Marble stone gift items and wholesale price/ Chirsmas gift ideas with price

Hello guys, Welcome to my channel “Marble Guruji Jitendra Sharma In this video I show you some gift items and tell you their wholesale prices. The contact number of the wholesalers is in the description if you want to purchase this item. It costs Rs 800. larger than before. price of this watch is 1200 rupees. The price of this large size light lamp is 1200 rupees. its price is 450 rupees. Now the cost is 650 rupees because of this statue. its price is 250 rupees. price of all this items is depend on their size. its price is 650 rupees. It is the “Statue of Laddu Gopal”. its price is 700 rupees. There is a statue of “Laxmi ji” and “Ganesh ji” along with the statue of Laddu Gopal. This means that it is a set of this three idol. this both statue’s price is 300 rupees. 350 rupees is its price. its cost is 300 rupees.and its name is “paatta ganesh” this thali’s (plate) price is 180 rupees. this watch’s price is 200 rupees. 600 rupees 200 rupees The price of this right-sided watch is Rs 350. 300 rupees for this flower pot. 400 rupees for this watch. 150 rupees for this little watch. 120 rupees 800 rupees for larger and 500 for smaller. 500 rupees. 200 rupees. modern art. 200 rupees 300 rupees 500 rupees 300 rupees 200 rupees its cost is 600 rupees. 500 rupees 650 rupees for this “shivling” 150 rupees 250 rupees for large statue. 3000 rupees thanks guys for watching this video please like and subscribe to my channel. contact number of wholesaler is in description.

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