Neceser crochet y cremallera

Hello to all my crochet friends Welcome to handworkdiy Today we work a crochet rack with a zipper, incorporating the technique that we have already seen in other tutorials We will work with two-tone cotton yarn, violet and yellow A 20 cm long zipper We need a dot marker Crochet needles: one 3 mm And a 2 mm, which is finer to pierce the zipper and start the first round We also use a sewing needle We start with the finest needle, so we can drill the zipper We started to weave with the yellow thread And we drill this way We cross the zipper thus and bring behind the yellow thread We bring the strand forward and make a chain And we go to the next space, where it leaves the mark, so that it is easier And work sc Weaving one sc near another, trying to calculate the same space It’s not difficult, it’s like when we weave a project from one sc over another And we work this way, side by side, until we reach the other end of the zipper I comment the following For the point that we are going to work later We need that the total of the points of each lateral, finish in even number This way we have the back Now I’ll continue to weave sc until I complete this whole side So must be the full side of the zipper. I’ve been here until 29 sc I added one more sc to finish with even number Then I will have on each side 30 sc Position the thread on the zipper and weave 2 chain free And thus position ourselves on the other side We do it this way We are positioned vertically, where we have the sc down And there we work a sc I repeat again to take the thread well In this way I work a sc I go back to look for the position of the sc that is in the base To weave it vertically On the side we’re knitting now It should look even with the half-point down And I re-weave another half point So we complete all this side Always looking at the point that we have at the base, and trying to weave in straight line a sc So we can calculate the distances, and the same number of points we need Knit on each side Which in this case will be 30 sc for a 20 cm long zipper and for the thickness of the thread I was able to work that amount of points Now I’m still knitting until I get to the other end When we already wove all the other side We knit the 2 chains As we knit at the other end of the zipper And we closed this round, on that first sc We positioned therein and wove a slip stitch to close the round We stretched the thread a bit and changed the needle. Now weave with the 3mm needle We weave a free chain And at the next base point we weave a sc Place the score marker, to identify the beginning of this round And now we are going to work The whole round with a sc at each base point When we arrived at the 2 free chains, First weave the last sc that corresponds to the sc that is in the base And here where are the 2 chain, we position ourselves this way and we weave 2 sc into de espace of 2 chains We repeat the same thing at each end I remove the dot marker And where the scoreboard was placed, I position myself and close the round with a slip stich So you see the first two rounds of the zipper We turn from the right and that’s how it looks Look, how nice and neat, we can start a project from the rack, using the crochet technique Now we weave 2 chain free In the upper chain we place the score marker This is essential so that we do not dismantle the point that we are going to knit We take thread in the needle, and hold the marker We positioned ourselves in that space And we make 3 loops in the same space So the bead stitch is woven We had seen this technique in another tutorial And close the 3 loops together this way We leave a free stitch at the base, and at the next base point we will weave a half sc This is the point that we are going to work on the bag We take a strand in the needle and position ourselves in that free space, between the middle point and the bead point We stand there to repeat the 3 loops We turned the work a little to make it easier Then knit 3 loops and then close them all together We leave again a free point in the base Do not get confused, that’s where I worked the half-high point We leave that free, and in the next base point we wove a half high point We repeat the 3 loops again Until closing them all together Again we leave a free stitch at the base And we knit a half double crochet I always tell you again. Do not confuse with this point, because there we worked the previous hdc Continue until completing the whole lap, then close here I continue with a bead, even at the ends of the zipper And for this we work the 2 free chains we wove at the beginning Then have a total even number, because it takes to be able to weave this bead stitch In the same way that we weave on the side, we continue in the ends “1 stitch boad, 1 hdc, 1 stitch boad And so on Until completing the return Once we complete the whole lap Can see how we match the stitch, when weaving in even number This point should be free, because here I tied the previous hdc We removed the score marker And right here we wove a slip stitch We started with 1 ch, I placed in the same space and yew 1 sc And in that sc, we will close this lap that we are starting I put the points marker so as not to confuse me Now we wrap all the way around with sc. Make a sc over the bead stitch, and a sc over between each of the bead stitch So we continued the whole round Until we find the dot marker So we are going to weave, until reaching the height that we want for our case

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