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Hello everyone and welcome to Cinnamon&Craft! Today I’ll teach you how to make three different types of Christmas cards and an envelope to keep them. So you can wish your beloved ones a Merry Christmas! We’ll need: Metallised A4 size cards, metallised green and gold A4 size corrugated paper, a dark red A4 size card, kraft paper, red satin ribbon, white EVA foam, red sparkle EVA foam and a red A4/A3/A2/A1 size card. First, we fold the gold card in half. Then we cut the corrugated paper in half to do a Christmas tree. To do the tree, we measure the corrugated paper in half. Six centimetres down, we mark four centimetres at each side. Another six centimetres down, we mark two centimetres at each side. We do the first triangle now. To do the second one, we mark one centimetre at each side and repeat the same process for the third triangle. Finally, we draw the others triangle’s lines to form the tree completely. Then we cut carefully. In a piece of gold corrugated paper, we draw a star to decorate the tree. We cut it. Now we stick the tree to the card with glue stick and the star with hot glue. It looks like this. For the second card, we fold the dark red card in half. Then we measure a piece of kraft paper of 13 centimetres wide and 29,7 centimetres long. And we cut it. With glue stick we stick the kraft paper to the card. And then we cut the excess of kraft paper. Now, in the middle of the kraft paper, we draw a five diameter circumference. Inside the first one, we draw a three diameter circumference. To cheer up the card, we make different size circumferences in the metallised cards. We cut them. Once done the circumferences, we stick them in the kraft paper to form a crown. To finish, we stick a red ribbon bow at the top of the crown. The result. And we cut the excess of ribbon. Then we apply hot glue to stick the bow at the card. For the third card, we fold the metallised green card in half. We’ll decorate it with a Father Christmas hat, so we draw it in a sheet of paper. We cut the three different parts of the hat and transfer them to the white EVA foam and the red sparkle EVA foam. Finally, we stick the different parts of the Father Christmas hat. To create the envelope, we draw a twenty-five centimetres long and thirty-five centimetres wide rectangle and we cut it. Then, we make a five centimetres flap and two centimetres lateral flaps. Now we’ll make the central part of the envelope to put the card in. From the line of the five centimetres flap, we mark sixty centimetres and draw a straight line. Finally, we make two centimetres flaps at both sides of the five centimetres flap and this is what it looks like. Afterwards, we cut the excess and this must be the result. Then we fold all the lines to the inside. To beautify the envelope, we can round off the corners. And stick the lateral flaps to the central part. To close the envelope, we cut one centimetre in the middle. We stick a piece of card heart shaped with hot glue and the point will help to close the envelope. This is the result! If you liked this handicraft, subscribe to the channel and don’t miss any news, like and comment for us to grow up! Thank you so much and see you soon in a new video here, in Cinnamon&Craft!

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