Meladora Shopping for Yarn

if you watch my channel i’m sure you’ve
heard me say many times that i get my yarn from a little store here in israel not
far down the street from where i live and I thought I would show you that store. It’s called Peshtan and like I said it’s in Kefar Saba it’s pretty big store for most
of the stories in Israel that i’ve seen for a little shop I just want to take a moment
and show you what’s inside come one lets go in, lets see what little goodies we can find she’s got all kinds of stuff i don’t know if you’ve seen this kind of yarn they were trying to get me to get them she’s got all these in such beautiful colors and lots of variegated these ate the variegated colors i’m always getting and trying to get some different ones you may recognize some of the yarn I used on projects but I am going to try and get some more here’s some other ones, I think they’re slightly thicker so I haven’t been getting them i think i’m going to get a few and try so you’ll be seeing them in a few future tutorials but this is Peshtan in Israel it’s a little shop she’s got a lot of stuff back there but theres people and I don’t want to get them on camera but I wanted to show you a bit of the shop i’m always shopping in I just saw these little dresses they’re made out of this stretchy yarn look at that it stretches it’s called the Alize silk effect Diva stretch they’ll got, let me show you real quick look at all these colors that is really cool stretchy yarn check this out, I just saw this on my way out it’s knitted it’s made out of this kind of yarn that she’s got here she’s also used it here on a rim of a hat I don’t know if you’ve seen this kind of yarn, I think i’ve seen a bow made out of it before, it’s tiny pom poms but that is a really cool knitted pillow may have to try to find something to do as crochet very cool, anyway that’s it i hope that you enjoyed getting see the shop
i’m always shopping at

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