New Trimming Techniques in Final Cut Pro X (10.1)

Hi. This is Larry Jordan. The
following is an excerpt of a recent PowerUp webinar taking a look at new features inside
Final Cut Pro 10 version 10.1. In this excerpt, we look at new trimming techniques. If you look really, really closely notice
that there’s a dotted line which is in the middle that Cerf
Interplanetary Internet clip. That dotted line is what’s called a
through edit. I use the razor blade and I cut that
clip but there’s no change in timecode, there’s no change in video, there’s no
change in audio. It’s a cut in a clip but it’s the same
thing on either side of the cut. Now, for the first time, we can heal that
up. Notice there’s two separate clips there. Go up to the trim menu and
say join clips. Watch the timeline in two, one, woof. That through edit is now gone and the clips
are now healed back into one. One of the big differences in editing with 10.1 vs. 10.09 is in audio trimming. Let me illustrate.
I’ve cut these two clips, there’s clip01, you can see there’s two
different clips there. We’ve always been able, using the trim tool, to click and
create a role edit in the video. Let’s make this a little bit
bigger here. Here we go. But we haven’t been able to
roll trim the audio. Now when I select the edit point with the
trim tool, I can now do a roll trim to the audio. That’s new with the 10.1
release. Before we could do rolls to video but not rolls to audio. We
can separate a clip in one of two ways you can double click it. There we go. Double click the audio which
separates the audio from the video or go up to the clip menu and say
collapse audio/video. Keyboard shortcut is Control-S Control-S will open or close the
audio or double click the audio to open it up but leave it in sync with
the video. Don’t use Break Apart Clip Items because that’s gonna give you the option
to lose sync between audio and video. Always use expand audio/video that
allows you to edit the video separately from the audio without running the risk of having it go
out of sync. Let’s just heal that up, join clips and are back to
being a single clip. This has been an excerpt of a recent
PowerUp webinar taking a look at the new features inside Final Cut Pro 10 version 10.1. For the complete version
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