No-Sew Fleece Ponchos : Trimming the Edges of a Child’s Poncho

Now I’m going to show you how to cut the straight
edge fringes on our super easy poncho. Now if you’d like you can mark in a few spots
two and a half inches because that’s how long our fringes are going to be or you can, if
you have a good eye, you can just cut along without marking. It’s up to you. It’s nice
to have a few marking pins just to keep you going straight. We’ll just put in some pins
at two and a half inches all the way along the edge and you’re going to stop at about
five inches, when you get close to the corner, so you can ease in the next corner fringes.
Our fringes are about three quarter inches wide. You can make them any width you want.
You don’t really want to go less than a half inch because it weakens the fabric. It’s more
likely to get pulled so about three quarter inches wide is a good fringe width and you
just cut. If you get sort of in the groove and you hear like my scissors are making like
two cuts for each fringe. Don’t worry if they’re not perfectly straight because they are kind
of a flowing fringe and you’re not going to notice little wiggles and things that aren’t
exactly straight. When you get to the corner we’ll stop and turn it and again I’ll show
you how to cut those corner fringes. Here’s our marked pin at the center of the two and
a half inch corner. We’re going to cut the diagonal cut, staying outside of our center
so that we don’t cut off our fringe and then you want to just ease into those straight
fringes making sure that if this is very small here that you just make your fringes a little
bit smaller as you come in and there, now we’ve joined our corner with our straight
fringe and here’s our finished super easy fleece poncho.

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