is complete. I installed a zipper at the end so it’s easy to take the
cover if you want to wash it. You can take it out and put it back in easily,
as you need to. I still want to do the little wings, here
at the end. I don’t know how it’s called, the little metallic things that the caravans
have at the end, and I want to make a awning on this window with stripes, with off-white
and blue stripes to match the caravan. It’s almost done, I want to finish it this
summer. Depending on how much time I have, but I think I can make it. So I’ll show you around.
This is the front: We have a bigger window here, the big door so your pets can come
in and out easily, and the smaller window at this end. On this side we have a small window. On the back we have three windows. And on this side, the big window where I want to put the awning. Back to the front! That’s it! Hope you like it! I’m really looking forward to finish this project and to show it to you
guys when it’s all done. So if you don’t want to miss that, and more,
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