Mental Health Benefits of Crochet (Saying Goodbye to LB Bonner)

Hello everyone, my name is Stephanie welcome to It’s Crochet O’clock. I’ve tried to film this video four times. This is my fourth time now over the past month and I have had difficulty and I have refilmed it so many times because I did not want to cry on YouTube So I am hoping that now that almost a month has passed by that my brain has had time to process everything that I am going to be talking about that I can actually get through this without crying this time. Cuz I don’t want to cry in front of you guys. I want to be helpful for you guys at all times. For those of you who have not been here with me from the beginning. I will give you a brief history It’s Crochet O’clock started from a fan group on Facebook for a TV show called My 600-pound Life If you aren’t familiar with that, there’s a doctor in Houston, Texas. His name is Dr. Nowzaradan, everybody calls him Dr. Now. He works with severely obese people to help them learn how to properly eat and he’s one of the only doctors in the world that will perform weight loss surgeries on people of that size. But he does so much more for the people He helps them get counseling to deal with their issues because food is an addiction. I’ve talked about this I don’t know how many times He’s just he’s a really really great person and some of the stories that are told are really really touching stories, and I’ve been a huge fan of the show since it started and the Facebook group was huge and one day one of the admins of the Facebook group posted that she had just read a study that people who have hobbies that involve your hands were less likely to binge eat than people who did not have hobbies that use their hands. So she asked all of us to share some of our hobbies that we were interested in And I said crochet. Because I crochet, a lot, all the time And then some other people responded that they crocheted as well and then there were others a bunch that kept saying that they wish that they knew how to crochet or that they wanted to learn how to crochet. So I sent a message to an to that admin and I said, “Hey I could help these people. Can can I set up a secondary group? You know like a sister group to this one just for people who want to learn how to crochet?” You know if I can help them on their weight loss journey because it’s supportive everybody there supports each other on their journeys I would really really like to do that and she said sure and all the admins jumped on board. That was almost a year ago now and the group has kind of died down partially my fault because Its Crochet O’clock took off, because it took all of 1.2 seconds for me to start the group and I decided that, you know, we were going to do a group project together and I contacted Jinty Lyons and I told her what I was doing and I said I would love to film tutorials for your Virus Meets Granny shawl because I think this would be great for them and I mean, boom, I had a website. Boom, I had a YouTube channel and that’s how It’s Crochet O’clock grew. It’s become a whole lot bigger than that, but I’m not a person that forgets where they came from and That group is how we started. So there’s a lot of people here that are from that original group and almost a month ago now we lost somebody very important to us. There was a cast member whose name was LB Bonner. He was from South Carolina. So I immediately connected with him because South Carolina is my home state. And even before his show aired. He was very active in the My 600-pound Life Fan group and he spoke to everybody. He helped everybody, he answered questions. He was just there all the time and then after his show aired Doing it again. After his show aired, He had his own Facebook fan page. Which he was very active on. He would wake up every morning, most mornings, and he would always post something motivational. In the afternoons, he was always talking about what he was eating He was always trying to help people that were following him on their journey. He was talking about foods. What was good for you, what wasn’t good for you. Portion control. And then normally in the evenings, he would always post a message before he went to sleep. We all journeyed with him He moved to Texas to go through the surgery and to go through the whole process and stay there. For the follow-ups, and all of that afterwards, we all traveled with him back to South Carolina We all shared in his joy when he reached his weight-loss goals We couldn’t see him because of his contract, but we all shared in in those moments with him. And then he got his first job and we were all so happy for him. And there was just so much celebration and things going on. And then, one evening, I was sitting in front of my computer and I remember it vividly. I was responding to somebody in the It’s Crochet O’clock Facebook group. We were chatting about a pattern and I got a message
that LB had passed away. And instantly I went, No, this has got to be one of those one of those, you know, crazy news sources that just releases something and you see memes going across Facebook all the time if you know this person died and they’re like, Hello. No. I’m still here. Just trying to mess with you and Just earlier that day, you know, he had left a message and it was typical LB. It just looked like a normal message from him and just the type of person that he was. He just left a message reminding us that you got to tell the people that you love in your life that you love them and you know he was he knew that he had a lot of demons, but he had decided that he was going to face them head-on and you know, he had said things like that before and demons can mean So so so many things And at that point, you know all of us were still wondering if it were true. And then a family member came in and they confirmed that LB had taken his own life. People might think if they’re not part of a community online They might think that it’s crazy that we would be affected. But I spoke to LB. I spent time, my real time, speaking to him just like I do a whole lot of you guys, and When you guys, when life happens and you can’t be active in the Facebook group or you normally comment on every video that I make and then I don’t hear from you for whatever reason. I send messages out, “Hey. Are you okay? You know, what’s going on with you?” Because I care. And, you know. Even though I may not have met you in person. I still spend a great deal of my life Speaking with you and I think that a lot of us feel that way even though I’ve never met. Like you guys know Chantel with Fiberifik, I’ve never met her in person. I may never meet her in person. She lives on the other side of the planet, but she’s my friend Vanessa Smith lives in South Africa, I’ve never met her in person. Probably never will but she’s my friend Emma over at Pippin Poppycock. I talked to her daily multiple times a day never met her in person, but she’s my friend. If anything happened to you guys, and you guys were no longer there for me to speak to I would miss you So our community is still hurting. We’re still missing LB and I’m sure that we will for some time so I wanted to take… I wanted to take a minute to speak to you guys about the mental health benefits of crochet. If you follow my website or if you’re in the Facebook group Then you know that I did a collaboration with my friend Chris from Las Vegas. Who runs a YouTube channel called the Rewired Soul. I did a collab with him because his channel is all about mental health and abolishing the stigma that surrounds mental health and addiction and helping people. He is a recovering addict. He is a recovering alcoholic. He has dealt with depression in his life and he does wonderful, wonderful things over there. But I wanted to also speak about it here because it is so, so helpful to so many people myself included. So I wanted to tell you some of the ways that Crochet helps us. Not that I don’t think that that you know, because if you’re here Then you’re more than likely already crocheting but there may be some benefits that you just weren’t aware of that you can share with other people. The first thing that I want to talk about is stress. My life is crazy, crazy stressful and if I don’t crochet nobody in my life around me can deal with me because crochet is how I work out all my frustrations all my tension all my stress it just flows out into whatever project it is that I am working on and it works that way for a lot of people. The repetitive motions just calms me down and it gives me something to focus on just enough maybe Sometimes if it’s one of those easy patterns, it’s just enough to derail my brain from the stress and everything else that is going on. Another way that crochet can benefit our mental health is through a grieving process. Now I know that there are people here that watch my blog and during the time when Arizona was going on and when I was filming, Arizona I lost a very very very important person to me She was the person in my life that introduced me to a lot of fiber arts. She shared and if you don’t know, I have a crazy obsession with medieval fashion. She shared my love for it. We spent, I can’t tell you how many nights, staying up all night long going through books and looking at fabrics and discussing things she taught me how to embroider. And I woke up one morning and she announced that she had uterine cancer. You know, that was at the beginning of the week and they had scheduled surgery for the following Monday That was a Tuesday or Wednesday when when she announced it? And on Friday she was gone. She was just gone And I didn’t know what to do with that and I couldn’t pick up any of my crochet even though I knew that she would want me to continue creating beautiful things because that was what connected us. Originally we both loved love loved creating beautiful things and I knew that she would want me to Carry on with it.
I just couldn’t. But I had made an obligation. I had told Emma at Pippin Poppycock, That I would film the tutorials for Arizona Arizona had already started at that point, it had just started. So I was a couple weeks into filming but I knew that I needed to stay on schedule because it’s really easy to get behind. So I forced myself to crochet and to finish filming Arizona Then I didn’t crochet for about a month afterwards. I didn’t blog. I didn’t post videos. I wasn’t active in my Facebook groups. I just abandoned anything and everything that had to do with crochet and I blogged about it and there was a lot of support From you guys for me during that loss but I woke up one morning and I just knew that I needed to do it. So my cousin had sent me a Mandala madness kit and it had been sitting in the bottom of my closet for months months months months and I went ok I got to make something really really really pretty not that Arizona wasn’t pretty but I just needed something different in my life So I picked it up and I started working on it and I worked through 8 rounds of it before I finally stopped crying constantly and made it through.
But it helped me, tremendously. Another way that crocheting helps us is it, it helps with our insomnia the restlessness you wouldn’t you wouldn’t think so because you’re actually doing something and you’re being active you think that it would do the reverse for insomnia or restlessness, but it’s not. If you pick a simple pattern that you don’t have to look at it. Perhaps like granny squares or a ripple blanket or something like that that you don’t have to look at a pattern constantly for and you just sit there and get yourself into the repetitive motion. What that does is that calms your brain down. It calms our muscles down It calms down everything about our person and once we can calm down Then we can go to sleep. So it helps tremendously with insomnia and restlessness. I know that it’s crazy and it’s the exact opposite of what most people would think but it’s not. And it truly, truly works. So if you suffer from insomnia you might actually want to pick up your crochet or tell somebody that you know to start crocheting. Teach them how to make granny squares so they can get some rest because when we don’t rest and we don’t get properly charged up as we should as human beings. It makes us very irritable and it makes us angry and cranky and nobody wants to live their life like that. So it it really really does help with that. Another thing that a lot of people don’t know about. Is that the Mayo Clinic did a study a couple years ago on the effects of knitting and crocheting and people who were likely to get dementia like me. There is a strong history of dementia in my family. So there is a very strong possibility that I will suffer from it as well. So what they did is they took a whole bunch of people and they studied them. And they found that people who crocheted or knitted were 50% more likely to have the effects of dementia reduced than the people who didn’t. And it may seem. I mean it’s a 50% chance. Those are, I mean, half and half odds. That’s wonderful, you know something we’re creating something. Wonderful. It has all of these other benefits for us and it may help reduce the effects of dementia. If you know that you’re prone to it, that’s just huge. At least for me it is, because I’m terrified of it. I don’t want to… I don’t want to deal with it and I don’t want my family members to have to go through what all of us have gone through with and I just don’t want it. So, you know, not that I was ever going to stop crocheting before but if you know somebody who has a history of dementia in their family, you know, tell them to start crocheting or knitting because it does help. So we see it all the time on Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook and all of that, you know you finish something and you are just proud. Look at what I made Deidre’s website. The Creator of Sophie’s Universe, -Look at what I made dot net. It’s so true. You want to show everybody. Look at what I made. And then everybody responds back to you and it boosts your self-esteem So if you have self-esteem issues, this is something that anybody can do. Anybody from any walk of life can learn to crochet or knit. If you want to. And you can make something awesome and you can show it to other people. You’re just proud whenever you, you work through a pattern. There are so many people, I’m gonna use Sophie’s Universe because Dedri who’s the designer of Sophie’s Universe. People call her the modern “grandmother” of Crochet. Not that she’s a grandmother. She’s not old enough to being a grandmother but, when she created Sophie’s Universe, and I know this for a fact because I did a polling on it in December. The 20 most popular crochet alongs. So many people, so many people said that they either, learned to crochet just so they could make that blanket or that they came back to crochet because of that blanket. So many people said I will never be able to do that. She teamed up with Esther from It’s All in a Nutshell the youtube channel. They did video tutorials. They had pictures. There’s a Sophie’s Universe book that walks you through every single step and stage. Yes, you can make that blanket. I use it as an example all the time when people tell me, “I can’t make that.” Yes, you can! And then when you nurture them, and you help them, and you answer their questions and they come back and they are so happy. They’re like a little five year old, showing their mom, like look at what I made. Yes, you made that! I can’t begin. We all know as crocheters the boost of self-esteem that it gives us whenever we complete a project and we can share it with our people or not even share it, just look at it. Go, “Wow, I did that?” that we know that the boost. So don’t forget about that. If you know somebody who suffers with self-esteem issues, share the love of our craft with them. And help them create something beautiful and step by step by step by step We can combat that and eventually, you know, they may be the next Dedri. You never know. They may be the next Emma from Pippin Poppycock. They may be that the next Helen Shrimpton. Creating all of these beautiful designs. We don’t know and all it needs is just one little boost of self-esteem to get the ball rolling. Anxiety comes in many many many different forms And because it comes in so many different forms people experience it in many many different ways. I do suffer from anxiety, but not nearly to the extent that a lot of people do Anxiety for me is, everything is just going through my head all at once and I start sweating and and my heart starts pounding really really hard and I can’t focus because everything is going on in my head all at once and I got to do this and I got to do that and oh my God who’s calling here. And why is my email? Why won’t my email stop and oh my god the kid needs to eat, why do kids need eat. Just everything all at once just rushes on you and it’s just normal everyday stuff But then all that sometimes, you know, You just walk around a corner and living your life going to go get a glass of water and all of a sudden boom everything falls on you all at once here like all I’m so behind with life. I stop, everything. right there because I’ve been able to teach myself to recognize that this is what’s going on and I immediately go over and I sit down. And I crochet and it doesn’t even… I have so many silly little things laying around the house because there’s no pattern. There’s no rhyme. There’s no reason just whatever it is Whatever yarn it is. Whatever hook is there I don’t even care if it matches I don’t even care if it’s the the tool that I should be using for that yarn and I just pick it up and I start working and just going. Because if I don’t then then I’ll start crying or I’ll get angry and people like three doors down will be chewing gum and it’ll annoy me. And I don’t want the people that I love that are around me to Have to deal with that so I force myself to stop and even just stopping life stopping everything for ten minutes and sitting down and working with the yarn helps me so much. Now, I’m not saying that it would be a fix all for everyone. because I do know that there are a lot of different ways that people experience anxiety. But maybe, maybe just maybe, if you experience anxiety and you know. Maybe you could do like I do and you could make sure that you leave yarn in every room of your house. I’m not lying. You guys can ask Katherine. There’s yarn in every room of my house. Not a lot. I don’t have hordes of stash everywhere. But I know that in every room of my house if something happens I can reach over and and I can grab yarn. And I can start working and I can think through whatever my issue is and then I can come back to it and discuss it or deal with it, whatever it is. It might be helpful for you. It might be helpful for somebody that you know that has anxiety they can maybe they can do like I’ve done and try to train themselves to not be paralyzed by what happens and to pick up yarn instead. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try. I’ve left the big one for last and the reason that I’ve done this is because It’s huge. And, it affects so many people and that is depression. Depression is a very very deceptive mistress. Who wears so many different faces. Nobody in a million years would have ever thought that Robin Williams would take his own life. He was the one that always made us laugh. He was always smiling. Every that’s the reason that everybody was shocked because people don’t understand that depression wears so many different faces. You never know who might be suffering from it. Depression just like anxiety affects All of us in different ways. It could be darkness. It could be feelings of worthlessness It could be, ‘nobody wants to be around me.’ There’s so many different ways that depression can affect us. But there’s also so many of those ways that could just be eliminated through crochet and knitting. And I’m not trying to tote crochet as a ‘Fix-all’ for everything. But it is a definitely a tool that could be placed into the arsenal to help us build through things. You know, community is a big thing with crochet. There are a lot of communities a lot of cities a lot of towns that have gatherings, stitching gatherings for knitting and crocheting both of them together where you can go and you can hang out with like-minded people. You can learn from them. You can learn about new yarns. You can work patterns together. But for those of us who aren’t in communities that have those gatherings, you know, we have our online communities And I don’t know what I would do without…
What did I do before I had It’s Crochet O’clock? I have no idea what I did before I had all of you guys wrapped around in my community We talk about everything. We share our triumphs. We share our sadness with each other. You know, we work on projects together. We congratulate each other when when we’re finished Just the community that we build around ourselves lifts us up and it helps us stay away from the darkness. At least for me it does. You guys always make me feel better. So I think that if you are a person that is suffering from depression and you enjoy crochet then you might try to find a community online, that fits within your style. You know, not every community is the same. At It’s Crochet O’clock we enjoy researching things. We spend hours researching patterns and the history of this and the history of that and we like to learn about you know, the history of yarns and the animals that it comes from and all that crazy stuff, you know, we all love to do that stuff. But there are other people that don’t and they just want to you know, talk about yarn or the latest hook that’s come out or the next pattern that’s coming out from XYZ designer. There’s all kinds of communities out there for you to join that you can spend time with and you can work on projects together. Share common interests and I think that it would help relieve depression. There was a, I believe it was CNN. Please don’t quote me, but I do know that they were in a study and it was 3,500 knitters, so I’m gonna say crocheting too, because I mean, it’s the same thing we work with yarn we make pretty things. And 81% of the people who responded to this survey that was going on, said that they were happier when they were crocheting or knitting Than they were when they weren’t and these were all people who were diagnosed with depression 81% of them said that they felt happier when they were able to knit That’s pretty powerful So while I know that, depression has many, many different faces. if you do know somebody who is suffering from depression I implore you to extend yourself and explain to them that the stigma around crochet and knitting that it’s “a grandma hobby” is not a thing anymore It’s just not! There are so many young people, so many middle-aged people, that are crocheting and knitting. It’s come back in to Vogue and there are so many beautiful things That they can create. Just extend yourself, you know. Even if it’s just to introduce them to YouTube and go, you know what, you can sit in the privacy of your own home and mess up as much as you want to and nobody would ever know and there’s hundreds of youtubers, just like me, who will teach you in different styles. there’s somebody out there that you are going to click with that will help you learn. Just extend the craft out to them, because it really, really, really does help. So the last thing I’m going to talk about today is I know that I’ve provided all kinds of things that could help with depression and all of these other issues.
But I also wanted to let you guys know about something that you may not know about. I contacted -better help dot com – and I want you to know that they immediately responded to me. And this was after hours, like this was late in the evening, my time, when I contacted them and they responded, you know Almost immediately right back to me. And those of you who frequent with me and hang out with me You know that I can’t stand it when companies don’t respond with in a timely fashion. But these guys were on top of it They responded immediately to me. They asked or they answered all of my questions that I had about their product, their service that they put out. And if you aren’t familiar with it; Better Help dot com is online counseling and therapy services, but they focus on Getting you the help that you need at an affordable price. It can cost, you know some, $150 a visit to go see a therapist. And a lot of people don’t like to go see a therapist for the stigma that Surrounds mental health, they don’t want people in their town to see them walking into a therapists office They don’t want to take a chance on anybody knowing that they need therapy. because they’re embarrassed or for whatever reason a lot of people can’t afford to go to a Therapist and it’s not covered on insurance plans or you just don’t have insurance. Well, Better Help, helps with that. First and foremost, you can find that there’s plans from like $35 to $80 a week with them. They also offer financial assistance So you’ll go through the website you’ll land on the website. You’ll answer a survey you can apply for financial assistance through them to drop the price even more to a more affordable rate for you or somebody else that that you may know they’ll team you up with a licensed therapist or counselor. You can switch at any time if you decide that you don’t like them. You don’t have a building that you have to walk into. They will talk to you via text. They will talk to you online. They will call you. They will video chat with you. However, it is that you feel most comfortable they are there for you and you get one actual session a week with them. But for the rest of the time they’re there for you now, they’re not in emergent Situations they don’t replace things like calling 9-1-1 or something like that. But their counseling services to help you with whatever it is that you are suffering from and I wanted to speak about this because I do know that the stigma is real around mental health, but you are not alone and there are places that you can go. It’s 24 hours a day. I mean, it’s just. I can’t speak highly enough about it guys. Even if you’re on a budget, they can help you. Talk to them. The people that I have dealt with were super, super great people All of your information is secure. You don’t even have to use your real name. If you don’t want to they do require that you give them an emergency contact number and name for for someone you know that you trust But other than that, you don’t even if your name is Sally you can tell them that your name is Soup and they won’t even know what your name is. and one of the questions that I did have for them as I told them, you know I have Subscribers and people that follow me from all over the world and I wanted to know if this was just a US-based situation or if it was a worldwide situation, and I’m happy to report that anybody anywhere in the world can access Better Help dot com and you can get help. The only thing is is that most of the counselors and the therapists that are there only speak English So you will need to at least be able to speak English to utilize it. But other than that Anybody anywhere can use Better Help dot com. Through my correspondence with them. They did offer me an affiliate code. I will put it in the description box below Right here on top. It might be easy for you to remember but if you don’t want to use it, listen, don’t use it. I just want you, if you need help, Go and get help. They are there for you. The community here the crochet community, It is here for you. And like I said before, Even though I haven’t met a lot of you if all of a sudden, you know life gets too busy and you’re gone for a couple days and You’re active in the Facebook group or you’re active over here and then all of a sudden you’re gone. I notice. I notice. And I miss you and there’s a lot of other people that would miss you, too. And I know that it is so strange to say that You know that you care about somebody that you only know online, but we do you know We’re humans and only people who are in online communities understand it. So I do care about you guys I want you guys to get help and I want you guys to have these tools and to know about these services. Because you all might also have people in your real life that that need them and you can offer it to them. Just casually mention You can leave off the slash crochet. Just better help dot com. Just mention it to them. Let them go there. Let let them look. You know, you just just We all have to work together to try to combat this. And we all know that crochet has many many many different benefits for our mental health and for our physical health so keep sharing all of these messages. Share them to your timelines on Facebook. Share them. Share your crafts on your different social media platforms. Be proud of what you have done. Share this message, you know, if you yourself aren’t comfortable with Speaking with someone in your life and you know that they follow your facebook page frequently click that share button and share this message and then pray that that person watches it and They might become part of our community or maybe because they know you they don’t want to be a part of it But they go to better help and and they get some help. You never know. What impressions you will make on somebody. But we do make impressions on everybody that we meet and we have a chance to make a difference. Even if it’s a small one, it can turn into a snowball effect and in the end make a huge difference for somebody. So, never be afraid to share your love of the craft with anybody that you know. Be proud of what you do because you create something awesome. You create something beautiful. And you’re fabulous for it. So I’m going to stop there. I’m sorry if I cried just a little bit. It was a whole lot worse in the other videos, but I’m going to stop now. And I will see you in my next video. cc by Ida

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  • Hugs to you Stephanie. The pain of a loved one's passing on is very real and very hard. Tears are healing though. Scientific fact of the day "emotional tears also contain stress hormones which get excreted from the body through crying". As always thank you for sharing Stephanie! The time and effort you put forth into It's Crochet O'Clock and the crochet community is much appreciated. 😀
    I've never seen the 600 lb Life show to be honest but I know how much of a struggle being overweight can be, as well as the long term toll it takes on your body and mental health.
    Crocheting, gardening, walking, and spending time outside, all help me a lot with my anxiety and depression.
    You are totally right about that feeling you get when you finish a project. For people like myself, that suffer from back and joint pain daily, we also have a poor quality of life most of the time. It helps so much to find something to do/create, be it through crochet, knitting, coloring, painting, drawing, woodworking, flower arranging, graphic design or anything else you have a finished product at the end, it gives a since of accomplishment, being productive, and most importantly more self worth. <3 If people are able, I encourage them to take a walk, even if it's just 10mins at a time (that's where I started when I was 355+lbs) Even if it's a struggle, it will give a huge boost in endorphins and confidence! Walking is also a great way to spend time with family and loved ones! Important walking tip for those of you that like this idea…..Demand that the phones are left at the house or in the car, to show your loved ones that they are worth your undivided attention and that you are worth theirs. ;D Wishing health and happiness to you all <3

  • OMG. Stephenie, I am brand new to your group. I have only seen about 4 of your videos prior to this one. But from today forward, I will be a faithful follower. THANK YOU so much for speaking from your heart. Please know it is ok to cry. It shows you truly loved and cared about your friend. I am so, so sorry for your loss. But thank you for doing the research and letting us know about I have a good friend that might benefit from this resource. Thank you for your heartfelt message. Bless you. Liz

  • if one calls they don't have to hit one for english do they ? 😉 sorry to hear of your losses 🙁 you'll get through it eventually what ever your going through 🙂

  • Thank you! I needed this message so much!!!
    I am currently being harrassed and judged by a few online people… I've made very important friends in these 3 connected groups… we truly care, support and look out for each other!
    When the attacks starting happening I stood strong… no matter what I do the drama continues…

  • Stephanie, you are soooo correct about crochet. I guess you can say what you've said about any craft. Crochet gives me so much. It's calming, it keeps my mind going, It raises my self esteem, it keeps me from wringing other people's throats. You have such a big heart & I feel privileged to know a person like you.

  • I agree on all points…I’ve seen vets with ptsd use it also. It helps me with all my crazy… the insomnia and anxiety… I’m so so sorry for your loss. Plz know I’m here if you need to talk. My son is mentally ill and having crochet has helped me deal…((hugs))

  • Thank you for speaking out about mental health. I have PTSD and depression and crochet has helped me so much. I was a correctional officer for over 12 years and injured my back. Crochet has helped me cope with not being able to work anymore. Now I have time to make things to wear instead of just blankets. I'm very glad to have found your YouTube page.

  • Thank you for sharing your tears and heartfelt emotions. I suffer from bipolar and anxiety along with a myriad of health problems. I discovered crochet from a random YouTube video that popped up on my feed in March. I’ve since made over 75 projects and I’m preparing for a craft show in December.
    I want to share that I’ve been clean and sober for 3 years and crochet has helped tremendously in keeping my mind off wanting to use when I have my lows of bipolar. Through the years I’ve attempted suicide 5 times. These past months when those thoughts have tried to invade I look at my pics of what I’ve created and immediately the thoughts abate.
    I literally owe my life to all my online family for teaching me this wonderful craft.
    Thank you for letting me share.

  • Stephanie .. THANK YOU for this video!!!!!! I crochet to help with my anxiety and that is why I started it…. Your video is so important and I love that you are always willing to share your heart and your thoughts on things no matter what others may think of you!!! I am so happy to have found you and your group and your youtube channel. I look forward to all of your videos and hate when I miss the live chats!!!

  • Can I commend you for publishing this podcast/video. Mental health is an invisible disability, one I have suffered with so I know the despair some people can feel. Crochet, knitting and now sewing has enabled me to get through a terrible time in my life. Thank you and I hope you can come to terms with the loss of your friend. Take care of yourself. X

  • Hi I am Nancy from India from last October came to know about crochet learning step by step lovely beautiful video with lovely people making time to teach with all the patience with lovely peaceful voice dedication and time and all the lovely people behind the project work working .God bless you all..I learnt crochet when I was 12 in school by my classmate n now I am just 57 single parent blessed mom with three beautiful daughter s ..all r well settled and away from me … hence you all made my world once again woo hoo.God bless you your fingers your voice n wonderful teaching in a simple way …amazing

  • Hello Stephanie. THANK YOU!!! This is a very important message and please Never apologize for crying. We need to break the stigma associated with mental health issues there's so many people suffering from anxiety, PTSD, depression and they don't know where to turn to for help. Thank you for researching and sharing the sites. I crochet mostly items to donate and while I'm crocheting I pray for the person that will receive the item, even though I don't know them and will never meet them. Thank you for sharing and you are an amazing and generous woman. 😊

  • Stefanie sweetheart I take my hat off to you for being so brave. You did well to get you message across and hold it together.
    In my life I have suffered with depression and anxiety mainly through grief from losing a brother suddenly but throughput my journey I learnt that the cause does not matter, it how you deal with the mental health afterwards and yes the stigma is so frightening as it’s so hard for others even family to understand. I am so sorry for your loss and I’m glad that I’m not the only one who gets something hugely rewarding from crochet.
    Recently my oldest brother was diagnosed with dementia and we have no history within my family but the effect on me has been huge as I know I’m going to lose someone I love with all my heart before he is actually passed so I’ve been grieving but didn’t realise it until I spoke to someone who runs dementia courses. I can tell you Stefanie crochet has worked for me.
    I’m not quite active in your live chat as I’m in the uk so not around when your actually live but I still watch and I love all of the chat and your response so everyone. I’m so glad that there are still people like keeping mental health at the forefront, I was lucky as I had a great team looking after me but so many done so thank you for this video 😘😘😘😘

  • I'm so glad that you are speaking about this very important issue. I do have PTSD and within that whole thing is my depression. I started back to crocheting along with doing some other crafts and have been able to get off some meds for right now. Thank You for talking about this issue

  • Please never apologize for crying. You are amazing! I have crocheted since I was 7 but had not crocheted in years until I lost my husband of 27 years suddenly (accident) in October 2016. Within a few weeks, I picked up my hooks and started to crochet again. My world had shattered and I only found solace in crochet. I made a throw for my mom for Christmas last year. It brought her to tears and she said that it proves that you can make beauty out of darkness. I hold that close…my crochet has been very therapeutic. I am so glad I found this group. ❤

  • Thank you for a very important and heartfelt message. Definitely not an easy message to deliver but you did an amazing job. Hopefully sharing your message will help you as well as others on the journey of healing.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. What a great story though on how your channel got started. People in my family suffer from issues with depression and I think it's an important issue for you to bring light to, so thank you.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with this video. I’ve definitely noticed a big reduction in my depression and anxiety since I started knitting and crochet. I also pick at my face and lashes from time to time and having my hands busy helps me not do that.

  • Skipping my emotional reaction and LONG story, I will say that I relate to this in several ways. I noticed that you said you love Medieval fashion and researching patterns. I was wondering if you'd ever tried Nalbinding? I haven't found a really good tutorial on it but I find it fascinating and it's something different from my usual crochet. I'm in a crochet funk right now and trying to get my mojo back lol. Would this be something that you'd be interested in researching?

  • Thank you so much. There's so much to say in response to you heart felt message. I will share this with everyone I can. Thank you. Thank you Thank you

  • Stephanie, Thank you so much for sharing. I admire your transparency and courage in bearing your true heart. I had no idea of your journey as I just found your crochet Channel maybe a month ago. Prayers for you. May the Lord bless you in all that you do and may He give you peace, 💕

  • Thank you for sharing this video with us. I am so sincerely sorry for your loss. Grief effects us all differently My thoughts are with you
    Love and best wishes from Australia ❤️

  • Im new to your page and I'm so diet for your loss. Never feel bad to show your emotions it just means that you have a heart! Thank you for caring and I believe we all can understand your pain. I suffer with manic depression and have found that online sites like yours have helped me focus more on my work than my sorrow and I thank you for creating this site. Please continue your work you are making a difference to so many lives.

  • It’s really hard to see you so upset but it proves you care deeply which I for one really appreciate it. Crochet helps me no end. I am classed as a manic depressive and if it wasn’t for crochet I wouldn’t be here. I live alone and am bed ridden. I am in pain 24/7. Crochet helps me live and I am so grateful for all the podcasters that I watch as they really do help me feel connected to the world. Thank you 🙏🏼

  • Crocheting is part of my therapy for sure! I have PTSD, severe depression and anxiety. It should be a better known fact that fiber crafts are so beneficial for mental health! Thank you for sharing this video! I hope that you have been able to at least start healing from your pain of loss.

  • Thank you for this very thoughtful video.. It’s OK to cry…especially when you are with people who care for you…as your online family does.

    I am sorry for the losses you have experienced… I understand your grief… because I, too have experienced loss…my parents died years ago, but I lost my husband if 46 years on January 8th, 20014. The idea that there is “closure” is a myth…perpetrated on us by someone who had never experienced real grief..

    I agree.. online communities can be an amazing support,,,and you can get very close to some people… I met my very best friend on a baking forum…and was so lucky to meet her in person… SCindy became my “person”.. unfortunately, she died a year ago this past spring.. MS.

    Isn’t it amazing how doing handwork…knitting, crocheting, hand quilting, etc…can make such a difference in our lives? I know that when I do any of these things, I feel at peace…and connected to the millions of others who also find comfort in such. simple pleasures.

  • Well said and so so relevant. Thank you for your openness and your willingness to share. I stumbled across your channel and I'm very glad I did.

  • Stephanie, I recently found your channel and I'm so glad I did. First off I'd like to say I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend.
    This video touched me in many ways. I used to be very active in so many different activities, but because of Lupus, I had to slow down. Then my health declined even more and it seemed my life came to a screeching halt. My mind wasn't ready for that. I tried to stay busy painting. Then due to Raynaud's, I started losing fingers. After losing 3 fingers I picked up loom knitting and have knitted every day since then except for the few days right after more finger amputations. I've now lost five fingers and I knit and create every day. Knitting gave my life purpose again. If I hadn't found loom knitting I know I'd be terribly depressed.
    Thanks for this video.

  • I'm learning to crochet and I find when I'm focused on learning a stitch I tend to think about food less and eat less.
    FYI I do have trouble with binge eating.

  • I'm so so sorry for your loss, I lost my Grandma to lung cancer at the end of last year and my whole world shattered. I couldn't understand it because she is not a smoker and she was the most positive influence in my life. I didn't crochet for at least 2 months, everytime I tried it made me cry because I made a lot of stuff for her. My heart goes out to you.

  • 😇♥️😇 First….let me say I love you from the bottom of my heart. I would like to reach out to anyone and anybody Who's dealing with a MENTAL ISSUE OR ILLNESS. Find you a hobby something that you love or something you want to learn and do it. Let me share, over the years and having some life experience by people who was not so kind to me sent me into a BREAK DOWN. I didn't know who I was things changed for me and my family. I'm not going to get into the whole story but just know this, with Jesus and PRAYER my life is a whole lot better. When you suffer any kind of break down or Mental ILLNESS FIND YOU SOMETHING TO DO. It helps a lot if you want to learn how to crochet it's not hard. I've been doing it since I was 6 years old. Not to long ago I just picked up my needle once again. It was a need and my CRAFT is awesome and when I need to free my mind I work on my projects or something. My dear FRIENDS I LOVE YOU AND I WANT YOU TO I GOT YOU BACK. We must care about each other and help each other in this Circle of Love. ♥️😇♥️GET YOU A NEEDLE AND TRY IT AND PRAY. PRAYER CHANGES THINGS ♥️💪♥️✝️

  • NOT crying would have concerned me. Great video. Just "discovered" you today.

    Paracording has similar benefits. (Search "paracord" on YouTube.)

    Awesome you!

  • Wow Stephanie, what a powerful and truthful video. I'm new to your FB group and your videos, but I could feel your pain on the loss of your friends. Depression and anxiety are nasty and soul destroying. They will beat you down at every opportunity given to them with no feelings involved. At times you feel like you are suffocating in this huge black syrupy cloud, clawing and scratching to get breath and get out from it. All you want is for some light to break through and give you a little reprieve. For me, this is where crochet kicks in. Before I started crocheting again I had nothing in my life that gave me any distraction from my thoughts, which run in constant loops, never ceasing so you feel mentally exhausted all the time. Crochet has been a godsend for me. I'm not saying it's a cure all, because it's not. I still have bad days where even the thought of picking up a hook or doing anything become impossible. Anxiety can get so bad it makes me vomit and or hyper-ventilate to the point of passing out. It's scary and isolating. Today is a reasonable day. How do I know this?? Well for one I'm participating in this conversation and being open and honest. Bad days involve not getting dressed, avoiding all human contact, not leaving the house and neglecting to look after myself. So thank you Stephanie for making the video, for being open and honest and for just being you. x x x x x

  • I came across your Channel this morning-the theft video. Thank you for being brave enough to share, you cried, I cried with you. So sorry the loss of your friends. Thank you for your support and the information that you shared. I shared already☺. I learned to crochet as a child, I didn't crochet for years, but picked up the hook about four years ago to do a blanket for my granddaughter, I finished just in time. It feels good to complete a project and give them as gifts. Tell that dementia devil where to go, I will back you up . Continue doing the good that you do.💞💐🌞

  • This is a wonderful video. I'm so sorry for your losses and am truly impressed that you were able to film such a lucid, heartfelt, informative piece to share with us.

    Late last year I lost my sister, who had suffered for several years from Parkinson's and from dementia the last few months of her life. Despite her medical history, it was sudden and unexpected, and I was barely functional after finding her. As it happened, Lucy of Attic24 was just about to start her Woodland Ripple crochet-along, and I had ordered the yarn for it several weeks earlier even though I had not done any crocheting for years. (I was a knitter too.) So I started working on that blanket, and when that was finished I started making granny squares , Grantagles, you name it. I cannot imagine how many hundreds of granny clusters I've made this year but oh, how soothing and comforting they have been. I have several pieces in the works, with varying end shapes in mind and an assortment of hook sizes. For awhile I worried about spending so much time crocheting, although I didn't stop crocheting and my therapist urged me to stop judging myself about it! I believe I can honestly go back to her next week and say that I have learned to ignore that little voice that tried to convince me I wasn't being "productive."

  • I have a history of (among other things) self-harm. Knitting and crocheting are amazing tools to avoid urges. I'm able to make Something instead of destroying myself. Even when the need to break something is too strong i can always frog.

  • i wish i had a way to talk to more ppl cus im alays along i feel i have no friends i can talk to hardly or hangout with im home schooled type 1 diabetic born this way my modder has hurt me in the past meany times my dad acts like he now loves me but i know thats a lie i have had to live with my grandma theirs time i run off and hide for hours to be alone i may only be 130pounds or some wear around that but i eat alot of food i crochet alot of defarnt thing but i have tryed to cut all the way down tghou my laft blood vains cus i just felt alone i now try not cus i wish to go see some one thats only 840 mil's from em but all i have is a bike no i.d nothing other than a bike my legs are very week i feel i was used to get money when my modder put me on fach book about help me out with yarn and that was took over some one else whop used ppl to get rich luck she cant do that to any one else any more i make some of my own pattern off and on but most the time i just think about having some one i can cuddle up to and feel like im carryed for i know thats weird but thats who i im and thank you if you read this and sorry about my spelling

  • Thank you for sharing your story. Understandably, it was not an easy one. The message was so important, and it is another step in our education with yarn. There is more good to be done than we realize. Thank you again for sharing.

  • Blessings to you for being so helpful with such a heartbreaking subject. I have Cerebral Palsy and have head trauma resulting in brain damage that is causing depression. Ive tried every medicine possible no help. Until a neurosurgeon explained to me that it's no a chemical imbalance. Not a cure for me but various crafts, crochet, sewing, beading help center me, calm me pluses self esteem and yes patience. I thinking of making a blanket so, here goes all kinds of leftovers yarn all colors all spread out like a rainbow, earth tones, blues, greens. Tried something totally different crocheting two strands at the same time. Sorry can remember what video. Ta da done, only thing wash and blocking. Peace you are a very strong lady!

  • I’m so sorry for ur loss and the loss that the others in the group felt. It’s ok to cry. We are here for u. 🖤💜
    I had depression from a very early age. My family is a broken one and my mom usually made it worse. I tried to find love in a lot of the wrong places and it messed me up even more. I messed up my life pretty bad by 15 and then I had my daughter at 16. I ignored my postpartum depression by forcing myself to graduate my junior year. After I graduated I turned 17 and had nothing to do. I was diagnosed with bipolar depression and I didn’t want to live anymore. I couldn’t eat. I could barely speak to my boyfriend without falling apart. It was hard. Since my daughter was a newborn she slept a lot. I found crochet through a friend of my moms. She made my daughter a blanket and told me to look on YouTube. As soon as I got a hook and yarn I immediately felt better. I wasn’t sad anymore. If it wasn’t for crochet my daughter wouldn’t have a mom.

  • I just found your channel yesterday and have been watching various videos and catching up. I am enjoying your various videos and subjects. Thanks for being you!

  • I’m sorry for your loss, I’ve lost some very dear friends recently and crocheting helps me grieve. I only started crocheting in February of 2018 (I’ve enjoyed many forms of crafting , I mostly made quilts up to now). Alzheimer’s also runs in my family, and in our family, if you have an affected parent you have a 50/50 chance of inheriting the abnormal genetic marker for early onset Alzheimer’s. I don’t have the marker but I have affected siblings, cousins, nephews and nieces. Thank you for sharing this beautiful craft with others, it is a life altering stress reliever for me too.

  • Thank you for sharing your vulnerability. It's so powerful when people show up as their authentic self. I use crochet as a meditation tool and everything you are talking about resonates. I'm so sorry for your loss, lovely one. I'm glad I found you. Ill get back to my Arizona project, now… Perfect Saturday relaxation.

  • God Bless You. You have so much wisdom. I can relate to so much of what you say.
    I am another one who believes crocheting is a blessing for our mental health.

    When you said… when it all "hits" you "comes at you" you have taught yourself to recognize this, you STOP, go and you pick up any needle and any yarn and just start crocheting.
    Such wisdom. Everyone and I say everyone has mental health issues in this life…it is the nature of life.
    Thank you for this helpful video. It will help many.
    Peace 🙂

  • This is great. I can tell this is something you needed to do for your own process, and you are offering tremendous service to your community. I identify on so many levels with the things you've spoken of. I thank you for your service, and offer my best wishes for your continued healing.

  • Thank you for your video.
    I go to therapy and take medication for bipolar I disorder. Somehow I (together with my husband) made it through raising a son and daughter while dealing with my illness and our financial challenges. Our family was homeless during a period of time during our kids’ early development.
    Now both young adult children are thriving, and I thank God for that. Mental illness stigma is real, but so much of that comes from a misunderstanding of what mental illness really is—a medical illness.
    Crochet helps me better think through life’s problems. Thanks again for all your encouragement🤗.

  • Thank you for a great video! Please don’t apologise for the few tears you shed during filming ~ we share much with one another when we cry together. The tears expose our humanity and draw us closer together.
    I too have been through much, and still am, and crochet has helped me much, too. Thank God for it, literally.

  • Just found your channel yesterday! I love your ethics, dry humor and passion. I lost my mom last year, and relearned crochet after almost 30 years of not. Taking a ball of yarn and creating something beautiful and personal is so therapeutic! Thank you for a wonderful channel!

  • I don't know what brought me here but I'm grateful. Because I'm struggling with depression for quite some time. I'm diagnosed with Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder. And it's hard talking about it. Before crochet, I would write but that eventually stopped. I picked up crochet but back then youtube wasn't around in the 90s. Some how I always find my way back to it. Whatever project I last started with becomes unraveled and I would just start another till the pain or sadness or anger goes away. But it always becomes unfinished. Placed somewhere in a dark corner with the pain, sadness and anger until I find my way back to it. Watching your video has given me hope to keep going. To keep going for others who are no longer here with us. And to be there for others who are struggling like this video that came across my path. So Thank you Stephanie for making this video.

  • New to your channel and found this video touching. Losing people is so hard, especially hard when it is sudden. We all grieve differently and we need time for our brain to process the loss. No one should feel it should be rushed.
    I do wish all schoolchildren were taught knitting and/or crocheting for its many mental health benefits. In our too busy, stressful world we all need a healthy way to get our brain to relax!

  • Thank you, for saying these things. I deal with a lot of mental health problems and other health issues that I haven't completely come to terms with. All of my best friends are online. It is nice to hear that other people kind of go through and feel the same way I do. I have two ways of dealing with my anxiety gaming and crochet. I'm glad you made this video because you understand that those weird hobbies of mine help.

  • Crocheting has helped me so much. When I can't keep the negative self talk quiet I crochet to help distract that side. I love to crochet now when I couldn't keep to it when I was younger.

  • Hi Stef. I have recently been diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety. I totally agree and know how you feel. Thank you for a great channel.

  • You are a lovely person. You put it out there and tell it like it is. It's a pleasure to listen to a fellow passionate, creative spirit, with times of depression. My depression has actually cultivated my ability to not judge others. Everyone has their own demons to handle and some problems aren't obvious; no band aids visible. Thank you for sharing your inspiring self with us. God bless.

  • Hi I am so sorry for the loss of your friend 🙁 I understand not being able too crochet at hard times. I lost my Mom last year too Cancer , I am just now starting too pick up the hook again , I forced myself too do a CAL I wish I could give her that afghan , but that was not meant too be, so I think the best I can do is keep on hooking , that is what she would have wanted. heart goes out too you! Hugs

  • Every therapist I have had over the past 20 years has encouraged me to write a book about my journey through life so far which, I hope, will convey that I have been through a lot. I am glad you are discussing mental health issues. The main problem, in my opinion, is that it is not discussed openly and honestly. We need to bring this huge issue to the forefront and not keep it silent. All knowledge is power, so the more we understand about mental health, the easier it can be to deal with. Just like another physical problem such as diabetes is talked about, mental health just means your brain needs some help as well. It can be something simple such as a chemical imbalance or much more involved. I was diagnosed with not only being suicidal but with severe depression with manic tendencies, agoraphobia, panic, anxiety and grieving the loss of my husband and 8 other loved ones in a 9 month period. People can recover or manage their mental health issues. Some issues take longer than others but there is always some stage of recovery. I am proud of myself for picking up the phone the day I knew I needed help instead of picking up a weapon and shooting myself as my two brothers had. It was not an easy journey, but I am alive and well after this spam of time. The first few years were extremely difficult but I got there with great professional help. So thank you for not being another mole in the closet and honestly discussing the issue.

  • I haven't crocheted consistently since my husband was wounded in 2010. I have 5-year-old twins that want to learn to crochet, and now I think I'm going to teach them and my husband. My twins were 12 weeks premature and the little blankets we got from the NICU we still have. I want to give back, and my husbands family has a history of dementia, and he had severe brain injuries and strokes. I think this will help him.

  • As a mental health therapist, I am so glad that you decided to share this and let people know real issues that take place and real things you can do to cope! I use crochet to help me manage anxiety and stress as well and I have seen drastic improvements in myself over the past year and a half. Thank you for being so open, I know that is not easy.

  • I used to get panic attacks so bad that I was hospitalized. And i decided to learn how to crorchet coz i knew how to knit but is was not helping. Crocheting was a new skill for me and realy got me to focus

  • Stephanie, I don't know if you will get this but I wanted to tell you bravo for your video on anxiety and depression. When my mom was dieing I was cross stitch angel. After she passed away I continued to work on it to the finish. It is named "The Angel of Hope". She hangs in my front room and every time I look at it I think of my Mom. I also crochet and my Dad always said my grandma taught me how. She did not, but I never corrected him. It, to him, made him feel better thinking that, so I just let it go. He went to his grave believing that and I ok with it.

  • I learned to knit when I was young. But I did it because I thought it was cool but then stopped. I pick crocheting around 11 years ago because of my twin girls. Then I found out I have depression. Everytime I would feel down. I picked up the project I was working on. I stopped thinking of everything wrong and remembered I had two beautiful baby girls to look after.

  • I found your video after my fiancé (who is unbelievably amazing and understanding of my condition) encouraged me to keep up crochet I had just started teaching myself (thanks YouTube!). Im balling because I’ve found someone out there in the world that is so like me and gets it. I feel weird commenting about my mental health and life struggles on a crochet channel but I have to thank you for this video and your message.

  • Thanks for being who you are and speaking out. Crochet / knitting / crafts is my world . My dad had dementia , Both my parents passed at the time I weighed was pushing 600 lbs . It was time to take back my life and live for them … Mother taught me to knit dad was crafty , it brings me closer to them , I cry , but feel better when done and share with family as it helps them also. It's so difficult to explain . This process and what goes through your head … positive note I am taking back my life down to 375 , feel better and I will be around to see my grandkids besides sharing the love of our craft. Hugs

  • I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💙❤

  • I’m a new subscriber. Thank you so much for talking about this. I appreciate your honesty in all your videos I’ve watched so far and I also like that you can talk about that difficult subjects

  • Thank you I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and have recently taught myself to crochet and made my first cowl and it has helped me so much

  • Thank you so much for your message! It touched my heart very much! You are a great woman ! I know what you said is true because crocheting and knitting had helped me a lot with my depression and still…'s si true what you said about what we feeling after we finished something from a pile of yarn….once is done I can't believe I did it…. God is good ! Thxs Him for the gift of both! May the Lord bless you abundantly! Hugs!!🤗

  • I'm so sorry for ur loss…i suffer with depression ,GAD, and PTSD. I'm always trying to rise above it. So true about crocheting and helping with stress and mental illness. I've lived it… It gives me peace. Thank U for saying what U shared. I pray u have peace.❤😔

  • Hello, I just ran across this video and wanted to say thanks!
    I crochet and I have a mental illness called Bipolar 1.

  • I’m not sure why I click on this video, but I’m so much better for it. You are an amazing young woman. I love listening to you speak, you are very eloquent. I love crocheting and I agree with you, when I finish a project, wow, I made this. I am so glad to have found you on you tube. God Bless

  • Thank you for this video. If you need to cry , you let it out. Holding in grief is bad for you. I am sorry for your losses.

  • I use crochet to help me deal with the pain I have, I don't have pain meds anymore and nothing helps me… I feel like I am burning alive almost 24/7/365! I have CRPS/RSD the most painful disease known…
    Never feel bad about your tears you are human and real!! God bless you hun.

  • I also have alot of anxiety and no piece of mind because of tinnitus. But i could not understand patterns for the life of me so when i stumbled across a crochet video of a blanket i went for it and started to learn it. And i discovered it helped me so much with my tinnitus. I ended up with a beautiful Arizona blanket. Thank you so much for your video's. Also i find your voice soothing when u explain the crochet.

  • Hi Stephanie thank you for doing this video so important to get it out there, so sorry for loss of your friend, l have. Lost so many friends it's very hard, on the morning of my dear mums funeral l crocheted before l left it helped me stay calm, l crocheted all her cardigans and when she passed l gave them to other.patients in nursing home, now l. Crochet for charity, thanks so much Stephanie you have a kind soul, Love and light from Ireland xxx

  • I have also found crochet to be very therapeutic. I began when my first grandchild was in the womb, making him his first real baby blanket. When he was born early with complications, it was very stressful, and my crochet really helped me to stay sane.

  • Hello Stephanie. I haven't been on your channel for a long time. Life happens to the best of us. I too have been diagnosed with major depression with psychotic features, anxiety and PTSD. I found out about knitting and crocheting while in rehab. It's been since 2005, and I have been using crocheting and knitting along with therapy and psychiatric counseling. I am so sorry for your lost. It feels good to be back amongst my online support group. Thank you for being you.

  • Stephanie, my heart goes out to you at the loss of your friend. Crying is acceptable in this case, and no one will blame you for doing so. Imagine me giving you a hug, hon. Wrap one of your crocheted blankets around you, and consider it a hug from me. And thank you for your heart felt message.

  • Hi Stephanie. I’m fairly new to the group, only found you a few weeks ago but I instantly became obsessed with you and your live chats and have been binge watching all of them while crocheting, you get me motivated to keep working. You are such an amazing and caring person. You are so genuine and have such a huge heart.. This video in particular spoke out to me because I’m 21 years old and have been dealing with really bad anxiety for half of my life, and it has just gotten worse in the past 4 1/2 months since my grandma passed away. Crocheting is my everything. Right now it’s the only thing that truly brings me happiness. So thank you so much for everything you do ❤️

  • i suffer with reoccuring depressive disorder my crochet stops the thoughts of self harm i crochet from the time i get out of bed to when i drag myself to bed in the early hours of the morning some family members just dont understand they think i am just obsessed with crochet it may appear that way but its not

  • Hi Stephanie. I've joined Crochet O'Clock not long ago and just love it. Today I saw this video you've made (more than a year ago) and just new, I HAVE TO WATCH it!! I am speechless! Every single word you said, applies to me! Then I've heard that you mentioned Vanessa Smith from Hooked on Sunshine in South Africa and I could not help to have a tear! Just like you, I don't think she realise how many people's lifes she are touching! I feel that I'm walking in your shoes, just a different size 🙂 but to know that I'm not alone, THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart!!! Love. Mandy. (South Africa).

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