North Main community members want answers after recent tree trimming

TREE TRIMMING OR TREE BUTCHERING? NORTH MAIN COMMUNITY MEMBERS…. IN GREENVILLE SAY-DUKE ENERGY IS CHOPPING TOO MUCH OF THEIR TREES….. TO KEEP THEM AWAY FROM POWER LINES. NOW THEY’RE CONCERNED-THE TREES WILL BE A LIABLITY. HERE IS… WYFF NEWS 4’S ALY MYLES. 4:32 We literally prevented them from cutting our trees by parking and the guy says “you need to move your vehicles!” and I say “they’re not mine.” FROM CONCERNED -TO CONFUSED- TO JUST PLAIN IRRITATED. 19:44 you have no control over what they’re doing. “on your own property?” that’s it. C43 00:49 Some of these community members say they do know that the tree trimming has to happen but they’re calling this tree butchering because in some cases, the trimming is so extreme that it’s about 5 to 10 feet away from any power line. THEIR BIGGEST CONCERN… WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THE TRIMMING CAUSES THESE TREES TO DIE AND FALL IN THE FUTURE- CAUSING DAMAGE? 8:52 what’s the insurance company going to say? Well it’s an act of God, it’s up to your insurance company to pay for it, your rates are going to go up. I doubt Duke will take responsibility because they’re following orders from higher up. A DUKE ENERGY REP MET TO TALK TO THE MEMBERS-BUT DROVE OFF WHEN HE SAW OUR CAMERA… C1 2:56 truck drives off INSTEAD A SPOKESPERSON SENT US THIS PAMPHLET VIA EMAIL.. WHICH SHOWS- THE WAY THEY’RE CUTTING IS THE COMPANY PRACTICE… WHEN WE ASKED WHO WOULD BE LIABLE IF ONE OF THOSE TREES FELL… THE SPOKESPERSON WROTE BACK- IN PART– “The reason we trim the trees the way we do – which is based on input from certified arborists – is to protect the long-term health of the tree and prevent such a situation occurring.” BUT-THESE FOLKS SAY-THEY’RE NOT LETTING THIS GO-UNTIL THEY GET ANSWERS. 13:40 of course if they kill the tree, and it takes a year to die, they’ll say, “oh it’s not our fault” and when that tree crashes, it’ll crash into our properties. ALY MYLES WYFF NEWS 4 IN GREENVILLE.

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