Noel Christmas Ornament How To Make DIY Make It Yourself Video Tutorial

Put glue on wooden tags Cut ribbon about 6 inches long and fold in half Hold next to tag and see how long you want it to be ( this will be your hanger ) Cut again if necessary Place ribbon on wooden ornament and press Put glue on top of ribbon Put glue on other wooden ornament Cut another piece of ribbon about 3 inches long I pulled this ribbon apart and pulled some strings off of it. If you can’t find this ribbon – use a thinner ribbon Hold next to bottom of ornament and decide how long you want your star to dangle Put string on ornament and press down Flip ornament over and place over the other ornament and press down. Let glue dry. Put glue on star Twist ribbon for star and place on the star and press. Let dry. Put glue on top of string Sprinkle glitter on top of star Put glue on ornament Cut out sticker – leaving the clear plastic cover over it Place sticker with plastic covering over it onto ornament Center it on the ornament Sprinkle glitter on ornament Let dry Put glue on sides of star and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry Put glue on sides of ornament and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry. . Flip star over add glue and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry. Just wiping glitter off Cut off any excess string Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! From The Queens Craftshop! Click Like and Subscribe!

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