(mashup time) Double Triple/Treble Crochet : Beginner Crochet Tutorial

Hi Youtube and welcome back to fireCrochet
So, you know sometimes when you’re really hungry and there’s not a whole lot of food
in the house but you take a piece of bread and you slap
some mayo on it and you slap some mustard on it
and slap maybe a piece of cheese and maybe some meat of some kind, I don’t know, and
then you’ve got a sandwich. I don’t know what that just was.
Anyway you’re slapping things together and making something awesome and that is what
we are doing today. Remember how a few videos ago I told you that
the triple crochet could also be called a treble?
Well this is why. Today we are going to be tackling the double,
the triple, and the quadruple triple crochet! So it’s a double triple, a triple triple and
a quad triple That’s a lot of words. These trebles could, in theory, be insanely
large! But we’re just going to cover the double triple
and quad So uh, let’s get to it Okay everyone, if you haven’t seen my triple
crochet tutorial, I suggest you go and watch that one first, umm, I’ll link it right here.
If you have though, let’s get to it. So for the double triple crochet, we’re going
to yarn over twice Oh no wait, let’s go three times! Woah!
I know, crazy. So from here, we’re gonna count 1 2 3 4 5
6 chains from your hook You’re gonna put your hook into it, yarn over
and pull through. You’re left with 5 chains on your hook. Wild
and crazy, I know. So let’s yarn over again and pull through
those first two loops, you’re left with 4 loops on your hook
This looks oddly familiar so let’s just finish it off like a regular triple crochet
And that my friends is that Now like I said earlier, the fun thing about
this stitch is that you can go around as many times as you want
You can make it a double You can make it a triple
Or even a quad Try it out and let me see that tall hunk of
a stitch. Woah
(who am I, Joey Lawrence?) So that’s it my happy little hookers
I do hope you’re enjoying these videos If you’ve missed any just go back to the channel,
they’re all there. And I will see you next time.

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