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Hey YouTube fam! It’s your girl Lia back
again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is
another crochet hair review video. And today’s crochet hair as you also saw
from the title is the Mayde Braid 2 times fantasy pop hair in the color OM3T430. Now if you’re not familiar with my crochet hair series
welcome join the family. Hit that subscribe button but this isn’t a DIY, a tutorial, an install video at all. My videos are mainly reviews. So if you’re
here for something else I’m okay if you click away. But this is how my review
series works. I come on here first with my first day of thoughts of a crochet
hair showing you how it looks on that very first day. Meaning within the 24
hours of me installing the hair. Talking about the install. Talking about my
braid pattern. Talking about the knotting, Talking about the splitting. Talking
about the cost. Talking about all the first-day details that you need to know
about the hair and just overall showing you how it looks on that very first day
if you do nothing to the hair. Then I come on here with my one week thoughts
of a crochet hair. Showing you how it looks one week in. Telling you whether it
went up hill or down hill in a matter of a week and then also telling you about
what my maintenance has been like with the hair over the course of that week.
Then I come on here with my final day thoughts of the hair. Meaning the day I’m
literally taking the hair out. Whether it’s been three, four, five, six, seven
weeks with the hair I show you how it looks on the very last day. Telling you
overall how its held up over the last several weeks. Whether it’s active friendly, water friendly, and overall whether I recommend you try that hair.
Now if you want to skip around to see the first day, first week, or final
thoughts there are timestamps down below for anybody who wants to do that skip
around process but if you want to watch the video all the way through so you can
know every single detail just keep watching to see my first day thoughts on
this fantasy pop hair. A few moments later. So now coming on here for my first
day thoughts on this Mayde Braid fantasy pop hair. This is what the
package looks like. You guys know I always give a little back story on how I
came about the hair. Now this is my birthday hair. My birthday as
you guys are watching this is far past but as I’m recording this today my
birthday is one week and four days from now. So I wanted a long dramatic hair.
I ordered from Sam’s Beauty last Sunday the Kima Brazilian braid. That was gonna
be my birthday hair. I already had it in my mind. I had my mind made up. I was
about to slay in that hair. That hair is pretty long. So I was gonna keep on that
Kima path but Sam’s Beauty played me and they did not send that shipping
confirmation until Saturday which is yesterday. Ordered the hair last Sunday.
Typically I can play it fast and loose like that. I can typically order on a
Sunday and it be here by Thursday. I know you know that’s pushing it but typically
it works well for me. This time it did not work well for me. So I had to make do
with what I had to make do with. Now if you watched my most recent vlog video
you guys know I went to the beauty supply store and I just happened to find
this on a whim. Now I’m not unfamiliar with the Mayde braid hair brand. You guys
have asked me a lot of times to try this hair but it’s not readily available
online except for ebonyline and you guys know how I feel about them. But it’s
not readily available online but it was heavily available in this beauty supply
store that I went to so I picked it up. Now you guys know for my birthday I
typically love the longings dramatics. I think two birthdays ago. I had the mane
concept beach curl. Last birthday I believe I had the model model valley wave
or beach curl. Can’t remember might have been model model Beach curl. Beach curl must
be my birthday theme. Not this year. I’m typically about the long the dramatics.
The 18 inches ,16 inches if you’re pushing it but as you can clearly see
this ain’t you know long dramatics. But something about it spoke to me and I was
like maybe I’ll go short this year for my birthday. And so that’s what I did. Now
this hair I bought four packs of it from the beauty supply store. As you can see
this pack is untouched. Actually ended up using three packs of this hair. This pack
was $7.99 at my local beauty supply store. Now I know that you can find this
in several other beauty supply stores. My beauty supply store is kind of a smaller
chain so the fact that they have it there I can pretty much imagine that
they would have it elsewhere too .As I mentioned I do have this hair in the
color OM3T430 and what I have determined that means. I feel so
proud of myself. OM stands for ombre 3T means three tone, 4 is color four and
let me get up in camera so you can kind of see. I guess the third tone the first
tone is 1B or 2. This is kind of a darker I say it’s a 1b type of a color.
Then right here in the middle you see a little bit of the four before it
gradually goes into the brightness of the thirty. So it’s a three tone color
and this is kind of what it looks like. No cutting has been done to this hair so
this is it if you do nothing to the hair but install it. Let me get up in camera
again so you guys can see it. Nothing I repeat nothing has been done to this
hair but an install of this hair. And if you watched that same vlog where I bought this hair you’ll also see that it’s my birthday.
I don’t install my birthday hairs my mother does that. She does the whole
process, the braiding, the install and all that. It’s kind of like a birthday
present to me although I still expect something upcoming on the 28th. I do. I
still want something but she did install this hair. I think after the long
tried situation of that last hair I installed. You guys watched my install on
human hair crochet right? I needed a break anyway. I needed that break.
So again she actually installed this hair for me and she did a wonderful
amazing job. I did install a lot around the perimeter. She never gets close to
the perimeter I think she’s scared. I’m not scared to hit the perimeter. I want
it as close to the front as I possibly can because you guys know I love a
natural looking hair. I want it to look like it’s coming out of my scalp. So I
did invisible knot it in the front right around here and then in the back it’s kind
of just installed the normal kind of install way. She did use a straight back
braid pattern. As a family we are a big fan of a straight back braid pattern. I braid in the same fashion she braids in so there is no difference in that regard.
You know they’re straight back. They are going straight back all in a line. Same
braid pattern used in the Malaysian curl install video. Again that is the same
braid pattern. I get it from my mama. That’s what you gonna see and that’s what
you gonna get from this channel. It was a very quick install. I think overall it
took less than three hours. This hair wasn’t that hard to install. Now
this is it in the package of course haven’t cracked open that last fourth
pack but I do have a couple of strands left over from the third pack and this
is how the hair comes on the roll. It’s a two times pack so there’s this side,
there’s that side. Again it used three whole packs so two sides together. This
is what one strand looks like so if you just kind of get it off the ring this is
what it looks like. This is how it was installed completely in the back. If I
get right up in camera. And I don’t even know if it’s really gonna pick up in the
middle it’s a little bit I don’t know what you would call this but it’s a
little dent in the middle which makes it really hard to separate. But in the front
I did separate this hair. So let me show you kind of how you have to separate it. And you have to be very careful. I didn’t mess up that many strands but it’s
because I had to go kind of slow which worked well in the fact that I was
handing the strands to somebody else. So I could have the hair prepared as she was
installing it. And this is what kind of separation I did for the front strands so
the strands around my perimeter and the strands in my parting space. So I added
some hair in here on my own as well just to kind of make it look a lot more
natural and those hairs were the ones that were split and those are the ones
that I did the invisible knot method on. You guys ask me all the time what
invisible part method do I use. I use the loveth speaks method. I will link her
video up above. She shows you exactly how to do an invisible part. That is what I
do in the parting section and that’s also what I used around the perimeter as
well. Now again this is what the hair looks like if you take no scissors to
the hair. This is if you install it purely in its kind of regular format.
There is no inches on the package that lets you know how long this hair is but
I’ll definitely say I’ll definitely say about eight inches. No more than 10
inches. Let me do the back. I can’t really get a good gauge on the back. The back
looks longer on the model for some reason. If you guys can kind of see. For some reason it looks like it hits right down here shoulder length. Maybe I’m
just short or I don’t know what it is or maybe she’s shorter than me and so it
hits a little different. I know for a lot of you guys you guys are raising the
roof because you want me to try shorter styles on this channel. The reason why I
don’t try a lot of short styles on this channel is because personally I don’t
know I don’t feel comfortable in shorter styles. In my channel I’m not one of these
youtubers who just tries hair for any odd reason.
I try hair and I wear them in my real life . So outside of filming this little
part of this little video for you guys I have to go outside and be wearing a
hair and I have to feel confident in that hair. So that’s why I avoid a lot
of short styles. It’s not that I don’t hear you guys. It’s not that I don’t hear your
comments that say why don’t you try more eight-inch? Why don’t you try more
10-inch hair. I just don’t typically feel you know
comfortable in those styles. So that’s not where I really thrive in but I am
liking this hair and I think it’s really the color of it. There’s not too often I
see an ombre done amazingly well. Where I feel like there’s enough black. You guys
know my major concern a lot of times with ombre is that there’s never enough
black. I never see it. It’s like a little bit of black and then it fades a little
bit too quickly for me. I think this is a gradual progression and it’s
pretty much what my hair looks like right now up under here. I have a little
bit of black and then it goes to 30. If I was to straighten my hair which you guys
know I don’t put heat to my hair that’s exactly what my hair would look like. My
hair is a 30 color up under here and then I have my black roots that are
coming in which makes this hair blend so well with my braids as they are braided
down. In terms of how she knotted the hair throughout the back she only knotted the
hair one time. She didn’t have to loop it twice and the hair around the front of
course like I said is the invisible part method. And the invisible part method you
only pull it through once too. So this isn’t a multiple knotting type situation.
In the back she didn’t it two times. It’s pretty secure with her knotting it one times too. I don’t think it really requires. Like it’s not a very silky hair
at all. It’s very kind of a um I’d say it’s more on the rougher texture side. It has
a rigidity to it which I don’t mind. Still has that same rigidity I think of
the soft dread hair and you guys know I love and I go up for that soft dread hair.
So again it has that kind of rigidity to it which I really do like. All I did last
night since of course I did not cut this hair is I put mousse on it. I love my
Vigorol mousse. You guys ask what version of the mousse I love. I just
happened to grab the olive oil version of it last night. I also have the curls
version of it. That’s the red can. I also have the blue can version of it and I
also have another version of it. I have this in several versions. I ordered a plethora
from Amazon. I don’t know why I ordered so many. I’m a
hoarder when it comes to mousse but you guys asked me which is my favorite vigoroI. I don’t have a favorite it literally was late last night when I got back home.
So I reached in my container pulled out one mousse. This was the mousse I happened to pull out. All I do is shake it. This is an
alcohol free moose. I put it on the hair. I’m not going to put too much on it
because I don’t want to over mousse it. Since I did mousse it last night and I
just kind of raked my hands through the hair like so and I kind of did this
through out the hair. Again I’m not using a lot right now just because I did use
quite a bit last night. So that’s what I did and when I went to sleep all I did
was pineapple the hair. You guys ask me what pineappling is. I pulled the hair to
the front of my head and then put a scrunchie around it and I woke up in the
morning and I kind of flopped it over like this and now I came to join you
guys on camera. So it was a very easy process last night to kind of get this
hair together. So overall I really do like this hair over the first day of
having it in. My mom was very shocked of me to have chosen such a short hair
because she knows I’m about this dramatics. And she was like maybe it’s
cuz you’re turning 30. You’re trying to do shorter looks. And I was like no no no
don’t make it a you know I’m turning 30 thing. Why is everything an I’m turning
30 thing coming up soon. I just fell in love with a short hair for once in my
life. It’s just a moment that I’m having but overall I’m really liking this hair.
I will probably not be cutting this hair at all. Other than maybe kind of cutting
this area to make it look a little bit. Like I can see me just snipping off here.
You guys always ask for a cutting video. I don’t do anything special. I take
regular you know shears. I got some shears if you saw my beauty supply store
haul. So I finally got some shears. All I’ll do is probably cut right here to make
this kind of layered and on this side. I don’t know it falls naturally. Again I
haven’t cut this hair so it falls naturally in a pretty okay face framing
style that I can’t see me doing anything really with this hair. But overall first
day I am really liking it. And if you guys want to see how I feel about this hair
one week from now just keep watching to see my one week thoughts on this fantasy
pop hair. One week later. So now coming on here for my first week thoughts on
this fantasy pop hair. Now this is probably gonna
the quickest first week thoughts I’ve ever done just because this hair has
been consistent I’d say for the last week of wear. So let me get up in camera
so you can kind of see how this hair looks. Overall this is what it looks like
on this side.Um back of the hair. Now overall I don’t know if it’s picking
up on camera but I tried to elongate this hair. So I tried over the last kind of
week and when I just feel the need I just kind of pull at this hair because
you guys know I do kind of tend to like longer hair. And so one of my kind
of not cons. It’s not a con of this hair cuz this is the way the is hair is set up and
I knew when I bought it how it looked. One of my kind of personality traits or
one of the things I like is kind of a longer hair. So I’ve been pulling at it
to try to make it a little bit longer and in my mind in my kind of mind I’m
thinking that I’m achieving it. You guys let me know if I’m completely crazy down
below. But I think I’ve done something in terms of making it a little bit longer.
So of course I have not cut this hair in the last week of wearing it because
again I don’t like short hair. So it wouldn’t have been conducive for me to
have cut this hair. Now what I’ve done at night in terms of my nighttime routine
is all I’ve done is pineapple the hair. Has been no twisting. There has been nothing
in terms of my nighttime routine other than that. Now in terms of products with
this hair and what I’ve done in terms of product is I’ve gone back to my old
faithful Hawaiian silky. You guys know if you followed me for a while I haven’t
used Hawaiian silky in probably my last two hairs. This is the Hawaiian silky 14
in one miracle worker. I have not used in my last two hairs. The human hair which I wore for five weeks I didn’t use this product nor did I use it in my Harlem
125 soft dread hair and I wore that for seven weeks so it’s probably
been about 15 weeks minimum that I have gone without using this product. And I
have missed it. So I had to blow it off and pull it back out for this hair
because this hair really responds well to this. Now I used mousse that first
day. Mousse on the first day is typically what I like to do because that tames a
little bit of the frizz that comes from you know pulling the hair part and all
this and then I usually retire that for some hair. Some hairs I do use it
throughout the wear of the hair but for this I really did need Hawaiian silky.
So what I’ve done. I’m not gonna spray a lot just because I sprayed it and done
it this morning and I also filmed this portion a minute ago and then I realized
how out of focus I was so I refilmed it again. So I don’t want to
over over apply product but I spray I say a generous amount on the hair. Again
a lot more than what I’m using right now but this is just to give you a
demonstration and I just kind of rake the product through the hair and using my
hands for that of course. And just kind of rake it through. I’m not really
separating out each strand. I’ll do this once every two days. So I did it Monday. I
did it Wednesday and I did it this morning. For me what it’s doing is
making the hair you know feel soft for one. It really feels good. It really feels
like I don’t know buttery when I apply that. This hair does have a rigid texture
to it so without it it has a more rigidity to it which it’s fine for some
people. I like a kind of softer texture. So that’s one thing it’s doing and
another thing it’s doing it is kind of making the hair kind of easier to
separate if you want to go through and detangle it like this. You know if you
after you spray you what I’m kind of detangle it. I haven’t done that but you
can if you’re somebody who that’s important to. I think this hair I haven’t
detangled it and it still is doing really well. So all I’ve done is apply
product in my hair kind of rake it through like this and I do this again
once every two, three days and I don’t spend more than you know two-three
minutes doing it in general. So that’s kind of overall how this hair has been
over the last week. I wish there was more to tell you. There might be more to tell
you in my final thoughts but overall one week in really am enjoying this
hair. Really do like this here if you guys want to see my final thoughts on
this hair keep watching to see if I’m able to wear
this hair for three, four, five, six, seven weeks. You’ll see coming up right now. Later. So now coming on here for my final thoughts on this Mayde fantasy pop hair.
Now as you can see from the signage it has been five weeks with this hair and
let me get up in camera so you can see what it looks like on its final day. Might see some product in there let me run my fingers through it because I did just
get done putting product in it and I’ll talk about that throughout this video.
But this is what the hair looks like five weeks in. Of course I come on here
for my final day thoughts the day I’m going to take this hair out and this is
the final day of this hair. And you guys may be wondering why five weeks. Why not
six weeks? Why not seven weeks? It is Christmas. It is Christmas coming up soon in a couple of days and I wanted to have a
Christmas hair. Who does not want a new vibe for the Christmas season. I’ve had
this in for five weeks and I think that’s an adequate amount of time. I have
my festive nails going on. Everybody in the nail salon literally every chair was getting red nails and I was like why get the
traditional red nails. I think people get red always during the holiday season. Why
not go with green? So I have green nails on today. You guys always ask me in
almost every video at least one comment says what is your nail polish color I
get dip so I never know what it is I just pick that out from the ring and I
go about my business so for all you guys out there who always wondered what my
nail polish is I get dip and I know salon switch-up what kind of dip they
have throughout so again sorry about that but I digress new Christmas hair
loading a suit now as you can see lengthwise I didn’t really change much
again I was never going to cut this hair I’m not a short hair person I vibe
better with longer hair so none of this hair was going to be cut the only
cutting I’ve ever done at the ends of this thing like this hair is coming down
for some reason I might just snip here it’s just the one off snipping or if I
see some frizz or something I pull something a little bit too low and I go
well gotta get let that go there has been no rhyme or reason there
has not been any structured cutting to this hair also I forgot to mention I did
kind of cut the bag I did cut right here because I was like oh what if I want to
go for a bang look and then I saw myself and I was like oh no we’re not doing a
bang look so I did do about three strands here what I did was I just went
like scoop and I cut bangs and I saw myself in the mirror I was like bangs
are no longer thing for me not gonna make this bang thing happen so again
nothing really fancy in terms of the cutting of this hair because I vibe
better with long hair anyways but I haven’t hated the length of this hair
now like I said product has been used with this hair and the product I’ve been
using in my Hawaiian Sookie I’m about out I’m about what I did in my first
week thoughts is essentially what I’ve been doing throughout the process of
this hair I just do it once every about three days honestly so I’m basically
detangling and putting product in this hair on a regular basis which is
something you’re gonna have to do with this hair now the last two here I had no
product type hair this hair very much so a product can be here
again this is the larger size of the Hawaiians okay and I am out of it so
again I really went through it with product and this here the last five
weeks now it doesn’t look bad probably on camera camera always makes hair look
good but it is been a fight to kind of get the frizzes out of the way gives up
tangles out of the way it’s been a constant kind of fight you’re gonna have
to battle with this here I think the first two weeks it wasn’t that big of a
fight the remaining three weeks following that it was a constant
everyday detangling detangling detangling type of a situation so this
hair does not win on being a low-maintenance here for me at all I
feel like if I did nothing this would just be one big pouf mat poof ball so
again this is not going to be your low-maintenance here so the question
that’s going to of course come is is this hair water friendly I have let
water run through this hair I have not glad to bleed wash this here I just feel
like if I figure ously wash this here I’m gonna have a mess on my hand so I
don’t think that on top of it being an everyday routine type of a hair when
it’s not in water that it’s going to thrive after you get it wet that is
always my opinion if a hair is high maintenance or medium maintenance on
land being in water is not going to actively make me here any better I try
to stress that but I still get questions and videos where I hate the hair hey
what what’s going on you is that water friendly it’s like I hated it on land
above the sea under the sea it’s not going to be any better so water freely
not going to make my water friendly list active friendly wouldn’t be my first
choice either I mean I like the length of it I think it might work for a couple
of days if your everyday workout person if your and 2020 gotta go are working
out more I know this is not going to be that hair unfortunately because again
the more you work out the more sweat interacts the more you just vigorously
work out when you work out you sometimes with your hair back right so your hair
is going to come in contact with itself the thing about me else at least during
the day a lot of times it’s free the only time is up is that night when I
pine apple my hair so if you’re rigorously working out with your hair up
it’s just gonna become more of a mad at mess and so you’re going to see that two
to three day routine that I’m talking turn into a one a day everyday type of
routine and I don’t think you want that when you
are working on so active we’re really not gonna be my first choice now overall
do I recommend this here for me it’s a middle of the road hair there are things
I like about it like this color get this color together they have some very good
colors for me the drawback is always gonna be the length I just wish why
can’t raise make it longer is there an issue with making it hair like this 14
or 16 inches maybe if it was 14 or 16 inches Alli enthusiasm would be greater
about it no nothing else I would say would change the maintenance would be
exactly the same but maybe my enthusiasm about kind of maintaining it would be a
little bit higher but overall I love the color is it my favorite no because I’m
again I’m lazy and I like very very low maintenance here but I will put this on
the medium I think medium to higher maintenance kind of realm it’s not fully
high it’s definitely not no low maintenance so again overall that’s been
my thoughts on this meny beauty fantasy pop hair if you liked this video of
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