Men’s Fashion, Style, And Grooming Habits That Women Hate

There are many grooming habits that men think
makes them look attractive. But the truth is, most men don’t know what
women want or what women love. The reason for this is because mens style
can sometimes be hard to perfect. It’s not easy to figure out how to dress
well, which is why most men can use as many grooming tips as they can get. The problem is, a lot of the time, those grooming
habits actually turn women off. We know that it’s hard to understand the
opposite sex when it comes to being attractive, so we are here to help some of you men out
and give you some mens style and men’s fashion tips that will help you figure out how to
dress well and stay attractive. 20. Dirty Fingernails: Men think that leaving
some dirt underneath their fingers makes them appear strong and tough. They think, “I’m a man who isn’t afraid
to get dirty,” and that that must be a turn on for a woman. But when a woman holds their partner’s hand
they don’t want to look down and see dirty fingernails. It’s a major turnoff for them. So make sure you clean those fingers next
time. Women love a man who can keep himself looking
fresh and clean, so remember that! 19, Sandpaper Lips: A lot of men think that
using chapstick or lip balm is something only women do. The fact is, women love it when their man
has soft lips to kiss. No woman wants to kiss a man who has rough
and chapped lips. The next time you’re at the store pick up
some chapstick, this will make all the difference to her. 18. Extremely Baggy Jeans: There has been a rising
trend in men who are wearing super baggy jeans. When women see men wearing these super baggy
jeans, they don’t find them attractive at all. If you’re a guy that wears these jeans,
think about switching it up. 17. Not Using Q-Tips: This is a grooming habit
that people of both sexes find repulsive. If you are a guy who doesn’t clean out his
ear wax, you better start doing it now. Women hate it when they look at the side of
your face only to find thick ear wax inside your ears. It doesn’t take long to clean your ears
out with a Q-tip. 16. Orange Tans: This trend in male grooming habits
began when Jersey Shore got popular. The fact is, women hate the spray tan look
on a man. If you do have a tan, we want it to be natural
or at least appear natural. When men use spray tans they usually turn
out orange on their skin, and that’s a big turn off for many women. 15. Shaving It All Off: A lot of men don’t know
what to do when it comes to the hair on their nether regions. A lot of men tend to shave it all off, and
that’s a male grooming habit that women hate. We don’t want all the hair to be taken off
but we also don’t want it to be unkempt. The thing that women want is for you to take
care of your downstairs. 14. Using A Lot Of Cologne: Although women love
a man who smells good, it seems that men think using a lot of cologne is a good thing. The fact is, women want you to smell good
but they don’t want their noses to burn. We want you to use some cologne but we also
want to be able to smell your natural scent. Next time you grab that cologne, try putting
a squirt or two, nothing more. 13. Not Moisturizing: Men think that having rough
skin is a turn on for women. They think it makes them appear manly and
tough. The truth is, women love soft skin. They actually find rough skin a turn off on
men. When we touch your skin we want it to feel
smooth and soft. Change up your grooming habit to moisturizing
at least once a week. 12. Perfectly Groomed Eyebrows: There has been
a recent trend in men’s grooming habits where they attempt to perfectly groom their
eyebrows. Women do like the idea of men grooming their
eyebrows, but when their partner’s eyebrows look better than theirs, it’s a problem. The trick here is to maintain your eyebrows
but don’t overdo it. 11. Hairy Backs: Men have known this one for a
long time. Women don’t like it when a man has a hairy
back. Yet, there are still men out there who do
have hairy backs. When women hug a man they don’t want to
feel the hair on their back but smooth skin. There are some women out there that do like
a little back hair. But most women would prefer to have a smooth
back to grab hold of. 10. Wizard Looking Beards: A lot of men think
that women love a man with a beard. This is generally true for a lot of beards,
but the one beard women don’t like is the wizard beard. Try for a short beard, a 5 o’clock shadow,
or a clean shave the next time. 9. Long Nails: Women do not like long nails on
a guy. This is one male grooming habit that isn’t
common, but when it does happen women find it a turn-off. They want to be the ones that have the long
nails, not their partners. Get some nail clipper and chop those long
nails off. You will be happy you did. 8. Uncleaned Beard Trimmings: After guys shave
they tend to leave the trimmings of their beard around the sink and on the floor of
the bathroom. When women go in and find these trimming they
find it a major turn off. They want to walk into a clean bathroom, not
one that has leftover hair hanging around. 7. The Combover: One hairstyle that women find
a major turn off is the comb-over. A lot of men still have this combover, and
it is one that might be keeping some women away. Though women do love hair on their guy they
would prefer any other hairstyle than this one. 6. Using Their Products: Some guys think it’s
okay to use their girlfriend’s beauty products. This is a major problem with a lot of women. Most women want their products to be used
on them and male products to be used on their guys. The next time you go to grab a female beauty
product, think twice. 5. Gross Body Odor: Although women don’t want
you to use too much cologne, they also don’t want you to have bad body odor. Gross body odor is a huge turn off for all
women. If they don’t like what you smell like,
chances are they aren’t going to like you. Maintain bodily cleanliness and use deodorant
and light cologne. 4. Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic surgery is a turnoff
for both men and women. Women look at male cosmetic surgery as a grooming
habit they hate. They want a man that is all natural, not someone
who looks like a Ken Doll. The next time you think about getting cosmetic
surgery, think again. 3. Nose Hair: One thing that separates women
from men is that men tend to get a lot of nose hair. When a man doesn’t trim his nose hair women
are turned off. The next time you’re at the store buy a nose
hair trimmer, and make sure you keep your eye out for when those sneaky hairs start
growing. 2. Too Much Hair Wax: Putting a lot of hair wax
has been a male grooming habit for a long time now. Women hate this grooming habit because it
makes men’s hair appear to be super greasy and oily. Women don’t think that having greasy hair
is a turn on. They would rather their man have clean looking
hair. Now, here is the number one turn off that
has to do with teeth! 1. Not Flossing Teeth: Bad breath is a major
turnoff for many women. When someone doesn’t floss their teeth,
plaque buildup is bound to happen. And it’s that plaque buildup that causes
bad breath. The next time you’re brushing your teeth think
about flossing as well. She will thank you for it. What are some grooming habits that you hate? Do you have any men’s fashion tips or grooming
tips for men that can help them figure out how to dress well and become more attractive
to women? Let us know in the comments section below!

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