Mickey Mouse and other Christmas Toy Ornaments

Smile…Are you ready to put up the Christmas Tree? Yea! Ok Mommy Which one is next? Sophia. Sophia? You actually remember the name? My goodness. Where are we going to put Sophia? Sophia So pretty There she goes, what’s next? Superman You want to do Superman next? Ok! Ok! Superman has to be on the top. Hehehe Oooo There he is. oo aa She did it. She did it. Oh wow he is flying. You did a good job. Look at superman? Look what’s here? Captain America. Captain America. o oh oh There it goes. Oh my goodness. It’s Captain America. What’s next? It’s pony. Yea Pony. Pinkie Pie. There she is. Oh my goodness. What do we have next? Belle and Olaf. Belle! Wooo Belle, oops. She fell down. ahh hehehe oops. Where do you want to put her? Oh we already have Sophia here. There goes Belle. Woo hoo. So pretty! Ok what’s next? Olaf? Where is Olaf going? There? Oh wow! Can you turn him around a little bit? Oh my goodness. Look at Olaf! What’s next? Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse? Mickey Mouse. There it goes. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Woa So pretty! Here! What color was that? Mix them up. What color is that? That one is red? Oh my goodness. Almost done. Toys. Just hang it. Where do you want to hang it now? There you go. You did it. You did it! Good job! Red What color is that? Spinning. The Christmas tree is spinning. That’s Yellow. Yellow. Okay! There it goes. Your doing it. Oh You got it. You need help? There she goes. She did it. Okay now your going to get the last one. Wo Green! Green! Over here, your missing some. Can you reach? There she goes… Oh… oops…oops Oh There we go. Oh. That opened up. That’s ok. We are going to fix it. Ok what’s next? Finished. Score. High five. High five. We are done with those toys. You want to put up the star? Hey, we still have to finish up other stuff. Hey, daddy can you help her put up the star on the top and then we will do the rest later? I want the star. Ok! It’s my star. Ok daddy’s going to pick you up. Wow! It going to light up. Are you excited? My turn. Yea, my turn. Hold on, hold on. Daddy’s going to pick you up. Hold on. Ready? Go! We are going to use the chair. Ok? It’s ok. We are going to put it up with the chair that’s fine. O and there it goes… ooo

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