Meet The Kent Gran With Famous Knitting Window

When you’re walking down the North
end of Deal, Kent keep your eyes peeled, as you might spot some familiar faces! These
recognisable characters are all created by Pat Wilson who has become well-known for her knitted window displays in the town. There was a book called ‘Knit Your
Own Royal Wedding’ which came out, by woman called Fiona Gobles and she had all of these knits and patterns for the whole of the (British) Royal Family and I made all of the characters. In fact, here’s the Queen, she’s attached a Trump at the
moment! Then, I didn’t know know exactly what to do with them So I thought ‘oh I’ll put them in my
window!’ My window in Deal, Kent in Griffin Street fronts on street itself, it’s a
nice big window so I lined them all up and the reaction was just incredible!
People walk by, I see them laughing and smiling at them so that inspired me to
just keep going… Since then Pat’s covered the Brexit
referendum, kept the score at the FIFA World Cup and even knitted a tally of
Britain’s Olympic achievements. I knitted all the politicians for the 2015 General Election including the heads of the local candidates who all came along to
have their photograph taken with them. Theresa May is probably one of my
favourites.. “Brexitannia” I pictured her on the beach. I’m going to miss her
being around, I think she’s been quite popular over the last three
years. But, Boris Johnson is in progress at the moment so he’s going to be in the
window with his harness on his zip wire. The character itself probably takes a day to make but it’s the head, the face
and doing the features that actually takes, you know, equally as long. Pat has
been using her hobby to fundraise for the Deal based charity Martha Trust by
participating in their charity car challenge to Rome. We brought a £200 old banger and because of the knitting, we decided that we would actually use
the car as the fundraising vehicle, so we actually decorated it with a
knitted cover, parked around town, on the pier, various places with Martha Trust. We ended up raising £5,500 It was on the way back from this trip that the ‘Grans On The Run’ were spotted by an events company who
invited Pat along to their National Craft Fairs. They said ‘oh how about you
doing all our shows next year, you’ve been such a success, we want you to
commemorate the end of the war and women getting the vote’. So we invited people to
make squares four inch squares knitting or crochet because we designed
two big 4 metre square panels. I mean that is huge!
Alongside this we got people who made the squares to commemorate their lost loved
ones in the wars so we have three and a half meters of these dolls with all
these tags on! So we’re just putting those together and some of the messages are very very moving. Pat is now a regular at combining her love for knitting and
fundraising and she runs an award-winning craft community online
called “Grans On The Make”. Jenny Eclair wrote a piece and The
Independent a few weeks ago saying that hobbies were the backbone of
Britain, they have the capacity to change neighbourhoods. It’s a sort of trickle
effect, you inspire somebody who inspires somebody else. It may not come
back to us, a bit like that pay it forward and it’s just so exciting to watch
and say ‘That’s because of us!’ If you’ve enjoyed my video, why not give it a share on social media and check out Grans On The Make over on Facebook where they have a whole host of crafting and fundraising
opportunities – thanks for watching!

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